Force 10 stove!

The white film is just a protestor on the stove, it comes off and is all stainless steel.
We like it does not need matches to be light.
Alos the oven door folds out of the way.
We were approached by a dock mate who wanted to buy our stove. It was the original one that came with the boat. The options were for a CNG or propane stove and maybe another kind. Any way the one on our boat was a CNG stove. We knew we wanted a Force 10 stove and propane and we were going to wait to do that project.
But hay, a guy wants to buy the stove so why not? We sold the stove to him, he re-jetted it and is happy. We bought our Force 10. We chose the two burner so we did not have to remove the counter top cover and make other changes. Also we seldome would use more than two burners. A friend made us some new gimble teak blocks and it was a bit of a pain getting it installed but we did it. The guy who bought the stove wanted the original gimbals so I sad OK. Not sure if I should have done that but I do not think the stove would have just dropped in any way.
A not of caution:
We let the stove just sit in the area where it was going to be installed. One day when out motoring around we hit a big power boat wake and the stove went tumbling. It broke a handle off a drawer and scratched a louvered door. It can be fixed but more to do.
We also started on the propane locker. For that we are going to use two ten pound bottles.
It will go into the port lazerette as shown. We also got a propane detector. For now we are using a 1.5 pound bottle on the stern.
I am in one photo bragging about my beef stew we pressure cooked.

New Force 10 stove

San Diego 3\29\2009 at Marina Cortez.

When we bought our boat it had CNG gas stove. Because we will be cursing Mexico and in Mexico they do not have CNG gas readily amiable we decide to switch to propane.
This project was going to wait a while. Well things can change fast. A dock mate saw our stove which was like new condition. He wanted to buy it. Soooo we sold it! We wanted a Force 10. From our Catalina 30 days when we had an alcohol stove the stove became important. So we bought a Force 10 stove.
We bought a new two burner Force 10 stove and had to make new gimbals for it. Luckily a friend, Brigg, had some teak and mad us the gimbals. He also helped me install it. I then had to make some teak blocks for the latches so it did not rock at the dock.
It was a bit of work but we love it.
The white in the pictures is just protective covering.

One day before the stove was officially installed we were out motoring. The stove was just sitting in the cutout. A big powerboat went screaming by with a huge wake and sent to stove flying. Did not hut the stove but busted a handle off one the galleys draws and scratched the levered door under the sink, so beware of flying stoves.
You can get a three burner Force 10 in there but you loose the top counter top and need to make some side modifications to the wood slides.
We are currently running it off a propane bottle hanging off the stern. The propane locke is yet another project.

Our favorite dish is beef stew in the pressure cooker. As you can see I am quite proud of it. Debbie is teaching me how to cook. I want to create corn bread next. Gotta use that oven!
It has one large burner and one smaller. We do th crock pot on the larger burner, here we moved it over to cool it.
The burners light with a turn of knob like the home stove.

Propane locker

The propane locker took some thought and we decided to put it in the port lazeratt. We decided on two ten pound composite bottles. There was a lot of thought going into this.
The amount of propane we may use and the ease of getting them filled.
Where we would put the propane locker.
What kind of bottles did we want.
We decided on the new composite see through bottles. We like that they are light and so dingy and even buss friendly. We therefore could not buy a locker if we wanted to. They do not make one for two composite ten pound bottles at this time.
Making one is a bit of a challenge. We do not even have a garage. We have no space or tools like a table saw. We were able to enlist the help of a friend to use his table saw at his garage to cut the pieces of marine plywood and assemble them together. It is far from finished as we need to put a scupper in the bottom and fiberglass the whole thing and make a top. You can see the basic structure and the place we are going to put it. It will be removable for servicing other areas of the lazerett. We have other fiberglass projects to do this summer so this will be included. At the moment we are using a bottle on the stern.

The sewage system.

We removed the original toilet.

Remove existing holding tank

• Purchase 2 respirators
• Go to pump out and flush out tank
• Unfasten hoses
• Remove plywood that holds tank in place
• Vacuum out what waste you can..
• Measure tank
• See if there is a way to remove tank without cutting hole.

• Cut hole large enough so the new tank will fit in even after putting plywood picas to hold plywood cover in place.

• Order new tank
• Order holding tank gauge
• Purchase new pump out hose.
• New SS clamps
• See if larger tank will fit in same location
• Clean are while the tank is out.
• Purchase what ever hoses you can without knowing what toilet to get
• Purchase plywood replacement pice
• Purchase SS screws – may have them
• Y valve?


Screw driver
Electric drill
Rotary saw
Jig saw
Cleaning fluid
Nut driver for SS clamps
Heat gun

We cut open the master bunk. Threw out the original mattress. Threw out the stainless steel holding tank and all the hoses and clamps.
We then had a gel coat guy come in and fill some holes. This I would have done myself if I had known that they would not match in color. So we painted over where the toilet was with Interlux paint.
We decide on a Vacuflush toilet. It has a short bottom because of the step and a house hold size bowl. We put the vacuum tank under the bed in the forward compartment. I completely insulated the whole compartment for sound. I should have done the bottom too but that is OK now. We put in a new holding tank and all the ins and outs are from the top so if ever there is a leak then it will not be from the bottom like the original tank was. The original tank did not leak but was in bad shape.
We added some gauges to tell guest when to flush and not to. We added holding tank gauges, one for an stupid light for it’s full and one for a tank level indicator. That one we put in the cabinet behind the toilet so we are not reminded of the holding tank all the time.
We also removed and added a new toilet paper holder.
There are a couple things to be aware of.
The door will need a new door stop.
The louvered door will need to be trimmed to open.
We have a lot more pictures and we can advise you on all the installation. Just ask.

Putting it back together