Fun at Fat Fish

Dave and Marisa on s/v Pacifico, an Erikson 36, Dan and Debbie on s/v Caper, a Catalina Morgan 38 and of course us, Chip and Debbie on s\v Elegant'sea our Islander Freeport 36 all went to dinner at Fat Fish Restaurant in Zona Dorado in Mazatlán..

End of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Fat Fish in Mazatlán is in the Golden zone (tourist zone).
This musician, if I close my eyes, does not look to me anything like his voice would lead me to believe how he looks. He sings English songs very well but we asked him to play "Cielito Lindo" which he abliged.
The oven outside. A lot of places cook outside because of the heat.
Can you see us?
As you can see on the sign to the far right, it is 2x1 (two for one).
This place does not serve fish so Fat-Fish makes sense, right? This place is a gringo tourist place and is the kind of place, to me, is where gringos go that they think "ok, we are in Mexico now I can do whatever I want". The place is kind of like camping 😩 with dogs and smoking etc. Debbie had steak and I had ribs. That way Debbie gave me her steak. She ate the backed potato and other sides. The ribs were good, the steak not so much.
And there is a bucket of cooked ribs!

Sail Fest on s\v Elegant'sea

Debbie working with the Harken fuller.
We washed the Hyde 135 percent genoa and we are letting it dry.
The main is also drying.

End of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

We are getting ready to lower and fold the Hyde genoa. We have decided never to do this again ourselves! It is just too much work for two people. Last year, we only paid about $85.00 USD here in Mazatlán to have the sails washed, dried, folder, bagged and that includes removing the lazy jacks and washing the stack pack and removing the batons in the main sail and the stack pack. So it was well worth it. We didn't do that this year as we are recovering financially from buying the car.  So now we will save a little each month to be able to afford it next year.
Sails a'drying.
Debbie is covering the running lights for the summer.
The sails still look brand new after five seasons of cruising!
Helps to take care of them like we do!
Drying out.
We are getting ready to move the starboard bow closer to the dock
so we can lower the Hyde Genoa 135 onto the dock as we fold it.
You can see the main is off.
We removed the stack pack and lazy jacks also.
OK we got the genoa down. We have a dock on each side of the boat in this slip. We have s\v Elegant'sea next to the starboard dock. I lowered the genoa and Debbie folded it on the dock. Just and easy...Not. It is a big sail and hard to handle. Of course, we did this early in the morning so no wind.
Removing battens from the main.
We took it off the boat, wrapped in the stack pack and then laid it on the dock.
Not such a big deal folding up the Hyde main sail.
Finishing up.
People seem to do different things with their sails. Some just leave them up. Some take the Genoa down. Some do what we do. After our first two years here in Mexico, when we thought we would go say sailing in the summer, we discovered that was not going to happen. Then we decided that our sails are new and letting them sit out for six months in the harsh sun\UV and the add heavy rains and different wind conditions, it would be better to take them down. If we are on the boat it is difficult for us to store the sails so they need to come down just before we move off to a temperary place to live. If we are on the boat we can raise the sails to let them dry out after a heavy rain. No rest from the relentless sun though. This year we made a deal when selling our extra Mercury outboard for some storage for the summer. We have our dinghy there and the sails will go there. Last year we left them covered on the fore deck until we went to the US so I could get a new hip. When we left, we put them in the boat and with the dehumidifier running they stayed nice and protected from the elements.

Laundry and breakfest - what a deal!

La Marina laundry in Pancho Villa neighborhood in Mazatlán.

End of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
They do ironing, wash and fold, sewing etc.
There are lots of laundries here, not so many coin laundries. But why do it yourself as the prices are right for it to be done for you. The trick is finding the right shop. One that all the clothes come back, that they are not all wrinkled or shrunk etc. This shop has been working for us so far.
And then for breakfast next door or next building outside!

VW car show at the Mazatlan International Center (Convention Center)

After all, we are VW owners again!
This was a fun two-day event - Saturday with the parade
down the malecon and Sunday with the exhibition, food and entertainment!
Cars from all over the State of Sinaloa came here for this annual event.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Debbie's 1971 convertible bug. Debbie also had a 1973 VW bug before we were married and when we first got married. I myself had a old VW bug when I was a young adult 😌
Our old VW bus with the pop-top for camping.
On with the Show!
Watching the band as we ate some tacos.
Some of the lineup.
With the extras.
This was like Debbie's convertible only I think hers was nicer looking,
being real red and with a white top and black interior.
Motor on!
These all drove here. We could have entered ours because it is a VW but there is an entrance fee and what was the reason since ours is not tricked out or anything 😟
 (Rust is not a crime) is painted on the front.
 The "Things" - only a couple.
This was the oldest as far as I can tell. Split back window. On the side between the front door and the back side window is where the signal was. It flips out like a flag and blinks.
The hosting VW car club of Bugs.
There were several car clubs there.
 Not many Karmann Ghias.
Tricked out buggy.

Pulmonias: Mazatlan's unique Taxis.
Most use a VW frame and VW beetle engine.
In-line to register for the show at the Mazatlán International Center.
Guess there is something for everyone...Smurfs for the kiddos!
Peddle VW trike?
Two little sisters in an electric VW bug toy car. They are not driving well.
VW hot rod!
Staianless steel version of brass knuckles.
Brass knuckle gear shifters, in stainless steel.
The mosaic on the wall of the International Center in Mazatlán.
VW panties.