Win generator struct brackets installed

 The wind generator (WG) got some more work done on it. We finished off the strut brackets. The one aft one we got the final lag bolt in it after finding a shorter one at HD. We then found the correct angle and re-drilled the holes for the port side mount. The it was the usual drill (pun) of cleaning and 3m UV 4000 and attaching the SS fasteners. We toyed with plastic washers then SS washers then the screw. This seemed a bit much and we think the plastic washers would crack over time. We decide that the 3M UV 4000 between the screws and the galvanized steel plate would work for the dissimilar metals protection.
 All the hard ware is still temporally mounted. We will finish it off with lock nuts as provided when done.

Aft mount

Port side

3M UV 4000 on the screws

This meant a trip back into the lazerett for Debbie. 
She had to get past the ex host hose where it does a loop and up under the coming to attach the wash, lock washer and then nut. Once in place she held them while I screwed in the fastener.

Cleaned up

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