Paint brush - sponge brush

So we are varnishing our head are at this time. Have been for a while. It has been a learning experience. We are using an interlux interior varnish. We are doing trim areas in gloss and flat areas in satin. At this time I am working on the head door, both sides. Also some small areas in the head.

I was at Downwind marine the other day (imagine that) and was speaking to a guy (forgot name) about varnish. Interlux discontinued the one we were using so we had to get the new version. He recommended sponge brushes. I said they suck. He asked me what I meant by that. So I told him a dock mate said that is what he used then another dock mate said the same thing. The first dock mate said he gets them by the bag at Home Depot. I looked at his varnish work and was not impressed. I tried a couple of sponge brushes and decided no thanks. I have found that using a medium quality paint brush works fine. I then clean it and put into a one gallon paint can with a plastic tub inside. The plastic tub has turpentine paint thinner in it. I let the brushes soak in it. They stay nice. I also have a one gallon can for waste. they smell even with the lids on and they take up needed space. It is a pain to clean up the brushes. So any way he said that the sponge brushes there (DW) were much nicer, better quality and I should try them. They have advantages to the other brushes I am using. So I said ok. I bought some. We have a piece of something at home all the time I am varnishing also, (Debbie is not thrilled about this). So I tried a small sponge brush on the piece we have at home at this time, the luvered door to the chain locker. It did work nicely. It does take a bit to get use to. I have tried two coats so far with it and it seems to be fine. I removed the gallon cans from the house. I used the same cleaning process as at the boat. Debbie was pleased on their removal. So back to the head door. Because we have no place to put the door we are varnishing it in place. I am on coat number six I think. Any way I decide to try the larger sponge brush on the door. My usual method was to paint across then up and down for coverage. This did not work well with the sponge brush. So only up and down was my method. The coverage was a bit uneven and I think I missed a spot or two (couple holidays in the door). Over all it seems to be OK. It was getting dark so I will have a look see this Saturday. I did this Thursday evening.

Clean up was of course a snap. Toss it out. If it looks ok on Saturday then I will be converted or at least try using a sponge brush on the door again.

Traveler removal

 Went to ACE and picked up a hacksaw. Debbie got right to work on the traveler as soon as we got to the boat. Of course there we some lookie loos dock mates who helped by word of mouth . Debbie sawed through the track and the screw and then the track popped up. I could hear the track pop from the head where I was doing some varnishing. She then removed the rest of the screws (she had already removed the nuts on them) and pried up the other end of the track. With a tap of a hammer the cut screw fell through the fiberglass.

Starting battery

Tried to put ends on the old welding wire but could not find enough good wire under the rubber insulation. We will need to replace it. That is the ground from engine to battery.
05/02/10 Got a 7' length of 4/0 ground cable for battery.
05/02/10 Ordered a 5' length to go to selector switch.
05/10/10 Ordered a trickle charger for battery.

05/21/10 Got it all now to install it.

The Shower system install

We added another piece to the shower system.
The piece from the mixer to the water outlet that goes through the wall (bulkhead). We also figured out how we are going to install the shower mixer.

Added Strating battery

We bought a new LifeLine group 27 starting battery (combo battery) at Marine Exchange.

We had an old grounding cable that used to run to the old windlass batteries under the bead (PO). I re-routed it to the new starting battery under the sole in front of the sink. I then cheeked the connection at the engine. I could rip off the cable connection by hand. It is 2/0 welding cable. So until I can replace the cable (next couple months) I will replace the two connections at Downwind Marine and use it.
Tried to put ends on the old welding wire at Downwind marine but could not find enough good wire under the insulation. We will need to replace it.
You can see the black and now the red cables in the pictures. New ones 4/0.

We still need to figure out the positive side of system. The starting cable goes to a selector switch but so do 3 other cables and we have another windlass and I think the electrical panel goes to the switch also. Anyway that is the next phase.
The cables at present go to the red selector switch from the starter and then one of the red wires must go to the house batteries as it starts from the house batteries. The engine ground goes to the house batteries. This will be modified.
Now we can remove the battery and lift up the shelf to have access to the PSS ( Packless Sealing System ) Shaft Seal

Traveler replacement project

We have decided to move up our traveler replacement project.
We have ordered up a new dodger for our dodger frame and that has put pressure on us to find the right placement of the traveler lines coming into the cockpit. They will be going through the dodger. We do not want to have a new dodger with holes for the current lines and then have to patch them and make new holes for new lines a few inches over. Something like that so we will just get going on the new traveler.
Debbie has taken the lead on this project.
The new traveler is 6.1 and Debbie got the rest of the parts Saturday at Sailing Supply minus the traveler track.
Debbie has already purchased most of the traveler parts from Sailing Supply here in San Diego over the last few months. We only have a few more parts to order and I think Debbie is doing that this week or next. The track will need to be removed and then Sailing Supply will bend the new one to match. It looks like there is a slight bend to it.
HK3154.1.8m Big Boat traveler track
HK3160 BB Traveler car w/ std toggle
HK3186 BB Carbo control ends w/ cleat
HK1935 BB traveler car block kit
HK3157 Track trim end
35' of line for each side 
70' total
Last night I removed the starboard teak board from the companionway hatch. It was easier than I thought it was going to be. Saturday I will remove the other and then I would expect to have access to removing the traveler.

Varnish prepping

Did some more varnish prepping. I cleaned with TSP and Debbie tapped. Will get a first coat on those places this week.

Cosmetic work

We started some cosmetic work. The PO stored the spinnaker pole in the boat..!!?? OK so it was not a deal breaker. There are holes in the main salon going thought the state room in through the head. You can see the plug for the pole at the top of the bulkhead. Also you can see the back of the starboard in the photo if you look through the state room. We will be putting a piece of teak and removing the light in favor of a fan in that location.
In the head we removed the light that was under the hole and we put starboard and then a fan. We re-located some LED sconce lights in other locations. We are pleased with the outcome. In the main salon we plan on putting an etched mirror of a sunset to cover two big holes and some small ones.
Debbie cut a template out for the new teak mirror frame to be made that will match the original mirror on the port side.
For a temporary solution to cover the hole for the depth sounder (PO) we put up a fake brass porthole.
The port holes real home will be the head door on the salon side where to PO had a small sign that said “PEE PEE room”. When we took of the brass sign the teak is stained behind it, forever.oat of varnish on the door. When I get done we will be relocating the porthole. I have to varnish the door while it is on for lack of a place to work on it. It is however coming out quite nicely.

Pulled all the chain out of the chain locker

We pulled all the chain out of the chain locker this weekend.

We found an old towel at the bottom! Debbie has never liked the chain locker and we see she had a good reason.

There is two hundred feet of 3/8 and guessing a hundred fifty of small stuff. We cut off the small stuff and plan on painting and wire tying parts for markings. Dam rain came today so it is on the dock for a few more days.

We painted the chain locker

white as you can see. No more bogie man.

We washed the chain locker

 We washed the chain locker then scrapped it and then painted it.
It was brown. You can see there is extra fiberglass where the chain sits. Also the bottom of the chain locker has a hole for drainage. It is a lot bigger than I thought. I had thought it was maybe as big as one of the small deck scuppers. It is much larger. Bigger than one of the large scuppers.

Shower head and rail system

We added our shower head and rail system this weekend. From Kohler.
Debbie got it all from

Moved batteries to sattee

 To put the batteries under the settee we need to find a way to connect them to the charger\inverter. We decide to drill a hole under the settee floor by the water tank. Then another hole in the access hatch by the nav station. This will give us the access needed.
This is looking under the sattee floor and in one you can see the water tank, the reflection of the hole in it.

Below is looking at the sattee floor.

Below is looking in the access hatch by the nav station.

We have now moved the batteries and the old charger.
Our next project with concerning the batteries is the cables and securing the batteries so we can go sailing. We will secure them with wood and strapping this weekend.

It will take a bit longer to replace the cables. Each cable should be the same size and length respectively. Ours are not. We also will be upgrading to 4/0 cables for the inverter.
Once all the cables have been replaced and we get new cables for the new charger we will hook it up. This will take about a month.

 In that time frame we may also add our starting battery. At this time we really do not have a way to monitor the batteries for ah use. The Link 2000 hooks to the new charger so it is not in use yet.

We do have a Honda 2000 generator so if all else fails we can fire it up and of course there is Vessel Assist or we could tow it home with a dingy. Just messing around.
We would like to start anchoring out now that we have gotten the anchor to come back into the boat :).
Hope to anchor out in a few weeks.

At this time we have four six volt golf cart batteries. They are hooked in a series and then parallel. This give us two eight volt batteries and 440 amp hours. Two twenty each.