Foil holder mounted

 Debbie decide it was time to mount the foil holder. We wanted to have a dispenser for foils. Like aluminum foil and saran wrap. We plan on not bringing much card board aboard the boat one we start living abroad. Even now we usual strip most of it away and dump it in the recycle bin. The card board can carry critters and sucks up moisture. It also takes up lots of space.
 To this end Debbie identified the space under the galley counter are next to the sink.
 Note: We have a 1978 Islander Freeport and in the later years they did away with this side access.

This took drilling the mounting holes and getting it mounted level.  
Also climbing inside to fasten the mounting screws. Sounds easier than it is but that's a boat.

 Some of the stuff this area holds. It also holds our pressure cooker. 

Still smiling

 Debbie had to contort  into all sorts of positions  to get this thing mounted. She did away with the paper towel mount that came with it. We now need to re-configure some shelving for better access but the dispenser is mounted and working.

Here is the under sink look - you can see Debbies sleeve through the slot.

Now we need different shelves.

This still a work in progress, as we use it it develops.

 It was not on the list and should have been so no crossing off to do J
One more thing done and it makes life easier!

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