Solar panel AMP meter

 Just ordered a Mini Blue LED Digital Panel AMP Meter Gauge 0~9.99A

It's brand new, good quality & high performanceBlue LED digital AMP mini panel meter DC 0~9.99A
Doesn't Require a additional shunt
Type : LED
Monitor range :DC 0.00~9.99A
Working power : DC 7V – 20V
Current consumption : 12mA
Accuracy : 0.01A
Led Size : 0.56’’
Meter Size : 48mm x 29mm x 21mm
Hatch size : 45.5mm × 26.5mm
Working temperature : -10℃~65

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  1. Nice i would love one of these on are solar pv in mid wales it does have a wattage display but it in the last hour not live data. It really makes me wonder if it is not setup to hide the really watts generated in real time.