Mast lighting, wiring, labeling, and trouble shooting

The mast is getting pulled the 9th of February 2012. We are doing the wiring un-hook and hook up our selves. We did a look see this last weekend. Our current lights are:

A mast head light
Masthead running lights
Mast head anchoring light
Mast head strobe light
All are part of the same light.

What are not working is the masthead anchoring light
and mast head strobe light

We also have a:
Steaming mast light combined with
Spreader light.

The spreader light does not work.

The two are mis-labeled at the nav station.

 The nav station has a breaker switch for two different anchor lights

A breaker for each of the mast head light functions:

None are labeled at the bottom of the mast. There is also:
VHF antenna cable
Windvane instrument wires
We are try to sort this mess out. Some we can figure out when the mast is off and we can look at the lights and bulbs. We may be able to convert the mast head light to a LED light. We did get a couple identified and labled.

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