Refer thermostat wiring organized

We did some wire organizing on the compressor. 

Re-routing the thermostat wires and added some clamps.

 We cut all the thermostat wires to length in the galley and secured the freezer thermostat.
 We left enough wire so we could pull them out like you see in case they need service.

There is more to be done but this was some good progress.
We will glue some veneer by the refer thermostat then secure it. Then make a backing plate for the thermostats and secure the wires inside the storage cabinet.
 Then insulate the opening from the lazerett to the galley up in the overhead. There are some big and some small gaps there. It will quiet the boat and keep the AC\heat inside.
 We will also secure the tubing to the compressor and build a cover for the compressor to keep the condensation off it.

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