Paradise Village marina area

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Our Summer turf!
 There is no fuel dock in this bay area.

Nuevo Vallarta Marina, this is across the bay from us. Rates are a little less but there is also not much there for marina services.
Looking out the channel to Banderas Bay.
Paradise Village Marina looking at A dock, a Catalina 30' with a live aboard summering over.
Paradise Village Marina looking at B dock. You can see our boat with the Shade Trees up.
Paradise Village Marina looking at A dock
Paradise Village Marina looking at A dock. Making shade any way you can.
We have a visitor from the CC 40' two slips over. They are also heading south this winter.
Looking down our dock up the river.
Looking to our port at Paradise Village marina.
Out in the distance is the third marina here. It is in bankruptcy and the docks are in real bad shape. It is however real inexpensive.

This is the are I paddleboard and also up the river.  There are some islands with homes and docks I can also paddle around.

New accent LED lights in the salon

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We put in the two accent lights in the salon. We did this a month or so ago. The starboard one swivels so we can direct it to the bulkhead by the stateroom door. It has a flip switch behind the cushion. This one we like best so far as the light is the right brightness and it looks real nice.
 These take the dark corners of the salon and lighten them up. They make it cozy and bigger looking.

Of course they are LED and are made by IMTRA.
I drilled the wholes and Debbie did all the wiring etc.
On this hole I broke our 90 deg drill attachment.

Debbie clamped the switch up and under the cabinet behind the settee cushion.
The Debbie wired the light to the Main Cabin light switch at the nav station. We always use 16 AWG wire for lights even though these are LED.
This light swivels (not shown swiveled)

 The port light by the cabinet is nice but a little bright. We are going to put some shade screen in it to dim it some. We put in a matching push switch and it works real good.
Debbie tested out the lights to be working properly and then secured all the wiring up out of the way so there would be no chafing.

Wiring for light on the port side with switch.

Pay on!

All done, playing on her Kindle Fire.
Dam we gotta clean up that book shelf! We emptied a cabinet to do some work in it and that is where it all landed :)

Transducer Airmar P 79 working??

Last day of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We got the transducer the Airmar P 79 connected to the Garmin network and the chart plotter senses the depth because we see a depth box on the screen we did not see before. There is nothing in it though.

The Garmin repeater at the nave station sees it also. We created a page for the repeater and it would disly the depth if the thing was working.

To be fair the Airmar doc’s say to be in at least 100 feet to test it after installing. We are probably sitting in 10-15 feet of muck.

 We consider this project complete and hope that once we leave the dock for a sail we will get some feet!

Also our friends John and Kelly on their 47’ Hans Christian re-installed theirs and have the same problem with reading out.

More than normal wear on Salon and settee got washed

Last day of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Washed covers on the settee
Debbie took the sattee cushions up to the mall and the Landry mat. It is air conditioned which makes it a little more OK and free WiFi. I did one before in a bucket but gave up. It is hard getting them off and then back on. Maybe not hard but certainly a pain. After they were dry Debbie put some zipper lube on them.
Getting zipper lubed.

The foe leather is not fairing so well. We are highly bummed about it and will be contacting Kestone Brothers and hope for some solution L

IMSS in PV for Doctors appointment

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

IMSS 07302013

THE IMSS clinic is at the end of the road. It is actually a little square and not a dead end.
IMSS clinic in PV
Among other things there is a good butcher shop, fruit stand and taco shop nearby.
We did another trip to IMSS today to get our health care. This time we saw a doctor and she was real nice. She gave us the once over with a fiscal and pronounced us health. We are that. Then we got appointments for Lab work and X rays and heart and other electronics. They got to check under the hood.
 This coverage is for me a 66 years old $303.00 USD a year. Cover health, operations and all doctor stuff. IMSS Covers eyes and dental also.
It is a vested plan and after two years you are fully vested. So say after one year I am eligible for a hernia operation and other items. But not till I have been in the plan for one year. Most basic stuff is cover right away.
We have dock mates that have private insurance and pay more for one month than I do for a year and they are younger. The can also go to any of the fancy hospitals close.  I will need to go to a clinic and get an appointment to see a doctor. No phoning in. The clinics are clean but not fancy. The health care is top notch though.
The doctors office.
Doc's office.

Airmar P 79 and Garmin back bone cable

 End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Do I have to say I was wrong yet one more time?
 So this is a 6 pin 6mm (20 ft) extension cable. At least I thought it was an extension cable. Now I am not sure what is but it is Garmin.
 It has been a while since Debbie and I installed the electronics. I did not remember how many pins there were in the cables or back bone. After we looked at the cable from the transducer and this cable which we were going to use to reach the back bone we decided something was wrong and since this was a Garmin cable it must be the transducer since it is made by Airmar. Not so it seems.
If we had looked a little further at an extra yellow power cable for the net work we have we would have discovered it has five pins, but we did not do that. We got on the email support wagon.
This is from where we purchased the Garmin electronics:
"The Garmin network and NMEA2000 are the same thing.   The communication is exactly the same, and the connectors are the same except NMEA2000 ones are metal and Garmin are plastic.   They will work fine with one another, just be sure not to cross-thread the connectors."
 So we looked further and what did we find:
The Airmar P 79 transducer has five pins like the Garmin network.
Garmin back bone 6mm (20 ft) cable, male.
Garmin back bone 6mm (20 ft) cable female end.
So now how to extend it? Well Debbie was looking through old Garmin stuff we had and like I said she pulled out a back bone cable. It has five pins also. So we hooked it to the Airmar P 79 and it fit right. Then it was a matter of running the cables.
We ran the gray 6mm (20 ft) Airmar cable and it reached up to under the nav station.  As this took a while we decided to continue with snaking the other back bone cable another day.


Putting the Vacume tank to under bed

 End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Debbie put the cover back on the J Series VacuFlush Vacuum tank. The cover is a piece of 3\4 inch marine plywood we made and a piece of engine insulation glued to it.

When we tested the tank after installing the four new 2” duck bills we used this vacuum gauge. It reads 11 lbs from the get go. Do not know how that happened but oh well. So when we tested the tank it read 21 lbs so a 10-11 lb suction was in the tank. Do not know what it is supposed to be but this was held for 20 min meeting the required time period for a successful job.
Debbie under bed step are covering the J series Vacuum Tanks.
The mistake I made doing this project originally was not to sound insulate the bottom of the vacuum tank. I should have put a piece of sound insulation done then installed the vacuum tank. It is not real loud but it could be even quitter as some sounds go through the bilge.

After Debbie put on the cover she scooted the Honda 2000 generator back up in front of the cover forward. Then she put the Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Walking Foot Sewing Machine in behind the Hond generator and then some stuff like the Garhauermarine engine lift and Magma flopper stopper. You can get a lot in this storage spot and that does not include the large storage area under the bed on the port side by the holding tank. This is all under the bed and the bed step.
So the Vacuum tank is put to bed sorta speak :)