New Shroud boat hook - bungee

We mounted our new boat hook and Debbie put on the bungee chords for security against me loosing it again. They are easy to hook and unhook, get the pun  : )

Stern Anchor - removal

We turned the boat around in our slip so the stern is in. There is a lot of work we were waiting to do when we did the turn around.
 We started the Davits

 We removed the stern anchor and rode

 Started cleaning the stern

 Removed the Outboard and mount

This is the first time we have had the boat with the stern in. We can now reach the stern to work on it.

 The anchor, rode removal. It was of course a mess. We have never used it. We did swap out the old fluke anchor with the Fortress 16 anchor we had from the Catalina 30 we owned but that was it.
So we took off the anchor and pulled out the rode.

Empty port stern lazerett
There are some temporary wires and hoses going through the are and up through the houser to the stern rail. Propane hose, propane valve shut off wires, and extension chord to name some.
They will go away later.

All the chain and rode and emergency cut off line and extra stern rode on dock
The hose and wires coming from the rode houser will go away later.

 Existing stern anchor bracket
This looks like it was a slated stanchion bracket with a 1" piece of SS tube in it. Then a anchor bracket attached to it.

We will probably need to come up with a different anchor mounting system as the dingy davits are in the way

A mess
Anchor rollers for the stern anchor, a nice strong setup.

Stern anchor rode

Stern anchor chain, we will replace this with about 10' of 5/16 chain. It is a 5/16 chain here we just do not need so much chain.

The small three strand was the safety line to be cut if need be.
The double braid was tied to the three strand larger rode for an rode extension we believe.

 The anchor rode had a bowline on it with the chain attached to it with a swivel. It was duck taped for chafe.
Not good but worked for the PO.

 We will replace it with a rode to  chain splice and try using the existing rode with a new piec of chain. If the rode is too bid to splice to 5/16 chain we will go with all ne stern rode and use the existing rode at the bow for the Fortress spare bow anchor, or that is the plan.

Bye to VHF antena

 The VHF antenna had to be removed for the dingy davit installation. Well we thought it did, as it turned out it could have stayed. I am glad it is gone though. There is another antenna on top of the mast doing nothing. That is where we will install the next VHF antenna. We will rely on our hand held VHF for now. We plan on purchasing a nice new VHF radio when we do our electronics in a year.

Wheel holder

Here is the little cover we put on the wheel shaft. Debbie picked it up. It is a swimming pool stick. We can use the rest of it at the pool!

Stern steps

We were going to replace the cables on the stern steps this past weekend but it was just too much to do.
 They are really life lines and they are bolted through. It will take a trip into the lazarett by Debbie to hold the nut or wrench it off so they can be removed.
Later this week or next weekend while we have the boat stern too we will get them off.

Window shade screens - Starbaord

We installed the snaps for the starboard side window shade screen.
Looks good and works nice.

 Drilling holes into side of the boat! Had to be careful not to go through the head liner :)

Looks good

Davits - installing

We attached the new brackets from Kato Marine to the new welded bottom of the brackets.
We got the dingy davits set in place, we did a lot of adjustments and then slept on it. 

First thought

We duck taped them to the stern rail at the bottom. 

 The next day we decide to move them inboard some. 

 That way we could fit the outboard motor on. It seems a good fit so we slept on it again. 
Then we decide to go ahead and drill the holes and size up the screws for purchasing. 

To do this Debbie went below into the lazarett 

Debbie searched out the spot for the brackets with her left arm.

Debbie was looking to see also if the backing plates would fit

The area was clear of any issues that would prevent us from drilling through.

Drilling first whole

 We replaced the outboard so we could set the davits in place where the motor would fit also

And another whole

Last whole, we marked them off using the backing plate, a Debbie idea that saved us some work

Sizing for the length of the screw wholes. Need to get the screws the right length, that mean Debbie had to go back into the lazerette : )

 A couple temporary screws in to hole this side in place

OK one side is set up for final install. We still need to get the real screws and then bolt them in. That will require yet another trip into the lazerette for Debbie!
 The davits look straight but being nothing on the stern of the boat is straight up and down it is a bit hard to tell.
 We could have moved them inboard another 1/2 inch. We had that much clearance. That so far is the only thing we wish we had done. Not a big deal but every bit of room for the outboard does matter.
 Next the other side.

Power washing and Woody's Wax

We scheduled ourselves for power washing and Woody Waxing the boat. 

We got the power washer all set up and Debbie was ready to start washing when the power hose popped off. 

It has been stripped but we cannot remember how that became to be. Any way after trying duct tape and other means Debbie suggested using plumbers tape. 

I was skeptical but will try anything. I could not find the plumbers tape so we used the propane tape. Dam if it did not work great. Now Debbie was off and power washing.
  Debbie got it all done including the cockpit. We then followed the Woodys Wax instructions.
It came out fine as water beads off. I was a little disappointed that is did not make the deck shine but it does work well. We will apply another coat in a week or so. Hoping this will make it easier to keep the boat clean.