Got the flag pole cleat mounted on the stern

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Now for next summer over we put some Sikkens Cetol on it along with the helm seat :)
We can through a line with a loop (dingy painter) over this or wrap up on the cleat or both etc.
Should be handy.
We were missing something like this on our last cruising season. The small one on the stanchion is hard to reach in a dinghy. I think it was for the flag pole originally any way. Now with dinghy davits the flag pole does not work.

Sattee front getting varnished

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 This are in front f the settee is in bad shape. The previous owner had this boat docked at one position since it was new. the one hatch let in the sun light on the front and bleached it out. Also there was some 3M UV 4000 in the grain of the wood which was hard to get out. I think acetone gets most of it out but we do not have any and it is available but who knows when they are open?
So a lot of sanding but not enough to go through the veneer that is the two panels in the front. 

Washed with TSP.
First coat of gloss on. The two panels will be satin on the last two coats.

New Dorads are installed

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 We got the dorads in finally. We lots one in a storm during the passage from Cobo to Mazatl├ín.
Used the Drummel tool to cut away the flange deep enough for the new dorad base to fit in.
The new dorad base in the "Open" position. On the bottom side it has about a 1\2 flange which sits below the deck.
After removing the screws the out side ring got busted off using a chisel and glass hammer.
Mostly cleaned up and ready for dorad and base. For now we  are not going to put any sealant around the dorad base, just screw it in, well after drilling the holes :) We are deciding how to handle the open close feature of the dorads.

 We have a 1978 Islander Freeport and it has hoses that run to the bilge and then the engine room.
 We can not reach up and open\close the valves. We will just leave them in the open position as we are not crossing any oceans. We will probably put something in them to hold them open so after sealing them in the valve does not decide to close.
Starboard side done!
Rember to drill the screw holes on drill bit bigger or so through the gel coat so it does not chip away.
Now for the port side.
Old and new. Old on port side.
New and new. The port side looks like it has a tooth ache. They were both in the hanging locker and got squished for six months. It will straight out or we will make it so :)

Test image

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 This is a test image from

At the top left you can see our Islander Freeport sail boat under the shade tree. The round gray shade at the top back of the roof on the building.

Paradise Village Para-sailing

 End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  Here in Paradise Village Para-sailing is really popular for the tourist. Our dock neighbors John and Kelly's kids came to visit and won a Para-sailing at the welcoming party.

This is the boat they went out on. It is covered but it has a flat deck on the stern where you get in the parachute etc.

Cable TV

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 So we had a cable to hook up the TV to the dock box cable hook up but we could never find it. Not that we looked real hard because we do not watch cable TV. In fact we have some dock mates that are news junkies and we need to keep reminding them not to tell us what the news is. We do not care or want to know. We live in Mexico now and could care less about some politician in the US or some shooting, usually the big items.

You can see the whit TV cable along the dock.
 So because we found the cable we or I had to hook it up and try it out. We are due for a storm so I was thinking maybe there would be and evening show to watch? Explore all options you know.

 So far we are liking summering over here a lot.

Solar bus to fuse panel

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 We are going to change out the Blue Seas buss for the solar panels to a Blue Seas fuse panel. This way we can just pull out a fuse to turn off any of the four panels. Each one will be fused and besides being able to manage the amount of panels we are using each panel will also be fused. A novel idea hugh :). We have a Blue Seas fuse panel but all the screws re different and the studs for the cables are different so of course we need to change all of those terminal ends.

Me back in the lazerett again.

Vallarta Adventures

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Looking over at Puerto Vallarta Adventures or "Vallarta Adventures" you can see two sailboats up on the hard. They just got put there with a crane. This  is a big tourist tour business. They have at least a half dozen large catamarans and as many big rubber speed boats for charters.   
On a vacation to PV we took a charter boat sunset cruise and it was fun. It was on a 47' Benateau and we got to do  a lot of the sailing. Quite fun and operated by the same company.



Shade tree pole broke

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 For no good apparent reason our forward Shade Tree pole broke. One of the fiberglass poles just snapped. This happened before while we were in Barra da la Navidad but we thought it was something we did.

 The good thing is we had ordered a new pole set and replaced the one that broke so we had some spares.

Debbie took the broken set apart and we replaced the broken pole with a spare and then Debbie threaded the bungee chord that keeps them connected back through them all. Debbie used some thread that we use to sew Sumbrella and a large needle. She dropped the needle through the tube and then tied the thread to the bungee. Took some time and patience but it was done. I was going to just cut the bungee off and be done with it. Of course this would make it hard to thread the poles back through the Shade Tree without them coming apart. Then they would punch a hole in the Shade Tree.

 So from what I hear this is one of the gripes about the Shade Tree system. So far if this does not happen often then we are fine with it as the benefit well out weighs the broken pole here and there.

 Also this time we eliminated the extra bungees we had pulling on the forward part of the shade tree.

Cockpit shade scrren work

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

  Debbie made some good progress on the cockpit shade screen. Again we did some work at the papala.

Lining up the shot.
First of some whacks to make the whole.
Whacking it with the hammer is a mans job. Two whacks and the whole is done!
Lots of work to do but you get the idea. This is great comfort when anchoring and even at the dock.

Full moon

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 We had our "Full Moon" pot luck and it was fun. We did not get any pictures of the pot luck but here is the full moon.
Also last night we went to the Puerto Vallarta  Yacht Club here in Paradise Village Marina for a social. No membership required and they served free hors d'oeuvres and had happy hour. It was a good time and most of us who are summering over were there.

Full moon.

Sunrise. Moon and sun out at the same time.

Nav Station pencil(s) holder

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
 We got tired of chasing pencils at the nav station and them being under stuff or behind things etc so we broke own and made a little holder for a few. Took only a little time from some old teak. Drilled a few holes and Debbie glued it up under the shelf. We tested it before mounting it to see if the pencils would fall out while healing but the seemed to stay put. Looks like a winner and now we wonder why it took so long to do this little much needed project :)

Cockpit shade screen, 92 percent shade

End of August- 2013 Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico
The big project that has been going on has been the 92 percent shade screen cockpit enclosure.

Debbie made patterns for the side dodger and bimini shade screen.
Using our Sailrite sewing machine to put some re-enforcing for the dot fasteners.

 We recently removed the bimini and Debbie scrubbed it and the separator with Down and some bleach. We then let it dry out for the rest of the day, I helped with that  J

The next day we brought the bimini up to the papala that is by the marina and spread it out (after moving some tables and chairs) on the cement. This is the same papala where we have the pot lucks. Nice shade ad dice breeze.

 So we laid it out and then put on all the dot fasteners that we need for the side shade screens.

Then we marched back to the boat and put the bimini back up and separator. It makes a huge difference having it for sun protection, he bimini and separator.

We did have some Sumbrella up as a temporary bimini but it was sourly lacking compared to out permanent one. 

Pot luck with Antoinetta and Julio

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We had a cruiser's pot luck this Tuesday to celebrate the full moon and invited Antoinetta and Julio over. Antoinetta is the interpreter that helped us with our IMSS application. We became friends and Juilo helped us once also; he is her boyfriend.

Antoinetta is from Puerto Vallarta Mexico and
Julio is from a small town a couple of hours south of Guadalajara.  
 After the pot luck we showed them our boat and it was the first time they were ever on a boat. We hope to take them out on the boat in the coming months before we start the new cruising season.

Deck cleaning - cockpit

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 We have gotten as far as half of the cockpit being cleaned up and one half still to go.
This has been a side project and the detailing has gone good. The whole front deck is done now. We will be washing the sail cover and polishing the stainless and washing the non-skid decks too. The boat is feeling a lot nicer being cleaned up from years of project work.

Under Nav Staion getting orginized with fire extinguisher - but

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Debbie used 3M UV 4000 to secure the fire extinguisher to the top of the SSB radio. It is a good location and easy to get at. It allows access to the storage are that is behind there also.

Only problem is after a only days the whole bracket with fire extinguisher fell off. Hmm lots like some epoxy?

More wiring staked down and orginized

End of August- Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

These are under the deck by the Navigation Station. We have a 1978 Islander Freeport and I think the 1979 have this access. In later models I believe Islander did away with this hatch. We ran wires from the back of the nav station in the lazerett to under the settee to the house batteries from this location and the other which was under the nav station desk itself.
We are still not done in this location but as you can see the wires are getting staked down and so secured and organized.

Chaos rains supreme here behind the Nav Station!
Debbie working behind the louvered access door to the lazerett where the wiring is. A lot of the time we have to wiggle inside this door to reach the wiring way up and back. Not an easy deal and to work in there is even harder. Really need four hands so another person handing wire ties and screws etc from up top is a help but it still is a, well - it makes for a limited time that day for type of job.
Those are Debbie's hands stripping a wire and will put a new
terminal end on them after she shortened them.
Debbie securing some wiring through the lazarette.
Smiling and it is about 94 deg and 86 percent humidity
with the breeze not yet here as it is mid morning!
We also by-passed the switch and breaker for the wind generator
so we can test it and see if either one is bad. Not enough wind yet for the test.

Progress is being made though!