The stern running light got mounted and wired up

  We had decided to mount the light in the middle of the boat because we could. We could have chosen the starboard side like it was mounted before but we do not need to worry about the stern steps. It really does not seem to make much difference however we possibly could see the light (not likely) if it were to one side and we do not want to see it while in the cockpit.  We mounted it and then ran the 10/2 #16 gauge wire along the davits to the cam clam and to the boat where we wired it to the existing running light wiring.

 While removing the old fixture it just broke right off.

Snaking the wire.

You can see the stern light in the middle of the davits.

 It can be re-located if we wish. We could still install it on the starboard side of the davits if we decide to later. 
 If we need to fold in the davits for some reason like a marina does not like them out there or wants to charge the footage we can fold the davits in and mount the stern light on the stern rail.

We tested it out to work fine and that’s another project done!

Purchased the ShadeTree fabric shelter

 Debbie got us a deal on the ShadeTree fabric shelter. She negotiated a close out purchase of a bow and stern ShadeTree boat awning system for a price we can afford. We would have been way over budget or possibly not being able to afford the system or only one half  if Debbie did not get us the close out.

ShadeTree sent us the fabrics for the fore and aft so we could decide if we wanted to purchase the two sections. We decided yes they would fit and yes we can live with the colors. 

 The colors are off between the fore and aft sections and possibly not our first choice of colors but we are happy to just get the system!

Debbie placed the order after we made the decision!

Cockpit courtesy and Blue Seas WeatherDeck™ Waterproof 6 position Fuse Panel video

 We did a video of our working cockpit courtesy lights and Blue Seas WeatherDeck™ Waterproof 6 position Fuse Panel. This is done with my Droid X work phone so is nothing real fancy. 

Blue Seas WeatherDeck™ Waterproof 6 position Fuse Panel lights

 The Blue Seas WeatherDeck™ Waterproof 6 position Fuse Panel was not showing a green led light on the second switch we wired up.

 The LED lights on the switches are supposed to be lit red when not on and blank if the fuse is burnt out. Green if turned on (behind the label you put on).

 I called Blue Seas support for help. 

New Blue Seas WeatherDeck™ Waterproof 6 position Fuse Panel.

Blue Seas decide it must be the circuit board and sent us a new one  We checked it out and wired it up. The new WeatherDeck™ Waterproof 6 position Fuse Panel  worked perfect. As we were getting ready to remove the original one I noticed the wires on one switch were wrong.

How the wiring should be.

 OK I messed up. I inadvertently put one of the switch wires onto another switch doubling that switch up. This caused the LED lights to not work properly.

Wires move from one switch to another by my finger.

 So switching to wires back to the correct position made the panel work correctly, what a surprise J.
Now in my defense the panel side I messed up on was a bit hard to see so I did not notice the double wiring I did.

 I called Blue Seas support. I told them it was my fault and wanted to know if they wanted us to ship the  new  WeatherDeck™ Waterproof 6 position Fuse Panel back hoping they would say keep the Weather Deck panel as it is not worth the shipping and re-stocking etc. Then we could sell it for something we wanted like a new 600 amp buss from Blue Seas. They did say what I wanted them to, but with a curve ball. They said we should keep it but donate it to a local boating organization. Dam! So looks like we need to contact the Sea Scouts or some other community boating org or even save it for a Mexico type of Sea Scouts.

Purchased 4” transition box for 5200 btu AC

 We stopped by A to Z marine and picked up a 4” transition box for the Mermaid 5200 btu AC\Heat unit in the stateroom. This will be for the teak supply grill.

This is going to be a tight fit, inside this teak shaft.

New emergency bilge pup hose to through hull

 Debbie replace the emergency bilge pump hose from the pump to the cockpit through hull. We were concerned about the hose at the through hull fitting. It was deteriorated and looked as though it could part or rip off. It is after all over 30 years old. Not a good time to try to replace it 100 miles out with a full lazewett so we figured let’s do it now.  The other end that attaches to the pump was shot also and would not stay clamped on.

 Debbie had to cut the hose off at the through hull fitting using a hack saw.

Then cut the frozen rusted hose clamp off using the same hack saw. Limited space and some “Darns!” J but it came off.

Next was the trip to Marine Exchange on our bicycles to get a new hose and clamps.

We purchased the wire enforced see through hose that is a lot easier to work with, 1 1/2 inch ID.

Debbie then heated up the hose and wrestled the hose on and clamped it tight. Another nice job completed.

Pump out adapter

 Debbie picked up a Dometic pump out adapter (343502) for guess what. It is to make our lives a bit easier at the pump out station. We may not use it much once we leave San Diego but when we need it we will have it. Anything to make the job a bit easier :).

Refer finished

 Debbie finished off the refer by re-screwing in the original stripped out screw in the back end of the evaporator plate and adding another to hold in down. She used the food approved silicone to seal them up.

 She used the drill with the offset chuck to get in there.

Pushing the  evaporator  plate in.

 We had to do some sanding on the freezerlids to have them fit right. Before we toss the ProLine paint we will do a thin coat over the sanded areas.

Now it is test out the refer again after this fine tuning.

We bought ice cream!

Got AIS on Standard Horizon Matrix GX2150 VHF radio back up

 We got the Standard Horizon Matrix GX2150 VHF radio back up and running with the AIS. It was working but not the AIS as we disconnected it during the autopilot install. We re-connected the AIS and fixed the wire I broke during the Pactor modem install. Now the VHF is working as it should. I think we can still go a step further by sending AIS data to the Garmin chart plotter but that is something I do not want to spend time on for now as there are too many more important projects we need to complete.

The dot in the middle with the line on it is us. The range is set at .5 of a mile. 

There are about five ships  around us. This picture was taken with the flash on and it came out better than the one below without the flash on.

 This is listing the ships names and we could select one and just call it like a phone.

The new accent light for the salon got a try

 The new LED accent light for the salon got a try and it looks really good. It will mount in the side of the back of the settee. About where shown. When we start cruising the lamp and cable box will be gone. The TV will be stored back in its place behind the settee cushion. The area will be empty of other things so the light will be seen and the area will not be a dark corner. This allows us the ability to not mount a light on the bulkhead leaving it relatively clean of items. This also makes the boat look bigger and less cluttered because it is less cluttered. The reading lights are the LED lights that are in the old fixtures over the settee and salon setting areas.

Ordered another Inflatable fender with a fender cover

 We just ordered our second inflatable fender from
 It is thew 19x29 fender in white. The cover is in beige.
 This should take care of one side of the boat.
 Air pressure - 1.5 lps max enough air to indent the finger slightly.

Quest stern shower valves set up

Missing one 1/2 inch female hose barb yet.

These are the two Quest valves that will connect the stern shower to the under the galley sink plumbing.

Stern light mount finished but for wiring it up

Marked up stern light mount for rounding the corners.

Rounded corners with the jig saw and then sanded them.

Locating where to drill holes for the rail (dingy davit ) mounts.

Holes drilled being carefuller not to go all the way through. Short a couple screws but rail mounts are installed.

Located the spot for the light and drilled the hole through for the wire.

Back side.

Front side of stern light.

Now to wire it up and we will mount it.

The mount is wide enough to be mounted on the center of the dingy davits cross bar. 
There is a plate in the center that the rail mounts must miss, that's why the mount is a little long. It looks fine but it could be shorter if it were not for the plate.

And you wonder why the old stern light was giving us such a pain.

oops, thermostat cable

 We did not know it but adding thermostat cabling to the power supply for the Mermaid AC\Heat is not straight forward for digital thermostats. A while back I had called and told them we wanted to extend the cable. They said sure and sold us a 15’ extension. When we installed the thermostat on the 5200 btu unit we used the 15’ extension. Then I had to call and ask how to connect the extension to the existing cable coming out of the power supply to extension cable that is going to our digital thermostat. “Oh you can not do that on the digital thermostats” they said. OK then now what. Well we had to send the power supply back to Mermaid and then installed a longer cable, well the 1200 btu power supply..

As it turns out we did not need longer cable on the 5200 btu unit so we re-snaked the power supply cable to the thermostat in the bed area. Just a lot of redo work that was not that easy. The existing cable was 15’ and the extension cable was 15’ so either worked.

 We then sent Mermaid back the extension 15’ cable. They did not charge us a re-stoking fee and gave us credit for it. We also included the power supply for the 1200 btu Mermaid unit as we wanted a 30’ cable on it. We got it back for a charge and credit for extension cable and it cost us shipping.
 All set now for this re-do. Geeez!

Mermaid include the original 15' cable, what are we supposed to do with that? eBay maybe??

SS eye for the davits

 Debbie picked up the SS eye for the Kato Marine Island dingy davits. A couple of sizes. This will be for our stern step block and tackle that we will be using for lifting the steps when we leave the boat in the dingy. We will cut the threaded end off and add a n acorn nut if it works out.

Eyebrow sure looks nice, started forward one

Our newly completed salon eyebrow sure looks nice. We removed all the blue tape and cleaned up the excess.
Removing tape ect.

We started the forward eye brow. Debbie is taping it up and then we are ready to re-caulk it. We had previously removed the old caulking, what there was of it and what there was of it was not much good.

How low can you go - stern

July 2012 Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay, Mexico
  While we were out dinging about in our marina we went by two other Islander Freeports. One a 38’ and one a 36’. We noticed their rudders and saw how they sat in the water. It has been a long time since ours sat the high in the water. 

The rudder sticking out of the water that much. 

Now our boat, rudder under water!

OK we have a big dingy hanging off the back with outboard on it also :).

Surprisingly our boat seems to not have any problems with the added weight. Could be it is a bunch slower but we are not in any hurry.