Wind generator fence pole clamp

 It was time to try out our chain link fence pole clamp on the wind generator (WG) mast. The one we wanted to use did not work. At least it did not work without doing some serious clamping. This one is a little beefier than the one we used. Because it is actually a time thing as it gets dark at 5:50 Pm and we wanted to get the mast up on the stays we used the other clamp. This clamp worked nice because it is easy to work with and it is off-set. Also it is shinny J
 It is all still very temporary but at least the WG mast is up without bungee chords and now we can finish bolting in the stay holders.

Can you believe it is January 27!

Top clamp is chain link fence off set clamp

This clamp because it is off-set helps the stay clear the bimini more so it is working out nice

With this clam we could not get the ends together enough to have the stay end tight in the middle of the clamp ends. Make sense?

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