Wind generator mount

 The cap rail wind generator mount we got installed but for one lag bolt.
 We first cleaned the cap rail are with Acetone then Denatured alcohol. The we applied 3M UV 4000 on the cap rail and galvanized mount. 

Pre-rilled one hole

Lag bolt with 3M 4000 UV

Then after positioning the bracket using the stay to the mast we drilled and screwed int he second lag bolt.
Then we cleaned up the tape and UV 4000

The last lag bolt broke off!

 We were real lucky and got it to drill out. Tried another but had no more short ones. They all got stuck and no matter that we drilled out the hole to be strainght and true they would get stuck. We decide to wait on this one and get a shorter one at Home Depot and if they do not have any then we will cut one other the longer ones we have shorter. Almost done with this one :)

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