Painting window frames 4

I found this picture on the FOGers group I think of a front window, glass.


In the pick it looks like the frames have bulges in them to accommodate the glass window. So it could be the glass is not curved, the frame is allowing the glass to be straight. This window is on s/v Eagle.


Jose the diver replied that the bottom was fine for the foreseeable future!

He is a nice person and seems to be doing a fine job.

Cook Books

We also have a Magma cook book along with some other Pressure cooking cook books.

Stainless Steel Wok

The Stainless Steel Wok we got from magma and I think off of eBay. It fits into the round Magma grills nicely. I do not think we have ever used it yet but the time is definitely coming for that!


We have a BOAT•UMBRELLATM from Magma that we got when we had the Catalina 30’. It works nice but we seldom use it now. I have heard of people using them in the dink for the sun and also pointing them toward the bow to keep off the spray when sitting forward.

Some other ones:

Serving/Cutting Table

We have a 12-3/4” x 20” Bait/Filet Mate™ Serving/Cutting Table by Magma. When I sold the old\new square grill I also let go of the clamp that holds the table to the rail. It also worked on our old\new square grill. I should not have sold it with the grill. The clamp that holds the table to the rail was different than the one in the picture. Ours held the table to the SS 1” rail.

It cost more than I want to spend right now to replace it. We have not been using the table so the purchase is on hold. Maybe we will find one at the marine swap meet.

The table complements the round grills nicely as it gives you a place to put the food, dishes etc. We plan on just putting it out when we grill. It does take up some of the limited rail space. I want to put it by the grill and that would place it by the T in the cockpit. I want to keep the T clear so I can lean out while at the helm. We have not put anything in the cockpit or on the rail by the T. It is a nice clean are.
 Right now we store the table under the stove inside where the door is. Not a bad spot but seems a waste of space for the table. We will move it soon. Could make a place for it in the lazzerett, it seems a better place.

Baby Corner Protectors

As you can see we would like something pleasing to look at and that would hold up under wind and sea conditions. They would not look or stay looking good or stay put in the marine environment.

The SP may look like it is not in the way but you do at times when the boat is moving you brush by it. The corner edges are very jagged and sharp. In a bad sea they could tear you up and that is the worst time, if there were ever a better?

We will also be adding two more 135’s and a smaller one on the bimini.

The “Dream Baby Round Corner Protectors 8 Pack” look good.

I found them on
Something like this would work.

Need to find out what the dimensions represent?

Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 inches ; 1.6 ounces

What is height width depth?

Sink Basket

We have been trying to add another Sink Basket and a stopper but have not found the right size. I am not sure what that size is. I think the stopper is 1 5/8.

I would be nice to save on water when rinsing the dishes.

Henckels knifes purchased and keep an edge

San Diego CA, January 2011
We have a Henckels Kitchen Block Set of knifes and then added some Henckels steak knives to the set.

They are nice and seem to do the job fine.

We ended up getting rid of the wooden block and are using the knife sheaths instead.

Tea Kettle

We bought a KitchenAid 2-Quart Stainless Steel Tea Kettle and it has a great whistle. It also is easy to keep up. The handle could have more of a heat protector but I like it.

I like some coffee and Debbie likes tea so I make coffee in a press and she uses tea bags. This makes the tea pot a very useful item for us.
I think we got it from but they have them at BB&B.

“A stylish addition to your kitchen, this 2-quart tea kettle with removable lid in a sleek brushed 18/10 stainless steel is just the thing for tea time. The handle features a heat-resistant silicone for a safe grip and the kettle has a triple-ply base guaranteeing you fast and even heating. A whistle lets you know when the water is ready. Measures 7" H x 8" W x 9" L. Hand wash only. Limited lifetime warranty.”

Oxo Good Grips

I like the Oxo Good Grips products and have bought a lot for the boat. Like the timer and other products. I have gotten them form BB$Beyond.
Although the timer takes batteries I like it. Could go simple with a wind up one but this one keeps reminding me it is time. Wind up you get one ring and that’s it.
The turners are also good for installing the port holes (buttle) but they need to get trashed after :).

Collapsible Prep Bowl Set

We also recently bought this Progressive International Collapsible Prep Bowl Set, Blue and White from

I had previously bought some nice rubber bowls (Oxo Good Grips) from BB&Beyond but they took up a lot of room to store. The smaller one we kept on the boat as it has a pour spout I like and is a handy bowl. The others we removed.

So this bowl set helps take the place of the ones we removed. I think we still need a larger one for the Jiffy pop corn I like to make on the stove for when we watch movies on the boat.

Emeril sauce pan

We bought a sauce pan from Bed Bath and Beyond.

We wanted a pan to make sauces in and heat syrup etc.

We liked it because it has spouts on each side. It is easy to clean (as I do the dishes I like that) and it has a nice lid. The 'in the lid strainer' is ingenious in my opinion and the dual pour spouts are practically a necessity.

Emeril Hard Anodized Nonstick 1-Quart Sauce Pan with Pour Spouts and Lid

Magma pans

I just ordered a 10-360G Stock Pot/ Sauté Pan Cover from Magma.

It is for the Magma cook 9 Piece Stainless Steel ''Nesting'' Cookware Coated with Teflon® we have.
At the time we bought the kit it was a nine piece kit. Now it is ten and comes with the top.
We really like the set.
I think we bought the original set off eBay.
This is the new 10 piece set and it includes the big pan top

Pressure Cooker

We bought a Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker from

We have used it a few times and I have made some killer pot roast in it. I have also tried chicken but it was not too good.

I have heard it is needed for chicken in Mexico as it is kind of tuff, but that is only a rumor.

Navigation Lamps purchased

After much thought as to the fit on our teak cap rail on our sail boat and other factors I have purchased the:

Hella Deck Mount LED Navigation Lamps in black. They come in pairs.
I will comment on the install process and their use as soon as I install them.
They will be here in the usual 8-12 days or whatever.

Our Ocean

The plastic bag

Help stop our 19 billion bag-a--year habit in California and put an end to plastic pollution. Tell your Senator to support the AB 1998 at

Heal The bay

Green Peace

2009 Baja Ha Ha

The Starting Of The Baja Ha Ha Cruise
Free Spirit owned by David Nieuwstad from Santa Cruz, and Aquila owned by

Michael Rafferty from San Diego, were just two of the 193 sailboats officially
entered in the cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Michael Rafferty on s/v Aquila IF36 #49 set out on the 2009 BaHa ha ha and is on his way to Thailand. He was not alone as another Freeport owner David Nieuwstad on s/v Free Sperit left also on the BaHa ha ha.

The start!

Michael Rafferty on s/v Aquila

Michael Rafferty on s/v Aquila

Michael Rafferty on s/v Aquila

Michael Rafferty on s/v Aquila

David Nieuwstad
s/v Free Sperit

s/v Free Sperit


Birg & Donna's Cape Dory

Here we are helping Brig and Donna step the mast on their 27' Kent Ranger.
Well they already got help doing that so we helped with the boom.

Donna and Brig have owned several boats including a Tyana 42’ and Brig is well versed on the Perkins 4-108.

They have since sold the boat and bought a Cal 34.



Taking off boom to go on other side of mast
Brig + Donna

The 27' Kent Ranger

Donna and I holding the boom
Brig + Donna

Painting window frames 3

The front winnow project has become a problem. We were just going to paint the frames white. Along the way one window got sanded a bit by the electric sander and the blue tape has messed with the film on the outside of the windows leaving lines. They still need a couple coats of paint. We went sailing with some work friends and removed all the blue tape because it looked so awful. I think I can now still get a couple coats on without the tape as the edges look fine.

In these photos you can not see the lines or sanding marks

It may be we can get the tape marks off and at a Catalina Ass. Meting a guy named Gary said you can sand and buff the plastic windows to like new. Gary used to own “Horizon Marine Service”, he is off in Mexico cruising now I think. He has done it and said customers were very surprised at the great outcome. So we will try that out as a last resort.

So we have started thinking about replacing them.

We want to use glass.

They are curved by 3/8 chamfer.

Makes using glass not easy.

It has been done but the owner does not know where in Portland the PO got the glass.

I have been in touch with Bomon and they are sending me the plans for the windows they made for another 1978 Freeport owner.

Bomon said to do glass I would need to router out some surface to make it more flat or they could not guarantee that they would not leak.
They make the windows with the aluminum frames.

Bomon said it is the UV that causes the non glass windows to haze up.

They made them in plastic not glass.

So the research will continue.

I got a price of $270.00 for each from Bomon.

They cannot chamfer the glass for that price. It would be mostly straight and that is where the router would come in.

“I know it can be done, as the front two on Eagle are curved, tinted safety glass in extruded aluminum frames to match the sides. Unfortunately they were done by the PO in Portland Oregon so I am not able to forward any info. The good thing is that we did not have to pay to have it done! 8-) cuz I am sure that it was not an inexpensive venture"

Another couple of  posts interest:

"We had our windows made by Bomon also, they have to be going on ten years old by now. They look as good today as when we put them in. I had my first leak this spring, it took under ten mintues to take out the window over the stove to see what was wrong. I had pinched the gasket when I installed them. They go in dry [no sealant] and use a gasket for sealing. Bomon uses a very sturdy frame made of aluminum, this I like to think gives a little more strength to the sides of the cabin over the ones I took out. "

"Don and I each bought a set of windows from Mark Plasticsin
may of '99. Mark was very resistant to giving us a volume discount,
saying that his manufacturing costs really don't decrease
significantly when he does two sets at the same time. I tend to
believe him. It's a very small company and I think there is a LOT of
hand work in fabricating these windows. Don and I did get a good
deal on the installation, mostly because I think Mark wanted to spend
a few days in the SF area and we were able to split his very modest
travel costs.

In retrospect, I could have done the installation myself. No rocket
science involved, just time and care. People outside of California
should not have a problem; people close to Mark Plastics can decide
for themselves.

Basically, I think he did a great job for me, at a fair price, on
both the windows and the installation. They look great and after 1.5
years have not even THOUGHT about leaking (knock wood).

For an F-36, you can replace any portion of
2 small front windows
6 big side windows
2 medium windows in the cabin aft bulkead (to cockpit)
2 small cockpit door windows

Trim color on both inside and outside is only white; his supplier
doesn't do brown any more. There are a couple of choices of window
color; apparently most people pick a slightly darkened, "smoke" color
to reduce interior brightness.

If your interior trim is in good shape, you can re-use it and save
$200 or $300. But you have to remove and ship the trim to him so he
can match up the screw-holes. Bit of a hassle, but I did it because
I wanted to keep the teak-color plastic trim rather than go to white.

And the interior trim on my boat was in good shape, fortunately.

He won't do Lexan, only poly. Says the lexan doesn't bend properly
and will tend to create leaks by trying to straighten and pull out
the frame.

A full set of windows cost about $1700-$1800 in 1999, not counting
installation. Don't know what he would charge for local (southern
California) installation, but the good news is the whole job is done
in just about 1 day! Delivery time was about 5 or 6 weeks.

If you have any other questions just ask. Believe it or not, I DON"T
get a finder's fee from Mark, I just think he is a hard-working
business man who actually cares about doing a good job.
0 think it is about $3200,00 noew for all th windows.

Mark Plastics
369 E. Harrison St., Unit G
Corona, CA 92879
Tel: (951) 735-7705
Fax: (951) 735-0701