The little diesel pump for the Racor filters - 2

Later August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 This piece of 3\4 inch marine plywood was left over from another project. We cut it to fit in the engine room where we will attach a diesel pump for back filling the Racor filters after we drain the bowel of dirt and water. Racor suggests doing this every 10 hours of engine run time. Back filling the fitter with a can of diesel is a pain plus we need to store the can. We painted the wood with silver engine paint we got at Autozone along with the pump.

The spot for the pump.

The Marine 3/4 plywood we made up for mounting the pump.

Still a work in progress.

The blue seas switch we will use to turn on and off the pump when needed. We made the switch plate out of 1\4 inch marine plywood. It was left over from a job on the boat.

Varnished the oak step to our pull man berth

Middle of August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 The step to our pull man birth in the state room was in need of some varnish. I think Islander yacht varnished the oak at launch but left the teak alone. Any way after 30 + years the varnish needs a re-do :)

Sanded to natural oak.

Brings out the holly in the sole. This has since gotten a couple more coats.

It's a wonderful life hear at Paradise Village Marina 2014

End of November 2014 - Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 OK we did not leave yesterday, we were just too tired. So we stayed in Paradise one more day and rested up. We will be leaving in a few hours.
 I cleaned the bottom and it was worse than I had expected and Debbie wore herself out also on a bunch of other preparations. We never got the boat washed or other cosmetic things up to bristol. Lots of people have boat workers come and wash the boat and wax it and put varnish on the teak, clean the bottom etc before leaving. We need to do this all ourselves so our 36' Islander Freeport "B plan", Elegant'sea, is not "Yacht Club" ready but the important things are - us and the systems:)
We have our dinghy, kayak and paddle board deflated and secured on the bow.
All our hatches will open and the inflatables are "out of the way" so to speak. 
From "house boat" to "sail boat"!!

 OK we weathered another gale with winds of 38-40+ knots.
But then there is this, my favorite Jacuzzi. Nice view, nice powerful jets and there is a table and chairs with a papala.

The path from the beach to lap pool - 2014

Middle of August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 After Debbie and I take a beach walk in the mornings we walk this path to the lap pool fur some walking laps and the the exercises.

Quite nice.
Paradise again.

Fresh water flush all configured - 2

Later August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

After getting this set up I tried it out but could not be sure it was working. I will wait till Debbie gets back and then we can do this together. There really should be two of us and having an engine with just 420 hours on it there is no way I want to mess it up. Well actually no matter how many hours on i we can not afford finical and pain in the but wise messing up the motor :)

Varnishing the galley oak fiddles

Later August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

    After sanding them down good and taping them up I got some varnish on the fiddles in the galley. That did not happen in one day The short center one and the one by the sink have two coats. The other by the refer has a half coat. They are coming along fine.

Solar Blue Seas buss to Blue Seas blade fuse block complete

Middle of August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 To do this project Debbie had to change our 8 connectors from the bust to the fuse block size.
#10 cable size to #8 screws. They were #10 cable to #10 screws. That is how we originally installed the cables as the buss took #10 screws.
The blade fuse block takes #8 screws. Normal crimps Wii do up to #10.
Then the Blue Sky Energy inc Solar Boost 3024iL DUO cables ends had to changed out.
4 AWG to #10 screws the Blade fuse block takes.

Shows the are she had to work in.

Burnt out shore power inlet 2014

Middle of August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

These are the ends of our shore power cord and the plug that goes into the boat. The plug we replaced. The shore power chord I tested to still be good. I sanded off the black and hooked a pig tail we have (which we dumpster dove in San Diego for) and then plugged a fan into it. I let it run for a half hour and the chord remained cool. He led light still worked also. At the present we are using a used 50’ cord on loan or buy from the SYS chandlery here at Paradise Village Marina. We could use a longer chord at times so it may be worth it to purchase the extra cord and hook them together for 100’ when needed. Our new plug is the SS plug with the used yellow chord plugged into it. This happened when the chord became loose in the plug. Don’t try this at home :) The prongs in the plug were dangling!
New shore power (MARINCO) inlet.
Old inlet.
Shore power cord.

The little diesel pump for the racor filters - 1

Middle of August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

The little diesel  pump will go in our engine room where it will pump diesel   into our Racor  filters. This is when we drain the water or dirt from the filters (suggested every 10 hours of engine run time). Before we had to back fill the filters using a can of diesel fuel which is a pain. This is another item to make our life easier. The silver wood is for mounting the pump. The paint is silver car engine heat resistant ( Debbiei 's idea) paint. The wood is 3\4 inch marine plywood left over from other projects.  The pump is John Wanamaker's on S\V Emerald Lady idea. The pump we purchased from AutoZone.. 

Fresh water flush all configured - 1

Beginning of August- Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Today I worked on the fresh water flush for our Beta 38 hp diesel  engine. It has only 422 hours on it and runs great. We want to keep it that way. The strainer I took out of the bilge and of course was too lazy to drain it first thinking I would just dump it out. No all the nasty stuff spilled into the nice clean upper bilge. It had to come pout so the engineering of the system could take place. We decided on the sea strainer for the location of the three valve bronze valve as the through hull are was too cramped to work in our use the system. 

Getting cleaned up.

So the only bit that will not get fresh water is the short hose for the through hull to the sea strainer. The sea strainer I had to flip around and re-plum it that way. They are made to be installed either way so no big deal. After a bunch of tries this seems the easiest to use and easiest to service position.

The work in progress :)

The 3 way valve is in he off position.

 So turn the valve one way and you have sea water, turn the other and you have fresh water running to the engine and turn it to the middle and you have no water.

We like to run the engine once a week or so regardless of fresh or salt water as the alternators like to be run and the seals like to be lubricated etc. Diesels just like to be run.

Of  course the plumbing needs to be finished but the hard work is done.

So now we can run the engine use fresh water all summer or any time that suits us. Hay a fresh water rinse any one :)

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Solar- Blue Seas buss to Blue Seas blade fuse block

Beginning of August- Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Debbie finished off the replacement of the solar Blue Seas Marine buss to Blue Seas blade fuse block project the other day. It took a long time in the lazerett in the heat to finish this. Debbie had previously crimped on new #10 with #8 screw holes on the solar panels cables. The Blue Sky solar controller (Solar Boost 3024iL DUO) cables are 4 awg so the normal crimper would not do for those. We have a hydraulic crimper for the bigger boys or girls. 4 awg with # 10 screw holes. Working it out (hydraulic crimper) in the cockpit is one thing but overhead in the lazerett with little room and a lot of heat in a cramped position is another. However Debbie got the job done and with none of the four letter fanfare I would have been spouting, at least maybe she was muttering where I could not hear it 

The cables all have labels but we did the cover also.
It is
C for center 80 watt
S for starboard 135 watt
P for port 135
And D for dodger 135 watt.
We will replace the fuses with 15 amp fudses.

Our big crimping tool.

4 awg