Capt. Ron Browns Islander Freeport 36' S\V Hazel Rose got hit

End of January 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Capt. Ron Browns Islander Freeport 36' S\V Hazel Rose got hit while at anchor in La Cruz. It was damaged at the bow. The bow pulpit and furler, sail and hull to deck joint, cap rail are some of the items damaged. It was anchored towards the mouth of the La Cruz marina channel but not too close. Ron was away for a couple weeks at the time. No one saw anything, a hit and run. They left some gray paint behind. Ron is not disturbed as he has insurance and will get all new gear.

The other day we did errands

End of January 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We first of course dinghy-ed in. On the way we stopped at Capt Ron Browns Islander Freeport 36’ and took a couple pictures. He was rowing in in his dinghy so we stopped and talked. Ron said he is getting insurance money for the damage and would be getting all new gear. Then we ran by the other Freeport, a Islander Freeport 41’ motor sailor in the anchorage. Took a couple pictures and then ran over to Pam and Eric on S\V Pied-a-Mer III  and picked up Pam as Eric was ashore already. We then all rode in the Ka to Starbucks in Paradise Village where we meet up with Sabastian for the kayak racks. He took the order and measurements and then we gave Pam And Eric a ride to the doctors and we continued into on our way to Global Gas to get propane filled. This time the composite tank came in handy as it was easy to carry to and from the Ka.

 Then off to Zaragoza’s Marine for a new snorkel because I lot mine in the water cleaning the bottom. We also picked up a 2.5\10 L gas can for the generator and dinghy gas backup, more varnish and a couple other things I forget.
Then off to the doctor and then back to the nutritionist at the IMSS clinic.
Then on the way back we stopped at the new Starbucks on the highway (also a drive through) to get some WiFi.

Then on to Mega (grocery store) and then back to load up a dock cart and then the dinghy and then transfer that to the boat. That all was tiring. We were going to sail to Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay and anchor for a week or so the next day but the weather predicted a south wind. Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay does not do well in a south swell. We were tired from all the running around so we are staying put till the south wind fades in a day or so.
So no more of these multiple errand days. A couple big errands at a time is all we want to handle.

The anchorage where we are is lumpy today with the winds picking up here in La Cruz. We have been anchored here over a month now and it is nice to out in the bay.

Punta De Mita Anchorage

End of January 2014 - Punta De Mita Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Debbie taking us to Punta De Mita.

We tried leaving the dinghy on the davits for the first time with the Honda 9.9 outboard on it and fuel tank etc in it. This worked fine as we motor sailed there using only the main. This test was very successful. When we sail in Banderas Bay we will try towing the dingy with all it's gear sa tacking in 20 knots of wind with the dinghy on the davits with the Honda 9.9 outboard etc would be a bit much for the davits. Maybe not but why test it as this is not necessary. The removing of the motor and placing it on the mount on the boat just adds more work to a simple Banderas Bay sail or motor sail.

Surfs up Dude!

We were anchored in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay and the swells we way over head on the beach.
The swells were quite large and the chop was a there also so it made for a slightly bumpy anchorage. The dinghy landing was a do-able thing but the waves were breaking big. If you mess up it could be a costly affair as you may get tossed into the getty wall or something worse than just turned over with the motor under water which is bad enough. Time it right and all is well though. 

Our 45 lb CQR anchor and 3\8 chain held us secure as usual. We have never dragged yet and this anchor has always set first time for us. Of course we have developed good anchoring skills also will all the anchoring we have done.

We really wanted to go into the beach with the kayak but that was not going to happen. The dinghy landing is steep with beach small rocks t climb up at anything but high tide. My hip being what it is would make it a real challenge even with our good dinghy wheels. We have done this before. So the kayak was our answer, next time.

We decide not to go in as we have not done a beach landing in eight months and this was not the time to try it. 

The dinghy landing is just to the right of the jetty there.

You can tell the dinghy landing will be fun if the surf line up is full :)

We will do our dinghy beach landing in the coming months as January and possibly February are the worst month here in Banderas Bay for swells, heavy surf.

I have to admit I look feeble on that board. 

The water is plenty worm, the shirt is for sun protection.

Now that I have lost some weight my board floats better :)

 I did get some paddle boarding in though and did I think a distance record for me so far. We were also noticing the paddle boarders and there are a lot of them as it is a big spot for paddle boarding. A lot were using the paddles what I would call backwards. The paddle facing the forward way. I determined this may be right or a beginner way. I tried it and it seems the beginner way. Some people were getting instructions as they were paddling by the boat. So for now the paddle that way does not dig in as much and pull you forward so I will do that for a while then switch back to the power paddle mode :)

Another side beach, looking out our port salon window.

looking out our port salon window, you can see the waves breaking and the wind blowing off their tops like a Santa Ana in California.

Thought they were fishing and I guess they were in a way. They were trying to bring up their stern anchor.

When we were in Manzanillo we had a similar problem and decided not to use our stern windless because we did not want to take the chance of getting the rode caught in the prop. We let go of the rode and picked it up with our bow and retrieved it like it was the bow anchor, works great.

There were about ten boats in Punta De Mita while we were there. Of course some come and some go.

Debbie made a fine lunch!

Varnishing companionway - first coats

Middle of January 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Such a large amount of are so we used the iron sander on a lot of it. We are at anchor through all of this.

The Xantrax 200 invert-er is a wonderful thing!

There was a lot of hand sanding also. I held up a rag to try to keep our living area clean.

Nice looking teak wood. The holes filled in well.

We used plastic tarp from Home Depot to keep our boat some what free of sanding dust. It does not stop the smell of varnish though :)

Need to use the light in places to avoid runs and missing spots (holidays).

Put a couple of teak under the pull hatch so as to get around it to varnish. Works good and we put just the canvas cover we have for the companionway at night if need be to keep the dew off the varnish.

First coat done. It is a rather large are so it takes a while.

New Islander Freeport 36 in town F\Our Choice\s

End of January 2014 - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 We spotted yet another Islander Freeport 36' in the La Cruz anchorage while dinghy-ing in today "F\Our Choice\s".