We got another window installed

 We got another window installed! This time the port cockpit window. This window does not see much weather because of it’s location. It is a good thing as the workman ship was lacking as you can see in the pictures. The cut out for the window was a hack job. It did not leak however and there was no rot so we cannot complain. As before the clean up was the biggest time consumer. All these boats are not equal. Some have windows installed with the silicone on just the outside. That’s how we installed the new ones. Some have worst workmans ship and some have been up in the northern US where it rains a lot and they have rot around the wooded area. We are lucky as this is a SoCal boat and no rot.
 I think I said all this before but it feels good to say it again. 


Hack job


Debbie cleaning before adding silicone to the window

Extra silicone added

Debbie installed the window

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