La Cruz 11\30\2013 swap meet a sucess for us

End of November - La Cruz anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Hard at work with the sales pitch.
Friends enjoying the morning! (On the right is Eric from s/v Pied-A-Mier III)

Dani talking with Katrina (from Marina La Cruz Dock master's Office)
We sold our Blue Seas switch panel that we were told by Blue Seas to donate the money it to a charity instead of shipping it back. Dani has a spade a neutering charity so we donated the money we got for the panel to the charity.

Tom and Chris from s/v Seabiscuit
Shoppers shopping (on the left is Pam from s/v Pied-A-Mier III)


La Cruz anchorage - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving  in- La Cruz anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
 We will be going to Philo's in La Cruz for our Thanksgiving  dinner (pot luck).

To the left is Alan & Laura on S\V Rhapsody and the Capt Ron Brown on his 36' Islander Freeport S\V Hazel Rose
Of course we have the Magma flopper stopper out!

In back of us is Ken and Nancy on S\V Gitane.

Did some paddle boarding! The water temp is 81 deg and in the cabin it is 75 deg, got to love it!

Not always standing up :)

Paddled over to Ken and Nancy on S\V Gitane as they were cleaning their bottom. I was trying to get positioned for a wake and fell in, no wake necessary :) 


Problems & solutions

Late November - La Cruz anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Well, well, stuff just happens. We left Paradise Village Marina and went to the La Cruz marina for a few days. Then we went out to the La Cruz anchorage where we are now. Everything on the boat is working for I think the first time. It is all working at the same time! But…..then there is the people.
I thought my back was bothering me. Oh, it is from all the project work we did all summer, I thought. Hmmm - well some rest at anchorage would help but it still was hurting...then my groin was hurting. Maybe a groin pull. After some time and a lot of limping around (few weeks) it still was not any better. hmm…. maybe a hernia? Ok, we decided that I should go see a doctor before sailing south.

 We went to see an English-speaking orthopedic surgeon and he said my hip is shot or almost shot. A couple of x-rays showed he was right. OK now what. There is no quick getting better. A day later I had a shooting pain down my leg. I was crippled. Could not walk.
The doctor said out of 4  my hip was a 2.5 and the 4 is a hip replacement.
Another cruiser said he knows two people who had their hips replaced an got instant relief and mobility, there is hope.
The doc gave me some anti-inflammatory medication and it helps me sleep. We made a cane from the Shurhold boat hook and it works but hurts my hand. A few days of rest and I can do a little walking. Like a hundred feet at a time.
The doctor visit and x-rays were about $100.00 USD and at a really nice hospital. The doc said he could help my hip with some stem cells and some other mixture and clean out the hip area all arthroscopically. For a mere $4000 – 5000 USD. Probably a good price but we need to research it first.

Our new IMSS Mexican insurance does not cover a hip replacement for two years after you first sign up.
So tomorrow we are going to IMSS to see what can be done and get the hip problem entered into the system.

At this time it seems my sciatic nerve is my biggest problem. I is getting pinched by my hip and cause me to almost collapse.

 My other hip is in good shape so that is good news.
 Then there is Debbie, her baby sister passed away un-expectedly a few days ago. She of course is torn apart and is grieving. That was her baby before she gave birth to her daughter Lindsey. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US the burial will need to be delayed until December 7th or so. That means Debbie is, of course, flying back to the US next week.

My hip is fixable, not Debbie’s sisters death. Time should help heal all this and we will work it out.
  So for going south to places like Manzanillo, Santiago, Zihuatinejo, Acapulco and on down to Hualtulco, well this will yet to be decided. It could be we go only part way or skip Chamela, Tenacatita, Bahia de Navidad etc. Or maybe not. Or we stay in Banderas Bay here and sail the bay, there are lots of cool spots here in the bay to sail and stay at. Bet is we go south but it is all too soon to tell how things will work out or what else will happen.

 So things change and not just for the old, like me.
  Emerald Lady, John and Kelly’s 47' Chewy Lee is getting put up on the hard here in La Cruz. After eight months or more of engine problems with their Perkins 4-107 they are forced to give it up for now. They have family health issues that need to get taken care of and they need to go back to the US. The engine had two re-builds (they threw a rod right after the first re-build) and then they finally got it out to anchor and the engine was leaking oil badly. The pan to block seal is a problem so the motor needs to come out once again! Their trip through the Panama Canal will be postponed for some time to come. They are at least 15 years younger than I am so they got some time yet.

There are more of these tales of woe but this is plenty enough sadness.
  The summer heat has broken and there is a nice breeze at anchor. There are about 15 boats now in the La Cruz anchorage and will be plenty more. Life is still good just a lot different. We are transferring our lifestyle from a marina on to the anchorage and beyond with passages. It is nice and quiet at the anchorage and the marina at Paradise Village is full and noisy. The La Cruz Marina is less than half full but still noisier than the anchorage. The both have their high season rates going now with the La Cruz marina being the more expensive one but I am not going to get into the "this verses that" stuff.

They are personal decisions and we will summer over again at Paradise Village.


Red Tide causing decision making

M\V Pegasus is leaving the La Cruz anchorage today for Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay because of the Red Tide. S\V Gitane is still in the La Cruz anchorage but is heading to Zihuatanejo soon where thy will spend the season.

I think that is one thing I did not understand when we set sail at first, that you only cruise for six months. Then you have six months to re-group. weather you do it up in the sea by the US or on the mainland I the heart of Mexico is up to you. That is if you are cruising México and are in the hurricane belt. Like Ken and Nancy on S\V Gitane, a lot of people leave Mexico altogether and come back in six months, sun birds if you will.

In their case they came back to both of their heads plumbing clogged with growth and chemical buildup. The hoses were put in the boat and the boat built around them so they cannot get at them. They have a 38' IP. Their refer was broke and they still have not gotten it fixed, a month after being back. One of them Nancy is going back to the US for some family stuff and will bring back refer parts. So another story.
We may be heading to the Punta De Mita anchorage instead of the La Cruz anchorage because of the Red Tide, I need to see a doc first about some groin pain. We also need to get away from the doc by Friday as I am doing the Amigo net 6212 8:00 AM on the SSB radio this year on Fridays. It is hard to get out on the SSB radio in a marina. We bumped into Jake on S\V Jake and his wife at the La Cruz swap meet and he gave be a day. We had met him in Barra-Bahia de Navidad last winter. A little give back to the sailing community.

Winterizing the 12000 BTU Mermaid HVAC unit

While still in  Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in November 2013

Winterizing the 12000 BTU Mermaid HVAC unit was much easier than we thought it was going to be. We had to pump fresh water through the system removing the sea water. Because we do not like the water at La Cruz Marina we chose to do it here at Paradise. The small 5200 BTU unit we can still use for sleeping and winterize at the anchorage as it will run off the inverter. We will use the water in our water tanks for that flush.
 We thought we might have problems with the March pump not self priming as they do not. That did not happen and all went well.

We took off the 3\4 inch hose from the through hole valve and put out 3\4 inch Spectra Water Maker pickling hose on it to give the hose some length.
Then put that hose in a pale of water and used the garden hose to keep filing the bucket. All went well and all done and all ready for next summer!

Of course the weather never gets any where near freezing here or you would add antifreeze or some other method :)

Clothes wringer gets wringer lift

While in Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in November

Debbie service the clothes wringer. She made her own spray paint both and painted the wringer with rust-oleum because some of the galvanization was wearing off and some rust as forming.

What can I say? Nice job Debbie!


Serviced our Beta 38 hp for cruising

While in Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Need it or not the beta got serviced so we could go six months without servicing it. When we get back it will be fine to service it at the marina but out at anchorage we do not want to have to do any work, at least any we can avoid :)

We put in a new impeller.

There is a bracket in the way of changing the impeller. Next Summer we will remove the bracket as it is not needed.

We cleaned the other Racor filter bowl and replaced the filter (10 micron) and are all set now with two new Racor's.

We are using the one on the left. The one on the right has diesel fuel from the Pemex station.

We changed the oil and filter and checked bolts and coolant and replaced the zinc etc.

Red tide and La Cruz - Latitude 38 Profligate

Middle of November - La Cruz Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2013

We went to the La Cruz marina for a couple days and then planned on going to the La Cruz anchorage for a week. Then start to sail south.
 We got to the La Cruz anchorage and there was the Red Tide with lots of dead and smelly fish. We stopped at the anchorage and said “Hi” to M\V Pegasus. Then we continued on into the La Cruz marina.
James and Charlotte on M\V Pegasus.

While on our way we did the Garmin Autopilot “Sea Trial” wizard. It failed. We think the conditions were to rough for the wizard.

So in the marina it stunk. Lots of dead fish floating around and red tide. We were told it was better than before. The marina is not what it used to be. The nice restaurant on top of the marina building closed up and the store closed as well. It’s is a trip to town to get a soda. Paradise Village Marina was full and La Cruz is less than half full. Both marinas have charms and we are hoping they both stay open and give each other competition. We can get street-side roasted chicken here which I like.

 Last night after the party we went to for the Latitude 38/Baja Ha Ha "Profligate"(the catamaran boat) we went into town and had dinner at one of our favorite street-side taco stands. John and Kelly from S\V Emerald Lady joined us and then Kingston, a fellow who crewed on Proflagate joined us as well. Great food at bargain prices and a good time. Then we stopped for helado (ice cream) afterwards. The kids in town were watching a kid movie on a projector screen in the road by the town square, it also included a blow up trampoline. Good fun.
 There was supposed to be a swap meet on Saturday starting at 11:00 AM but it was a bust. The rain just stopped coming down at the beginning of the swap meet. Debbie and I and one other seller showed up. We sold a couple things but left with a lot of stuff we and nobody else wants :)

Welcome to Cap Ron Brown - Baja Ha Ha 2013 Islander Freeport

Middle of November - La Cruz Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 We watched Cap Ron Brown on S\V Hazel Rose come into the marina. He had just came across from Cabo. He said it was a tough passage as he got knocked down twice and had two weather fronts to pass through. There was lots of lightning and I am guessing rain as we got lots of rain from one of the fronts.
 He has an Islander Freeport like ours, hull number 7.

oops, wrong slip.


Fixed windex and Garmin Wind vane

Middle of November - La Cruz Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2013

 The day before we left Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for La Cruz, Jorge who owns the chandlery there went back up or mast and put our Garmin Wind vane back there, with bird spikes. The wind pointer was broken off in Barra-Bahia de Navidad by a pre-historic-bird.

Sitting there with no pointer at the top the bearings inside got water in them. The GArmin Wind vane did nit spin freely. The pointer was also a little messed up. Jorge was able to work the bearings loose and fix the wind pointer. He then epoxied it on and added the bird spike we had gotten at Marine Exchange in San Diego. You could also put nails in tape and wrap it around the Garmin Wind vane mount for bird protection if you did not have the spikes.


We also replaced our Windex that the same bird broke off or took with him or her. We bent it to match the pictures of the original we had there and when we bent it we did not realize the bend should match the bracket so the two flags line up with the bend. The bend should line up with the back stay or back of th center of the mast. Ours is a little off but still works just fine. The wind pointer and flags are lined up it is just over to the port a bit :)