The galley Whale Gusher foor pump has developed a leek

Our Whale Gusher foot pump was leaking and so we pulled it out. It turns out that the pin holding the pump foot peddle is coming out. We tried to knock the pin back in but no luck.

End of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 We used a glass hammer and a drift pin but the pin would not budge. We then lubed up the hole and pin but still no go.
If we had a nice vice and possibly a different hammer and a way of holding the peddle straight so it would line up with the hole on the opposite side it may go back in. It also may still leak. If we cannot figure out a way to do this before we leave for the US we will take it with us and try at some house sit place and also get a re-build kit for it.

Cover for water filter used at marinas

Debbie sewing the UV water filter cover on our "Sailrite Ultrafeed LS-1 Sewing Machine"
 Because we use this in marinas and it hangs on the rail we wanted to cover it. We like it to be on the rail as it is supposed to be as close as posible to where the final product will be. That is as close to the water tank as posible. Also it is off the dock and out of harms way. We however do not care to look at it through our nice larger Salon, Settee, galley That brings us to the cover. This look a lot nicer covered than not.

End of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
This is the UV water filter system when we first purchased it.
We have since replaced the straight up-and-down hose barbe with a 90 deg one.
This enables the out hose to lay better towards the deck fill and the cover to lay flat on top of the UV filter system.
Preparing to install some DOT twist fasteners
to keep the cover from blowing off.
Debbie still smiling!
Here I am putting holes in the Sunbrella for the dot fasteners that will hold the twist fasteners. The holes Debbie marked up with a pencil.
Me hard at work!
We used the "Barry King Mallet Hammer" to set the twist fasteners in. 
Debbie measuring for fasteners on the back
or front (which side of the boat it is on).
Here I am putting in the twist fasteners.
Then it was time to use the punch tool to make the holes
for the female side. Debbie did the marking for locations.
And wala! All done!
One side permanent and the other side with a fastener
in order to get it around the stanchion mount.
As you can see the UV water filter is mounted on the inside of the life lines on this side because we have it on the port side. It goes into the water tank on this side better that way.
Now all covered up.
Looks good, a lot easier on the eyes.
This is looking out the salon window. We do have the boat all covered so you do not see past the covers.

Cockpit electrical panel gets a new back for protection.

has been getting hit by objects going in and out of the stern lazerett.
It causes a couple of connections to get loose and not work from time to time. Our stern cockpit courtesy lights are on the panel along with a switch to turn on and off the davit LED spot light (although for that we mostly use the remote control). Anyway, I want to cover this panel. I had a cover on it but it got knocked off. This time, I will make it really sturdy and yet if I want to remove it, I can, to add more items to the panel or if there is a problem etc.

End of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Here is what the face of the panel looks like on the outside. The labels are back lit. We installed the 6 Position WeatherDeck Waterproof Fuse Panel back in 6\23\2012.
First I removed the wires to clean the connections. 
When I did this, two connections broke off.
There were two more tabs on the connections above
but they broke off when I removed the wires.
You can see the connections that broke off
as the red arrow is pointing to an unused one.
Luckily, I had a couple of these connections. They are two to one connections.
I could have spliced the two wires together but that would mean cutting off the solderless terminal ends and putting both wires on a number 10 instead. There is not much extra wire so that would have been hard to do but possible.
This shows the cover I am using. It was a Snapware that had a broken top.
I re-purposed it for this cover. Hole punch tool we use for canvas I used to cut some holes in the cover for wire ties.
Two tabs had broken off. One to the right and one on the bottom.
I stripped the paint from the fiberglass, washed the spots with acetone and used  3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 4000 UV to attach the new tabs as we did with the old ones.
We painted the area with some water-based brown paint
we keep on hand and then wire-tied the cover onto the tabs.
It fit nice and snug this time and is real sturdy. If we cut the wire ties the cover will come right off.
All done and looking good but no one will see it but us 😢
But it will do its job and that's what counts. Function over fashion, but it does look good!

Santiago kayak\paddle board friends

This is an older post we never published. This was in 01/2016 while anchored in Santiago Mexico.
Jeff and Carolyn on s\v Third Wish and Nick and Janet on s\v ?.

Middle of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Jeff and Carolyn on s\v Third Wish.
Nick and Janet on the blow up kayaks.
Jeff and Carolyn on s\v Third Wish.
Me on our leaky Starboard paddle board.
Me sinking on Starboard inflatable paddleboard.
One of several patches!

VW Jetta gets fluid flushed\changed for trip North

The 2008 VW Jetta we bought in April (about two months ago)
is in the lube shop and this time for new Valvoline 5-30 oil and filter change.
(This is an older picture but this is the place we went back to.)

Middle of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
The transmission fluid was also changed and we flushed and changed the coolant (antifreeze). This was done as general maintaince and for our trip North to the US and back. Note that we had the oil changed sooner then necessary because of the prior work done on sealing the pan gasket...wanted to make sure it had fresh, new oil for the trip.   We also purchased two quarts of oil for spares just in-case we would need them. That is doubtful as the car does not use oil up but just in-case 5-30 is hard to find in the US.

A new cover for our Honda 9.9 outboard

Here you can see some of the local sport fishing fleet
and how they keep their outboard engines covered until they're used.
Not on a panga that is used all the time but these are not used daily. Our Honda 9.9 outboard will be sitting here for months unused in the sun and we thought it would also be a good idea to cover the rest of it (the bottom half) for those months each year.

Middle of June 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
When I was taking the above photo I noticed a young guy cleaning fish
and the half dozen pelicans around his feet begging for scraps 😎

A fitting.
The top half was previously made from some sunbrella fabric
 scraps we had on the boat from previous projects.
We added the DOT twist fasteners so the two pieces could be joined.
It is coming along with the bottom going to get made.
The base will be made with shade screen (90 percent) for air flow and water drainage.
Another fitting.
Bottom made to fit as tight as it could be so that the wind
did not whip it around...had to get around the propeller and the skeg.
Another fitting.
Debbie at work on fitting the cover.
Debbie putting on some DOT twist fasteners at the dock.
Debbie decided the cover needed a couple more.
Watch that thumb!
So nice to have the tools of the trade!
 All done and looking fine!
Great job Debbie!