Another vessel sink try

 We are doing another try at the vessel sink for the head. You can see the sink all the way from the cockpit. We want a decent looking sink. We are also trying to stay away from Stainless steel as it is a bit industrial looking for us at this spot. It would be nice to have something a bit different.
 The last vessel sink we got was too dark in copper color so it was sent back.

 We are hoping this will match up with the teak or be close to it.

 We are ordering a Hand Hammered 16 Gauge 12" Vessel Sink in Distressed Fired Copper.

Also a Single Hole Waterfall Faucet: Perfect for recessed & above counter sinks. Solid brass construction with a tarnish resistant Antique Copper finish. A 7" high Faucet.
The Renovator's Supply, Inc.

VacuFlush toilet works but could be better?

We put in a new BASE SEAL KIT (385310677) in our 5000 series VacuFlush toilet with house hold size bowl (bragging here :).

It should have no play. Ours has about a 1/4 to 1/8 inch play. 

This may have been caused by the old BASE SEAL KIT before we replaced it.

This could be the SPRING CARTRIDGE KIT (385310683) also.

We called Dometic Sanitation support  (1-800-321-9886 ).

We are deciding on a BALL/SHAFT/CARTRIDGE KIT (385310681).

Plastic flush ball will not close

a. Too much friction between flush ball and ball seal.
b. Water valve screws are too tight.
c. Defective spring cartridge.

5200 btu unit is on the bench

 We just called Mermaid support (800.330.3553) and they said the 5200 btu unit was on the bench. It has a very small leak and was low on Freon. They have not been able to find the leak yet but will and will ship it out soon.

When it was mounted in the boat.

Ooops 4.0 is not 4.5 -More 5200 BTU HVAC grills

 I just discovered that the 4" holes we drilled for the supply grills(SG) should have been 4.5" holes. That way the 4"ducking can slide over the grill back all the way to the grill face. This would make installation easier. Especially if you do not have good access to the back of the grill.

 OK that is that and we are not going to try to make the 4" holes 4.5" holes. It would be tough and could cause visible cosmetic damage.

 So I can see why you would want 4.5" holes. This way you can snake the ducking through the hole and out into the open where you can then attach the ducking to the SG and then stuff it back into the hole and attach the two SG mounting screws.

 For us now we will need to get behind the SG and attach the ducking. This will not be much of a problem as we have pretty good access and even with the thick Oak wood there is enough SP left to attach the ducking.

 We never have installed a HVAC system before so another lesson learned!

Another thing here is the installation costs. Now we do almost all the installation of all the new systems on the boat. That is this refit we have almost installed everything on the boat new and done it all our selves. By doing this we have enjoyed knowing how to trouble shoot all the systems and how they were installed of course. We also have been able to afford more new systems. That also means more installing and work :).

 For instance when we bought the water maker we were told a simple normal installation would be $1,800.00. Now eighteen hundred for a simple installation. That is to say a large motor boat with a big engine room with good access and a dedicated spot for a water maker. Not so on our 1978 sail boat. 

That would most likely mean further costs. Lets just say though it was the $1,800.00. Going by that figure for other systems:
  •  Ok we have the solar grid and solar controller installed, we can not then afford the wind generator.
  •  Ok we have the electronics and mast steps installed, we then can not afford new sails.
  •  Ok we have the batteries moved and all the buses installed and 2000 watt Xantrax charger\inverter and Link controller installed, we then could not afford the SSB radio!
  • Ok we have the HVAC units and Vacuflush waste system installed, we then can not afford new port holes, windows or teak deck!
  •  Ok we have the refer, ok enough, you get the idea on and on it goes.

So a few screw ups here and there are expected and all have been work around compliant :) and none have affected the performance of any system!

Ordered a vessel sink for the head - not so good

 We got the vessel sink but we did not like the color of the copper. We will ether get a lighter copper or find a 12" stainless steel vessel sink. The size seems to fit good.
Trial and see here on this stuff.

Whale IC blge pump backwards wiring but working now - other pumps etc

The Whale IC bilge pump got some more attention as Debbie re-wired it so the negative was the power course to the switch and the rest of the wires were wired up backwards.

Debbie drew up a wiring schematic for wiring the pump up backwards but it was not enough backwards to work :), confused?

 We then re-tried the pump but it would not work correctly.

Used the dock hose to fill bilge with water for testing.

 We added water to the bilge and re-tested the pump. Again not working right.

 We called Whale support on the pump and they suggested wiring the sensor and the force on backwards. That worked. So wire it backwards and then wire it backwards once again and you have it wired correct. It’s nice they changed this mess but a bit too late for us. At any rate we got the bilge pump working and will draw up a wiring schematic for future trouble shooting.

 There is one more issue to work out. Because we have such a deep bilge we could not screw down the sensor and strainer. When the pump runs the strainer jumps around a lot. We will need to get some SS or lead or something to attach the strainer to so it does not bounce around. Then we can lower it into the bilge attached to the weight.

Got both through hole valves\hoses and fittings tested out and working great. The 3/4 one is closed in this picture but now both are open and working.

Origianl pump at lower right.

The original bilge pump we took out and completely re-built. We tested it to work and placed it back into the boat. We then tested it again (with out water) and it worked. We tested it again at this time and it fails! We are thinking that the test leads are too small (#16 wire) and we will test again with #14 wire. If this pump fails it is getting ripped out and replaced, we are tired of messing with it.
 This pump ids the third and a hose will be attached and thrown out into the cockpit for pumping if it gets to that situation.

 We pulled the Rule 2000 bilge pump out and replaced the lower hose. We also replaced the hose clamps and tidied up the wiring some. This pump has been in the bilge a few years now and needed some love. It still worked fine and now it has a new exit through hull. The hose from the pump is 1 1/8 which is kinda of an odd ball size. Then we go to a 1 1/4 size which is more normal if there is such a thing in plumbing. To do this requires a threaded fitting and some heat shrink on the threads on one side. Then some plumbers tape on the other and it got into both hoses. 

 We tested it and it is working fine. Whale we had the PVC pipe out we also tested the bilge alarm and it is working loud and clear.

12,000 BTU HVAC unit - Installed magic box

We put one 4” grill in the salon for the 12,000 BTU HVAC unit there.

Nice looking Oak and good spot for HVAC grill.

A pilot hole and a little\lot of sawing and a hole!

This give you an idea but a brown grill will go in here not a white one.

We now have now one 4” grill in the salon for the 12,000 BTU unite. It still needs one 6” grill and two more 4” grills. One of which is of the teak type with a transition box which are a lot more difficult to install.

 Where O where to put the magic box. You can see we already decide and we drilled a hole for screw access. Another hole will be needed for another bottom screw access and then some more holes for the wires to get up to the magic box(MB).

As you can see we snaked up the 110 volt 10/3 wire to the MB and drilled the holes needed for the pump and 12000 unit electrical connection.

 Some good progress made here on this unit.

More 5200 BTU HVAC grills

We are now calling the AC\heat system HVACK for ease of distinguished the AC from the AC electrical. 

 This grill went on top of the forward hanging locker.

Our boat has OAK trim and you can see how thick that OAK is!

Grill in. No screws yet but it is in place.

It is positioned nicely so the fan can push the cold  air around.

Even without running the fan the cold air can be directed to the bed area.

Marked up the spot it the head by the sink for another grill.

Got that hole done and went to the deck are for another.

 The ½ drill with the handle on it made drilling the 4” holes for the AC grills much easier. It is still bit of a struggle and you need to be careful not to lose control and gouge up the area. We put two holes in the head for 4” grills.

There are now four grills for the 5200 BTU unit. Two are in the stateroom and two in the head. That system is now done grill wise and needs ducking run to the grills and one more 4x4x4 splitter purchased.

Ordered last two of the four fenders and covers

The last two of the four fenders (12x29) and covers were ordered from praktek. They did not have the white which we have ordered before and they would not be in for at least a month, Pertck offered 20% off the same fender in gray. Debbie and I talked it over and decided we could put two white on one side and two gray on the other and with the beige fender covers it would be fine and at this point we can use the 20% off for other cruising items. I only have two pay checks left before retiring :).

Cruise the Mexican Riviera - hurricane season

Cruise the Mexican Riviera :

 Go as far south as time allows before heading to a hurricane hole or sailing up the Sea of Cortez.

 We do not know nor do we want to know how far we will get down the Mexican Rivera coast before it is time to head to a hurricane hole. It is a new life and we are not in any hurry. What we do not see the first time we can go back again, and again if we want. For now we are trying to decide on a plan for hurricane season. If we decide and make reservations in a marina we can save some serous cash if we do this in advance.  

 We have looked at sailing across the Sea f Cortez to La Paz for hurricane season. This seems fun but La Paz seems expensive.

Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta seems like a good choice for us. And then there is always the music :).

We are still considering where this part of the year will lead us.

We got diesel fuel - topped off 80 gal fuel tank

And yes we are ready now to clean up all the wiring :)

When we went out to test the auto pilot we got fuel. We got 50 gal of diesel fuel. Imagine a 55 gal drum of diesel fuel and that is almost what we got. It cost over $260.76 and filled up our 80 gal fuel tank.  Initially the gauge read just over 3/4 of a tank but as the day went on, the gauge read "full".

The fuel also weighs about 400 lbs so our stern sank down even further. 

We have 41.8 hours on the engine.

Whale IC bilge pump sorta not working

 Debbie did the wiring up of the pump switch and terminal block.
 This is upside down work and below the sink area in the galley.

We purchased  a new 3/4 inch through hull(TH) valve and other hard ware for both the Whale IC pump (300 GPH) and the Rule 2000 (2000 GPH) pump. 

Debbie put plumbers tape on the 3/4 TH for the Whale IC pump and we installed the valve and hose fitting with elbow. The one with the rag in it.

We connected the hose and it was finished plumbing on the TH side.

To get a loop in the hose we had to clear out all the areas the hose ran through so we could get enough hose before cutting the hose at the pump. That meant under the sink and the storage are under the counter top etc. We need a loop because the TH should b 12" above the water line, they are not.

The loop takes care of that.

Setting the Whale IC bilge pump switch in place.

 So it turns out that after wiring the pump all up and getting it plumbed and the new through hull valve and fittings in it does not work.

 The wiring it seems has changed. We called Whale support on the IC pump and the early pumps were wired to negative. They had so many complaints they changed the wiring to the positive side. The original little white pamphlet that comes with the pump is way confusing. We have the pump on a three way switch. One is force on the other is ON for sensor . The third is OFF. When we put the switch in the ON position for the sensor to be active the pump runs. We did not purchase a made up bilge pump switch as they come with glass fuses. We want to use a blade fuse so we just bought the same type of switch and a blade fuse holder. It uses a 10 amp blade fuse. We will get a little rubber cover for the toggle switch.

 Whale support said the early pumps need to be wired backwards, all on the negative side. So we need to re-wire the pump and then it may not work because if it was wired on the positive side it could fry the pump sensor.

 This is of course not easy to get at and time consuming.
Off we go again on another re-do on a brand new item, or it was new in the box item but we had the pump for a while.

 The switch now works on OFF and on force ON. Not on sensor.

Ordered a vessel sink for the head

We decide on trying out this vessel sink in the head. If we like it we will look for a water fall faucet also.

 Debbie ordered it from
SKU #: YWC1044 | Part #: VD1014ORB
Debbie also had to order the matching drain.

Water Creation Hand Hammered 15 Gauge 12" Vessel Sink in Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze - VD1014ORB

Mermaid 12000 thermastat mounted - looks good

 The Mermaid 12000 BTU unit got the thermostat installed and it seems to be straight. Could still make some adjustments if we need to.

Mermaid 5200 BTU AC\Heat unit - on it’s way back

 OK the Mermaid 5200 BTU AC\Heat unit is on it’s way back to Mermaid in Florida! Yes the dam thing does not work and that is right out of the box. It is brand spanking new and it does not work. Like we do not have enough to do but need to fix something that is brand new. Well enough of a rant till we find out what’s up with the unit. We spent lots of time trouble shooting it with Mermaid support and then had to pull the wires snaking to the thermostat and disconnect all the power wires to the magic box and remove it. Then we had to disconnect all the plumbing and ducking from the unit and remove it.

 Denis at Mermaid support is real nice and that what makes this easier but the woman who answers the phone is well, answers the phone. 

 We had to have Mermaid ship us a box and then pack it up and drop it off for shipping. This all cost us money.

 We had a heat wave and this unit could have helped us out but instead cost us time trying to get it to work, and sweet.

 We still have a 12000 Mermaid unit to set up, let’s hope it goes better.

Installed the Rule 2000 bilge pump through hull

These pumps, the Rule 2000 and the Whale IC will pump a lot of water if you have the correct through hulls and valves, elbows and hosing for the pumps.

We cleaned up the ¾ inch through hull for the Whale IC bilge pump. It had lots of pices of plumbing attached to it by the previous owner and had been reduced to about a ¼ flow. This through hull was originally used with the only and original bilge pump. In-fact we had purchased a new 1/2 inch valve to put on the through hull but realized it was a 3/4 when we took all the parts off it. That is great because that is what the Whale IC pump recommends. 

 After clearing off all the old parts we then installed the new through hull for the Rule 2000 bilge pump. We first marked the spot and then drilled a pilot hole. Debbie was out in the dingy as our marina has a slip only on one side. Debbie used 3M 5200 to put in the through hull and I tightened down the nut from the inside. Debbie was going to drill the hole from the dingy but the angel put the drill under water, not good for an electric drill holder :).

We installed one new 2 ¼ inch through hull for the Rule 2000 bilge pump.

New 2 1/4 inch through hull in.

 We put on the valves temporarily. The 3/4 one is just plumbed for one day in-case there is some need for the pump. We will put on a new valve and elbow.
The 2 1/4 inch has just the valve on it to keep any water from coming in. Not that it would but better safe. When the 3M 5200 sets up we will install the valve and elbow and hosing.
 We could have put it up higher but this will do.

Mermaid 12000 thermastat mounted

 We cut another and we think the last hole into the nav station :(.  This one is for the Mermaid 12000 AC unit. We are now calling it the HVAC system. We got the whole cut and the thermostat in it but it is not quite square yet. We will finish this off and route the wire from the electrical box to here.