Purchased an ice maker

End of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

The ice maker will go hand-in-hand with the new blender we will purchase. This summer and next cruising season we will have smoothies and other treats that can keep us cool. The ice maker runs fine off the inverter and our solar panels.

Artys model 286902 127V 60Hz 2.03A 200W this equals about 23.72 dc amps

We are going to make a shelf over the mermaid ac unit in the aft hanging locker and keep it there. It will be out of the way and a good place for weight distribution and it will make ice there. Chill!

The new appliance color "Red".

It has a timer and can make three different sizes of ice cubes.

Dave and Sam on S\V Islena

First of May 2014 - La Cruz  Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

 Our friends Dave and Sam on S\V Islena sailed from Cabo on March 13rh and sailed 1255nm and the wind totally gave up 101 miles out of Zihuatanejo.. 

They are curently in Zihuatanejo and will stop by Puerto Vallarta  to see us before heading back up into the sea.
 This was a three day meal!

Purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet

End of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

We purchased a re-furbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and will be receiving it soon. It was being sent to a cruiser's relative in the US and when the cruiser returns, they will bring it down Into Mexico for us (Kathy and Dan on S\V Lungta). Electronics are a lot more expensive here.

 This will enable both Debbie (Amazon Kindle Fire) and I (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) to get the internet while away from the boat without caring the laptop. Also it will enable me to download movies and TV series without the lap top. Now you can download a movie from tablets but some that have a closed system like the Apple ones do not allow apps for queuing up multiple torrent downloads. The Android system is open meaning we can run what apps we want and do not need big brothers permission or need to pay him extra fees for apps making them less expensive.
 It has all the features we want and it will fit in the side pocket of my board shorts or cargo pants eliminating the need for me to carry it around.

The 8” screen is fine for us both to grab a movie on in some AC space if we want to get off the boat for a bit.

It also supports Bluetooth so we can use an external key board and wireless head phones.
Also supports USB and has a GPS.

With a SD card we can expand it to 64 gigs so there plenty of room.
We can also run more than one app at a time in mutable windows so we can be downloading a movie and blogging and listing to music all at the same time or watching a different move etc at the same time.
 Samsung is quite popular here with the local’s and this makes a lot of sense.
We got a deal because the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is being released soon and we got a re-furbished Tab 3 so it was quite affordable.

- Thin bezel and slimmer design
- OS: Android™ 4.2, Jelly Bean
- Processor: 1.5GHz, dual-core
- Onboard Memory: 16GB
- microSD™ Card Slot (Up to 64GB)
- Display Screen: 8.0"
- Display Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 800)
- Display Type: TFT (PLS)
- Battery Type: Li-Polymer
- Battery Capacity: 4,450 mAh
- Color: White
- Wireless Internet Wi-Fi® 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi® Direct
- Camera: 5MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing
- Bluetooth® V4.0
- USB 2.0 (USB adapter sold separately.)
- Stereo Speakers
- Ear Jack: 3.5mm (Line-in Mic)
- IF Connector: 11Pin (Micro USB)
- WatchON

- IR Blaster

IMSS and nerve damage or?

End of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

Well after several more trips to the IMSS clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mezcales and Aramara it has been determined that I have a damaged, pinched, torn or otherwise nerve or nerves running from my back down through my leg. I recently had a EMG test for nerves and will start 10 days of physical therapy the 16th of May in the Mezcales IMSS clinic. Then another doctor’s appointment with the physical therapy doctor for the EMG test results and some more wellness solutions, I hope.

 I was told to stay off my paddleboard for now and that was a bummer. It has been no standing or walking if possible, but I can Sail!. Swimming and bicycle riding are OK.  When I do walk I need to use a cane and can not go very far or I start to ache. The super market is ok as the grocery cart is like a walker :( 

Our islander freeport rudder manufacturer

End of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay, Mexico

And the winner is:

The Foss Company 

 Just a reminder in case we need this info for some reason.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Patron Saint Fiestas

End of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

Taken from Inside La Cruz

 Yes every morning about 6:00 AM and each evening about ten cannons fire off. It is the Huanacaxtle Patron Saint Fiestas. It is a Catholic religious festival and lasts for about 9 days. Lots of activates like parades and bells and so forth.

Varnishing oak seat for saoln table

Beer can crew boarding

Posting this in the end of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico but it took place in the end of  February 2014.

The Beer Cans were happening in late February and early march here in Banderas Bay. What happened here is Bruce and Bridgett on S\V Sojourn were racing in the Beer Cans and Marcus and Cyndi from S\V Rebecca wanted to go with them as crew. Both S\V were in the anchorage with us. So Bruce and Bridgett on s/v Sojourn left their dinghy with Marcus and Cyndi from S\V Rebecca and Marcus and Cyndi left their dinghy and kayak tied to S\V Rebecca as Marcus dropped off Cyndi on S\V Sojourn and went back to his boat Rebecca. Now Marcus had to get on S\V Sojourn. So S\V Sojourn came by S\V Rebecca to pick Marcus up. Marcus maneuvered his way out into the kayak (which we once had but gave to them, another story) and was ready to climb aboard the S\V Sojourn and go out as crew on the Beer Cans.

 Debbie saw this whole thing go down and thought it was quite a sight and so took a series of pictures.

Bruce and Bridgett on S\V Sojourn with Cyndi coming by to pick up Marcus.
Marcus in the kayak.

Getting closer!

Getting ready for the death defying maneouver :)

There's a frog on the front of the boat!

And off they go.

S\V Sojourn is an Alberg 35'

Varnishing seat- done

Middle of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

Got the seat all done

Polished the brass hinge and coated with polyurethane. 

Paddle Boarding - glass off - sunset

Middle of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

This was a nice paddle. Unfortunately i had to stop paddle boarding for a while till some physical theripy is accomplished by doctors orders.a

Hooka-type dive compressor system - another cleaning - zinc replacement

Beginning of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

 The bottom was easier to clean although we only got part of it done. Banderas Bay turned lumpy making the boat start to pitch and that caused me problems under the water as I was bouncing off the bottom of the boat. We wish that California and the Sea of Cortez would keep the nasty cold front to themselves, we are getting the tail end! Of course it is not really cold, just a bit cooler but breezier and the bay is sloppier earlier in the day. It is 81 deg in the cabin and about 71 deg in the water which is cold for here. We called it a day on cleaning the bottom. Debbie got the water line cleaned and I got the new shaft zinc on and prop cleaned and some of the bottom, the keel cooler for the refer and the outside strainer for the water maker through- hull and all of the rudder and skeg.

 There was not as much sea grass and so not so many critters this time. It has been two weeks since the last cleaning and we did a nice job then. There are some barnacles and I saw one sea urchins on the rudder.

For some reason I thought that only a 10' extension chord could be used from compressor to generator. Now that we know it can be up to 50' we will put the compressor in the cockpit and use it there, making the setup easier.
Old shaft zinc. This was the first time we ever replaced zinc's our selves!
Some of the tools we use to clean the bottom and water line, replace zincs etc.
We do need more weight on the weight belt. Vallarta UnderSea has now gotten some locally made 4 lb. weights. We will pick up one or two next week. I keep bouncing off the bottom and sometimes end up upside down while scraping the or cleaning the bottom. I spend a lot of energy holding onto the suction cup to keep upright. We have I think about 12 lbs. on the belt now. Not sure as they are not marked and we have not a scale.

Fabiola's - for breakfast in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Beginning of February 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico
On the corner of Coral & Pez Vela. No signage.

Not too far from Philo's Bar or Philo's La Cruz up and around the corner south.

We found this jewel - a hometown, real Mexican place on the Bucerias Group of Yahoo Groups so decided to check it out with our friends Bruce and Bridgett of s/v Sojourn.  They needed some technical support for their computer and SAT phone so we decided to do that over breakfast.   

They have good perked coffee and good food.

This restaurant is in front a of house, kind of in the front yard. 
This makes it feel nice and "Homey" :)

The "waitress" was the mom's/owner's daughter about 10 years old or so and very nice!

Bruce and Bridgett on s/v Sojourn

The food was excellent so we were pleased by this referral!!

The hot bread just kept coming and was very good.

We even had entertainment from a neighbor's yard across the street.

The WirieAP Failed

Beginning of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage Banderas Bay Mexico

We have been having problems with “The Wirie AP” so we emailed The Wirie for support. After the usual several email that support seems to need it was decided that a phone call was needed...again not easy being in Mexico. We have a Mexican Cell phone which is quite inexpensive. We had three appointments which the first one they forgot and then the second one they could not figure out how to call a country outside the US...really? The third time was a charm, they called. So this all took about a month. Not that we ever used this product much but we were finally in a position to use it. We are at anchor in La Cruz and can see some WiFi points that we can connect to, one without a password.

 So all jacked to finally use this product we tried it several times but it would drop the access point after a few hours. The speeds were not good but it was usable for email and you could get a movie but it was about a 10 hour download. That is fine if the connection is good for continued use.

 Anyway The Wirie kept failing. So The Wirie support said right off on the phone it was the wireless router. It was over heating. Of course it is past its warranty so they will not replace it. Now getting one in Mexico is not an easy thing. So this purchase was a bust I must say.

 The box that The Wirie is housed in seems air tight and water proof. Both the network card and the router give off heat. The box sits outside in the sun. Gee, do you think that inside the box it could get hot? The Wirie support said they have units in the Caribbean that never have problems. Hmmm… maybe the trade winds cool the box? I do not know but The Wirie support knew right off what the problem was and so that seems to say they know there is a problem. And why could they just say this over an email, possibly they need info that we were not supplying? Also the router has cooling vents in the back of the router. Some were covered by the velcro the The Wirie uses to attach the router to the inside of the box. Anyway we left the box open a crack to keep the router cool and this worked for a week or two and then the router failed completely. It is the dry season so we did not worry too much about it getting wet except for the morning dew.

 Because the Alfa router and Alfa WiFi card work together we will replace the router with the same Alfa router. We will drill a couple few holes in the bottom of the water proof box and then add some screening to help keep the router and card cool.

 At this time we are just using the Alfa card connected to the PC with a 10’ USB extension and we have it sitting on top of the dodger. This works for now at anchor and I am using it to do this blogging. We are connected to a WiFi hot spot we got a password for. This setup will not stand up to any weather this way and we cannot use the Kindle Fire or the Kindle White Paper as there is not any wireless through the boat as the router would have provided. This we liked even though we used it rarely because it is hard to find WIFi anywhere close to the anchorages. There are a few places where you can find WiFi but usually you need to go anchor off the place which is not close to any dinghy landing. Also most times you need to go to the place and have a lunch and get the WiFi pass code. This is what we have found so far.  This is a subject that could have a post of its own - the WiFi access.

 As we will be summering over at Paradise Village Marina and they have changed their WiFi policy we will need to use the Alfa card and router so they will need to be in the box for weather protection and this means replacing the router with the same router. The box is already set up and the system did wor k- it does in our case at least need some modifications for cooling.

Hooka-type dive compressor system - run it!

Beginning of April 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage, Banderas Bay, Mexico
Another post we found that never got published at least we think so. So here it is.

We used the DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor with the Honda EU 2000I generator and I was down cleaning the boat bottom just over two hours. It was great having unlimited air! Got a real premium job done.

We will run the dock cord to the Honda EU 2000i and then put the DeWalt air compressor in the cockpit and run the hose out through the stern steps. That way the compressor will be far away from the genset. We will just leave the dock chord on the life lines. It works for sailing that way.

We are on a single SS income. Remember we are not pro divers. Just want to clean the bottom. This system worked great and cruisers with the Harbor Freight model seem happy enough with them also. I have said that we are looking for a better water trap but it takes time in Mexico to find the stuff and even to get ashore etc. I figure better to have it than not because we see others with them. It is not expensive. We can always remove it. The other water trap in the picture we posted is much sturdier and we can mount it different.

The Honda EU 2000i is running and the DeWalt air compressoris running to fill the accumulator tank. This was the first time running for the DeWalt air compressorand the drain for the tank was open at the bottom so the air was hissing out. I realized this just after the video and shut it.

Running the DeWalt air compressor off the inverter may just be a bad idea and we will skip it. The thing is we do not need the Honda EU 2000i for any other reason but bottom cleaning. That means we need to leave up on deck for 8 months of the year for just bottom cleaning. The other 4 months we need it for cloudy days etc. Oh well it is what it is I guess.

Here in Mexico all the bottom cleaners I have seen use water traps. Do not know why and maybe they do not either?
We set the PSI to 90 and this worked for air delivery to our 5' 6" draft or more because our water line is under water We have about a 40' hose.
Had to go to a truck-brake hydraulic shop and get a 1\4" fitting crimped on the old Scuba Hookah Systems hose to connect to the water trap or water separator. We also saw single air line fittings there of all types.
Then we attached the water trap and we are good to go diving!
 The water trap is all metal going through and has a plastic outer housing. We are still trying to get a better one. We have never seen any water in this so we decided it was working just fine and no need for a better one.

With the stern steps dropped down into the water.

For us, using the compressor with the accumulator tank works good. We do not use the system but a couple hours every two weeks, if that. We are going down to clean the bottom this coming weekend and the bottom looks like it is staying cleaner because of our good job last time. It should not take as long to clean the bottom this time. It is time to replace the shaft zinc and that will be a first for me.

When we get a bottom job this summer the time will be even less. The accumulator tank saves both the Honda EU 200I from running at a higher speed all the time I am under water or on the surface talking, or getting ready to go in the water or just not breathing through the regulator etc. The compressor also is working less because it just shuts off. The noise is also reduced. 

Once the compressor reaches 150 PSI in the accumulator tank the compressor shuts off, starts again at 120 PSI. This in turn ramps down the Honda EU 2000i to echo mode, meaning it is running at it's lowest speed, fairly quiet and not using as much gas. We need to dinghy out everything which also means gas so this helps on the schlepping.

This works out for us and with the drain on the bottom of the accumulator tank the system should last us quite a long time. It was also fitting our budget

We know of a boat for sale in the La Cruz marina that has the 12 v hooks system. I was thinking of asking if he would sell it but at even half price it would be too many pesos for us.

It is also very nice to be in control of our boat bottom, zincs, keel cooler for the refer and thru-hole strainers etc.   The fun factor is there too, staying down as long as we like.

Now we are going to try to use this system to clean our anchor chain while it is in the ocean. Debbie my wife will operate the windless and pull it up say 6' at a time and I will try cleaning that section in the water on so on. We have been doing this on deck and it is messy and not that easy. I imagine we can not get all the growth off but possibly the heavy stuff.