Window installed almost two :)

  The idea was to install two more windows. That was the thought. As it turns out it was a bit ambitious as we were getting a bit burnt out from doing projects and we had the wrong window.  We had originally gotten the right window from the shed and then at the boat thought it was the wrong one. This is the middle window we are talking about, they look alike. Then we returned it to the shed and got the other window. 

Debbie suggested we dry fit the window before goobering it up with sealer. Turns out that was a great idea. So one window got put in but the middle window is all prepped and ready for a window to be place into the space.

Debbie used the electric screw driver to remove all the screws 

 We originally taped up the space with plastic. We could hear a lot more noise and then Debbie suggested we just pop the old window back in and tape it up. We did that and it got quitter and warmer, go figure.

We took turns torquing the screws in as it was a bit hard on the hand.

 The forward window fit real tight and it took a lot of hand screwing to torque it in. on one side I was forced to push it in because it was getting to where the screws were going to strip out. We got it in and it looks great.

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