Teak and Holy final walk through

 We did the final walk through for the Teak and Holy sole and it looks mighty fine. 
 The cons are only one, that is the varnish job kinda sucks. You can see the brush strokes in it. We will either do it ourselves at a later date or have Owen try again when we go on vacation. Owen admits it is less than nice. He said the products that are out now are no where near as nice as previous products. This one did not work out as he had hoped. The ones he liked are no longer available. We may just try "Captains" varnish next time.
 First we need to get the rest of the bill so we know what the varnish labor charge was and then we can decide.
 We really needed to have it done by some one other than our selves as we are just crazy busy with moving and work etc.
 The journey work is excellent and he did all he said he would do. Over all beside the varnishing which can be mad nicer we really love the new deck. Would we do it over again and have Owen do the work, in a horn blast!
 The table stop and galley foot pump cover need to be re-installed, a piece of teak need putting for wood work by the nav station and some hatches need some light sanding on the edges so they open easier and then it's is complete.

Solar Panel Hardware

 We just ordered the fittings for the bimini that will support the two 135 watt solor panels we are going to put on. Today is the last day (4-28-11) of the sale so I had to think faster than I like to :)
 They had a less than half price sale plus free shipping at
Marine Part Depot

 Picked up:
  1 inch SS Tees (4)
  1 inch SS Elbows (8)
 Now we will need to get the 1 inch SS heavy walled tubing and cut it to fit etc.
We will drill out all the set screws and put in nuts and bolts, including the current bimini hardware.


 While picking up some varnish at Downwind Marine we grabbed a toaster. We like toasted English muffins and beagles and do not want to store a electric toaster. All we use it for is the above so this one hopefully will do the trick. We can plop it on the stove and wala toast!

Stateroom door varnishing

So the first of a couple coats went on the salon side of the stateroom door yesterday morning and today before going to work we got another coat on. Debbie had taped and papered the door so I would not drop satin varnish on the gloss as has happened before messing it all up.
It does not matter how many coats go on this side as there are ten of gloss any way so the varnish is built up. The satin just needs to cover and have no holidays or other screw ups, no easy feat for a perfectionist :)
 This was more work than working on the door while the door was mounted (head door). True we needed to be at the boat which was not always easy but we could door the whole door at one time so ten coats was ten coats for the whole door. Having the stateroom door at the garage was easy because we could just walk down stairs and into the garage and it was ready to be worked on. Ten coats was one side though. Then flip it over and start again for another ten coats. It cam out nicer as the varnish can level it's self and we can apply more with out it running down the door as the door is laying flat. The door came out glassy looking and smother than the head door. Also the boat does not smell like varnish and 333 all the time. But say good bye to the garage as we are moving to the boat, bye, bye. Rather be at the boat!

First coat of satin on and still wet

ready for second coat

 We also have the hinges on now and will re-assemble the door knob\latch tonight along with the bracket that holds the door open.. Friday\Saturday is move days.

Davits - Kato?

We are now about don or done with all the major systems from the bilge to the cabin top. Which means we are done with the inside of the boat at least as far as major purchasing is done. It is now time to move out to the deck to the top of the mast. We have already started that by replacing the old tired traveler with a new Harkin traveler. We replaced all the big blocks on the boom with Harkin Big Boat Blocks. We added a dodger, bimini and separator for comfort. We put some new SS cleats on and some new lines. We installed a new anchor windless and new bow rollers. So we have done some major work on the deck already! So on we go with some nice new dingy davits.

After a lot of consideration on different davit systems we are seriously looking at the kato marine davits.
They already have experience with the Islander Freeport. They are it seems a bit more $$ but they are also quality made. We have read nothing bad about them only good things.

Islander Freeport with Kato davits (not our boat)

They offer lots of accessories for the davits and wind generator and motor lift.

The use Harkin rigging

We have talked to them and they seem very knowledgeable about the Islander Freeport and our needs.
They also offer stern rail support options.
While not quite ready to order them up we are getting really close.

San Salvador - A Go-Go

 We went  roller blading at Spanish Landing and got a close up of the building of the San Salvador.

This park is across from Harbor Island where we have our boat to the North West.

What it will look like

From the news paper:

"The Maritime Museum of San Diego is proceeding with plans to build a $5 million replica of San Salvador, the galleon Cabrillo guided here in 1542 when he became the first European to explore what is today known as San Diego Bay.
The 88-foot wooden ship is meant to help the non-profit corporation to diversify and compete for visitors in one of the country's busiest tourist destinations. The new San Salvador also will serve as an educational exhibit that will enable the museum to talk about everything from 16th century shipbuilding to cartography.
The museum will dedicate a construction site for the ship this September on public land at Spanish Landing, 1.5 miles from where its main collection of historic vessels are docked on North Harbor Drive. Workers will begin to build the three-masted galleon by the end of the year, says Ray Ashley, the museum's director. Plans call for the ship to open as a paid attraction in 2012, when it joins the museum's other ships at the nearby embarcadero. It'll take the spot now occupied by B-39, a Soviet submarine that will be turned into an offshore diving reef."

This is what the part of the park is going to look like - obviously it does not yest as you will see.

Some tools

We were roller blading so we were mostly moving while photo shooting :)

Some example wood - for us lookie loos

Now why do they have cannons - did not see any on the ship?
Could be to protect the settlement, but they look like ships cannons. I guess people just like cannons?

 The bow?
Got me??

They have one example done of the settlement or village or whatever it is

Our blades!


Towards Harbor Island from building site

Resting on a bench

From bench

 From bench
From bench

 Heading back west in the park towards the ship building side

 Our boat is in that channel - our new home
Our boat is in that channel 


Little beach and play ground at the park -Spanish Landing

Debbie and I crewed on this Schooner, owned by Percy.
 It was quite fun for me!
 As we were leaving San Diego harbor under full sail (at least six sails) we came upon the “America” another schooner (replica) with tourists on board, we started racing them. It was quite a sight and feel, they probably did not know they were racing but side by side on these old schooners in full sail was real fun.