Heated mattress pad

Last year we got an electric mattress pad. It has duel controls so each of us can keep our side a different temperature.
 We did not get much of a chance to use it last year as we got it late in the winter but we are already firing them up. Let’s say using them instead of firing, fire is a no no word.

Debbie's side

This is mine and is on 4 but the LED is hard to see.

The plug on my side runs to a 110 outlet that is in the hanging locker. The PO put it there for the battery charger. We moved the battery charger. We have two dehumidifier strips (one for each hanging locker) and an extension cord to the bed plugged in there. It runs under the floor boards to the back of the door. There is a small hole there the PO used for storing his MOB pole. He set it in the hole. Any way the chord comes out there and the my side of the pad is plugged in there. It works for now.

 We also added some white foam insulation to Debbie's side of the bead.

Ordered shunt cable

Ordered a 4 ½ inch 4/0 black cable with 3/8 on both ends for the shunt (Link 2000) to 600 amp buss on the negative side.
 This will about do it for the battery cables for now. We should be able to hook up the batteries to the new Xantrex charger\inverter with the cables we now have (when it arrives). Then we will need to get some 110 volt wiring to hook up the charger\inverter.

Porthole covers

San Diego, CA
Debbie has made porthole covers for the inside of the boat.
She used black out material and sewed in bungee chord around them. They slip over the portholes and block the light.
 I can take a nap with just the room darkening Peek-a-Boo blinds but to sleep in in the morning these are great. These and the Sky Screens (shade) and we can sleep in darkness even when it is sunny.

Thanksgiving to Lowes

 We had a nice motor to Lowes Coronado Resort for Thanksgiving. We passed the aircraft carries as usual but this time there were no big donuts as we call them. They put up a fence instead. It not only looks nicer it will help with sailing because it will not block the wind as much like the big black sausage tubes did.

We did pass the broken down cruise ship - it is said it can not get under the Coronado bridge as it is too high so it sits here instead of a good ship yard

The new fence for the aircraft carries

 Also on the way down we saw another Freeport. Turns out it was Windwalker. Buddy and Judy’s boat. We at the time of course did not know this or remember the fact that they are bouncers. They go from the Chula Vista marine to Lowes Coronado Resort by season.

 We then went to our 90 or 100 ft slip! It was at the end of the Lowes slips on the harbor (South Bay) side so we had a great view and were not by all the hotel action (main entrance) so it was real cool.

Looking out the stern of our boat from the slip

 We also saw Tom who was washing a large yacht next to us. He came to our boat by request one time. We had gone to Downwind Marine and talked to Chris about having someone talk to us about varnishing teak. We had no experience with it. Chris recommended Tom and so we had him come by. He was very informative with lots of experience and helpful. This time he came aboard and visited and we showed off what we have gotten done. I don’t think he was too impressed but we are not pros like him. He was kind and he even gave use some more pointers.
The last day we remembered that Windwalker came over to Lowes in the winter so went  over and vested with Buddy and Judy.
We also visited  Bill and Jerry on the 32’ Westsail.  Jerry was working but Bill was there.

 In an earlier sailing Lowes post we explained all about Lowes Resort so I will not go into it here.

 The weather was great as it is fall so the temperatures were mild but sunny and not too windy. Got in the pool etc.

We did get a picture of a gondola ride. They were out as there are several gondolas. I even saw one late at night and it was cold then.

This was all about R and R so we did nothing but relax. As usual we do not do any boat work on this type of trip or anchoring. It is all R and R.

We like the benches at the point but it was a bit cold for sitting too long. Kinda windy spot at times.

We did hire a pump out service because we removing the engine and they came (have done a pup out twice so far on the service ) but did not get much out so we used the pump out cart pump here and it works fine but it was not something we wanted to do. Debbie called them and let them know we were not pleased. They come by every three weeks.

You can see the cart there.

Debbie cooked Thanksgiving dinner on the boat. This was our first time using the oven.

  Debbie had ordered pans for the oven cooking but they did not get delivered in time so we got some tin foil pans. They worked fine.
We had green beans and sweet potatoes and gravy and dressing over some veggie burgers. Also some cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, I mashed.

Engine removed

Engine time!! Phil removed the Perkins yesterday! Scary and monument is accession!
 For me it was not too bad as Phil “The Marine Man” is doing the work. So I am not too overwhelmed with the whole thing.
Debbie and I have talked about this a lot and we both agreed and remind ourselves to let it go and let Phil take it on. That’s what we are paying for so let it be. Of course we want to take it back and manage it but we are doing well at letting it be done by Phil.
Also Dave the new owner of the Perkins came by and paid us the remainder of the money and is wigging out also because he is doing the same process with Phi. Dave hired Phil to install the Perkins in his 36’ Tahiti sail boat. But that is another story.
The Ralph came by, our friend who recently purchased a Catalina 34 with Ann Marie. He picked up some ¼ chain we had and an anchoring sail and saw the empty engine room.
 Also Dave and Hinze came by to peek and say hi, our dock mates.
It did not all go that smote. Phil got there or said he was going to be there at 8:00 AM to start work. He said when we got there about 4:00 PM that he had just put the motor in his van then minuets ago. So we missed the out of the boat move of the engine but that is OK as we would have been freeking out probably.
 All the bubble wrap did not stop us from sustain some damage. Our oak and cork salon table got gouged at the lower left as the engine came out. Bummer dude!

Phil had to remove the tranny and starter. The heat exchanger and some other smaller stuff like the impeller housing. He said it took him all day. Now that is from a guy who does this on a regular basis.
So he will be back today to remove the wiring harness and the gauge dash and the water muffler etc.
 Then it will be Debbie in a bunny suit in the bilge for the toxic cleanup. Just like Jeanne Walker was wearing on Eagle when they did their re-power.

 Phil said the rear main seal was leaking badly. We knew it was leaking but did not realize it was that bad. To fix that alone the engine would have needed to be pulled. The alternator was also on it’s last legs but that can be re-built no problem there. Phil will be replacing the rear main seal for David.