AC return air grill

 Called Mermaid on our AC\Heat return grill and no filter on the return grill as the unit has a filter. 
U.S. Toll Free: 800.330.3553
Three inches all around the unit where installed and the unite can face any direction. Facing the grill may be better for reaching the fitter?

 The return air grill needs to be 10x10 or 100 square inches for the 5,200 btu unit and we found a teak one we liked at A to Z marine in San Diego. It is hard to tell what they look like on the internet so we may purchase it here.
Also I ordered the two  “BLEED OFF VALVE(S)” - 1/2".
 These are not a necessary but come in may come in handy if you need to bleed off the air in the intake water line.

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