Wind generator wiring accessories

We stopped at Marine Exchange and picked up some more wiring accessories for the wind generator(WG).
The fuse holder will sit on the battery and supply the fuse for the positive wire.

The large but connectors will we hope work with connecting the #10 green and #10 black from the WG together.

Wind generator mast bracket and LanoCote

 While we had the mast off we removed the top fitting for the stern strut and applied LanoCote to the mast and the bracket. The to the screw and washers and nut. All the stuff :) 

We put the bracket back together and ran out of time. 

Next will be the other bracket. We are getting close to wiring up the Air Breeze wind generator(WG) to the #8 wires we bought. Then we can set the Air Breeze into place and mount the mast for what we hope is the final time.
 Then it is running the wires and adding the switch and the fuse etc.
To keep the Air Breeze from spinning when we are wiring we can short it out. This is OK and will not damage the WG. They say to just connect the tow wires together, in this case the neg and the neutral.

Air Breeze wind generator Cam Clam

We had some time so we got the cam clam for the Air Breeze wind generator(WG) wires installed on the stern of the boat.
 We had already don some of these for the solar panels so it was the same routine.

 We centered the hole according to the WG mount.
We put it high enough so we could have a down loop on the wire for water run off.

 We then drilled a hole. Always a scary though. What if it is in the wrong place? :)

Then we used the rubber gasket to mark off the four mounting holes and drilled them.
Next it was sand with #220 and clean up with Acetone and Denatured alcohol.

Then tape up and spread 3M UV 4000 around with a paint stirrer.  
Then do the same with the rubber gasket.
Mount the Cam Clam and screw it in, wala it’s done!

 Of course the clean up and there is a fancy hole.
Where are the wires??

Beta engine to hot water heater fittings came

The fittings for the Beta 38 hp engine to the hot water heater came in.
 The only area which is going to give us a problem is by the oil change pump. We saw Phil at the boat show and we talked about it.
Now it is getting it all ready but the fittings.

Life Sling finish work.

Debbie removed the Life Sling to do some finish work.
Debbie filled some old mounting holes from the Catalina 30 we had on the Life Sling box with 3M UV 4000 and then placed the instructions on the back. She first taped around the holes and then did the fill. This keeps the moisture out so the Life Sling does not get all moldy.
 We had a bag that held the Life Sling(LS) but it fell apart over time. For years we looked for boxes for the LS at the swap meets  but never found any. Just after we bought this box we went to the swap meet and there it was and for cheap! That’s the way is it not?

Now to flake the line and tie it to the rail.

Mast lighting, wiring, labeling, and trouble shooting

The mast is getting pulled the 9th of February 2012. We are doing the wiring un-hook and hook up our selves. We did a look see this last weekend. Our current lights are:

A mast head light
Masthead running lights
Mast head anchoring light
Mast head strobe light
All are part of the same light.

What are not working is the masthead anchoring light
and mast head strobe light

We also have a:
Steaming mast light combined with
Spreader light.

The spreader light does not work.

The two are mis-labeled at the nav station.

 The nav station has a breaker switch for two different anchor lights

A breaker for each of the mast head light functions:

None are labeled at the bottom of the mast. There is also:
VHF antenna cable
Windvane instrument wires
We are try to sort this mess out. Some we can figure out when the mast is off and we can look at the lights and bulbs. We may be able to convert the mast head light to a LED light. We did get a couple identified and labled.

Purchased first Garmin electronics!

 The first electronics have been purchased. These we need to get the mast set up when it comes down in a couple weeks.
We did not get the 740S as we decided we did not need the added fish finder and the contoured bottoms. Also this requires a transducer that goes in as a through hull. It will give you water temperature etc but we are keeping it simple if you call these electronics keeping it simple :)

Garmin GPSMAP 740 Touchscreen Marine Chartplotter

Garmin GMR 18 HD 4kW Digital 18" Marine Radar 

Garmin GMI10 Wind Bundle (Includes GWS10 Wind Sensor)

We will use the GMI10 for a repeater at the nav station. This way we can set anchor alarms etc.

For various reason we purchased them from :

EMS, Inc. DBA Shelter Island Marine Electronics
2330 Shelter Island Dr. #101
San Diego, CA 92106
Ph # 619-223-2182

Mast step template

  For the mast steps we decided to make a template to hurry along the install and get them evenly spaced as we can. Debbie started the template and we will use some kind of material that is stiffer than card board. We are thinking of two cut outs. We decide 15” apart is our comfort zone for steps up the mast.
 We are thinking a cut out for the first step and then a cut out for the next step.

 Debbie ordered 24 Sea Dog folding aluminum mast steps from Downwind Marine for our installation. This may be too many but we rather be safe than not have enough to finish the job.

Win generator struct brackets installed

 The wind generator (WG) got some more work done on it. We finished off the strut brackets. The one aft one we got the final lag bolt in it after finding a shorter one at HD. We then found the correct angle and re-drilled the holes for the port side mount. The it was the usual drill (pun) of cleaning and 3m UV 4000 and attaching the SS fasteners. We toyed with plastic washers then SS washers then the screw. This seemed a bit much and we think the plastic washers would crack over time. We decide that the 3M UV 4000 between the screws and the galvanized steel plate would work for the dissimilar metals protection.
 All the hard ware is still temporally mounted. We will finish it off with lock nuts as provided when done.

Aft mount

Port side

3M UV 4000 on the screws

This meant a trip back into the lazerett for Debbie. 
She had to get past the ex host hose where it does a loop and up under the coming to attach the wash, lock washer and then nut. Once in place she held them while I screwed in the fastener.

Cleaned up

Foil holder mounted

 Debbie decide it was time to mount the foil holder. We wanted to have a dispenser for foils. Like aluminum foil and saran wrap. We plan on not bringing much card board aboard the boat one we start living abroad. Even now we usual strip most of it away and dump it in the recycle bin. The card board can carry critters and sucks up moisture. It also takes up lots of space.
 To this end Debbie identified the space under the galley counter are next to the sink.
 Note: We have a 1978 Islander Freeport and in the later years they did away with this side access.

This took drilling the mounting holes and getting it mounted level.  
Also climbing inside to fasten the mounting screws. Sounds easier than it is but that's a boat.

 Some of the stuff this area holds. It also holds our pressure cooker. 

Still smiling

 Debbie had to contort  into all sorts of positions  to get this thing mounted. She did away with the paper towel mount that came with it. We now need to re-configure some shelving for better access but the dispenser is mounted and working.

Here is the under sink look - you can see Debbies sleeve through the slot.

Now we need different shelves.

This still a work in progress, as we use it it develops.

 It was not on the list and should have been so no crossing off to do J
One more thing done and it makes life easier!

Wind generator wiring

 The wind generator(WG) wiring should be here soon and we picked up some terminal ends for connecting the stop switch and the WG and #6 wires and the #6 wires to the batteries. We got this at Marine Exchange.
Also we picked up some LanaCote for dissimilar metals. This will be used on the stays and WG mast and the WG bolts to mast etc.

Re-plumbing the Force 10 stove

 When we installed the Foce 10 stove we plumbed it up using pipe tape. One day we were at Downwind Marine talking about it and Criss mention we should have used gas pipe tape (yellow). That the pipe tape (white) will start coming apart after a couple years. OK never knew there was such a thing. So it has been more than a couple years and our Trident gas sensor alarms have been going off too often. 

We have three.

One under the stove
One in the bilge
One in the lazerett where the propane locker is going to go

Debbie took this on as smaller hands are better here. She first had to remove the stove cover that slides back. The un-gimbal the stove so it could be tilted forward.

You can see whats left of the old pipe white tape - not much

You can see the beautiful hand holding the fitting :)

The yellow pipe tape

All done -  You can see the sensor at the bottom Hmmm need to vacuum that area

 Now lets see if the alarms keep going off?

Were pulling the mast!

  This kind of a scary thing, pulling the mast out of the boat. There is no firm commitment on pricing from the riggers as labor is concerned and can we get the mast steps installed in time and will they be correct? 
 We think so but it is to us a bit of a challenge. This boat is also our home and we have never seen the boat without a mast or been without a mast.  We are going for it though. So far every challenge we have meet. One or the other of us or both have risen up and we have succeed. 
 OK the date is set for pulling the mast. It will be February 9th in the afternoon. Then Rigworks  will un-step the mast and Driscoll Baot Works will use their crane and pull the mast out.
We will disconnect the mast wiring and remove the sails and possibly the boom before hand.
 Rigworks will install the radar antenna installing another mast tube and the radar antenna mount. 

Then possibly a wind vane and radar (EchoMAx) reflector and hailer.

We will install mast steps and repair the mast head strobe light and the  repair the spreader light.

Lets see how this plan all works out!
 Then after Rigworks  steps the mast we will re-connect the wiring and install the boom and new topping lift.