New Window installed - port middle

 We got the middle window in but not without hard ships. We applied the sealer and slipped it into the space but then noticed the label was wrong. Then noticed the mold marks were up-side-down.  This scared us into thinking we may be installing the wrong window so Debbie ran to the (drove) storage unit and got the other window. In the mean time I cleaned off all the sealant from the window and what got stuck onto the gelcoat. This was a time consuming job at the end of another busy day. We did not want the sealant to set up on the window.

 When Debbie got back we tried the window she brought and it was not going to fit in so we knew we had the right one to begin with. It was just the quality of detail that really made us mad. This in turn caused us a lot of extra work and confusion. The window makers made these two middle windows in the mold upside down. 

Then marked them wrong. Com on! Really?

Debbie just about installed this window her self

 It was after dark and we were working with a flash light by the end of the install.
 It does sure look good though and the only difference you can see is the logo if you look close and the frame where is is molded together but the curtains hide that. It is not a big deal looking at them as you would really never know the difference it just caused us a lot of extra work and stress.

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