Dry rot repair

 The dry rot over the stove inside the cabinets and the rot under the sink are about to get worked on. Owen is going to start on that job this week. In preparation we removed the cabinet doors and cleaned out the cabinets. They do need a good painting and some varnish. We will no doubt paint the hull and at a later date varnish and line the hull with possibly hull line or insulation. For now though a repair and then a good cleanup and paint will be what the cabinet gets before we move on board.
 The area looks pretty bad right now. Remember the boat is under construction and the repower is in its there’d month or so.
Debbie covered the whole are on the counter tops and edge of the cabinet opening with brown paper to protect it from tools and such. This is Owens first job on our boat and we do not know what to expect. Even so we would have cover the are just for accident sake. You know for the dropped screw driver or spilled epoxy etc. At least that’s how I work, spilling and dropping stuff no matter how careful I am. It goes along the lines of putting the top back on the container as soon as you use it.

 You can see some silicone above in the cabinet. We did this to make dams so we could find the cap rail leaks. We got a lot of them fixed by caulking the cap rail. There are still a few left and we think with a re-caulking we can fix them. We may have a stanchion leak or two and that will get addressed this summer. Once we are living aboard this type of repair will be much easier as we do not have to dedicate a Saturday to it. It can be done a bit of a time after work or the times.

Nav station panel

 We put the first coat of varnish on the Nav Satation panel for the radios. It got the usual prep and came out well, cleaned and looking good. There is an edge that has what looks like some varnish on it already. We tried sanding it off and it helped but it is still showing some. It will be determined how to handle this miner issue later as we get a coat or two more on it. It does not really show up in the picture so maybe we got it.

Shade screen re-fit

 Yet another fit for the shade screen on the salon windows and it will need another. It is turning out a bit tricky along the top as it is curved at unexpected places and we want it to be tight without wrinkles. The pictures show it up and how it will look in the afternoon. It does give some good protection from the UV and shades the windows. So one more adjustment and another fit to how it is.

Bed drawers

As we have decided to move onto the boat this May 1st we decided also to varnish the drawers under the bead. Our thinking is it will be easy now compared to when we are using them. Also we will not have a garage. So we pulled them out of the boat and at the dock we washed them good with a scrub rush and TSP. We brought them home and I sanded them and then washed lightly with TSP and when it dried I washed again with Interlux 333 as always. Then the first coat of diluted Interlux (96) varnish went on.
 We will do five coats inside and ten on the face of the drawers. Still I can not bring myself to just do five coats. Perhaps when we get moved on and want to make faster progress. Besides on these items it would be hard to add coats later if we wanted to sat add the next five coats. Doing a coat every few years would not be an issue.

Stateroom door varnishing

We got the sixth coat of varnish on the Stateroom door this Sunday. The door is looking good now. It is not that hard a job so I may just do ten coats then tape off the trim and a few coats of satin on the panels. We could do one more coat then tape off the panels and do the last three on the trim only then tape off the trim and do the panels with a few coats but that is more taping.
The flip it over and do it again!

Salon Settee fabric - Keystone

The salon fabric we tried (Element) was just not right. It is not quite a match for the boat. Debbie says it has pink in it where the boat has yellow in it. Too bad as we like it very much but is just not right. I think if we do not find anything else we could like it. It is very supple and smooth. Oh well the hunt goes on. 
We were really disappointed because we really liked the choice and fabric.
We will try UFO in National City for a look see.
Ufo-Upholstery Fabric Outlet 
1919 Hoover Avenue
National City, CA 91950
(619) 477-9341 

Stateroom door varnishing

Got the fifth coat on the door. Seems to be going faster with all the bad weather and engine install keeping us from the boat.

Salon Settee fabric - Keystone

The new sample salon fabric came and it is nice. It needs to go to the boat for a final look see before we decide if it is the right fabric color.
 The salon fabric is the plain fabric.


We picked up our new LED 26” TV at Cosco as the sale is ending Monday. The Cosco at our house was sold out so we went to another. We played with the wall mount and the TV at home. It will work out on the boat but the way we would like to install it is a matter of an inch or so. 

That we cannot determine until we cut the opening out and set it in place, the mount and TV. If not then it will be a bit more work but will still install OK.
 We will need to install a 110 volt outlet in the space and find a path for the cable if we go that route.

At Cosco

At Cosco

Salon - Settee foam

We picked up the foam (Friday) for the salon and settee today at Keystone Bro. because it was going off sale at the end of February which is Monday. We were hoping to drop off the cushions, foam, and fabric at one time but sale ending and fabric not arriving messed this up. This is when the garage comes in handy! 
Slabs of pre-cut HR 24x96KBHRslab cal-17
For the settee, we got HR41, 2 sheets of 2" and HR31 2 sheets of 3"; for the salon, we got HR41 1 sheet of 1" and HR31 1 sheet of 2". 
There two different densities.
One for the bottom and one for the top (butt).

We hope to get the fabric in this coming week and get at least one set (settee or salon) over to the Knox Upholstery next week.

This may not be enough as we want to have a ottoman made also.

Rad Na with Mock Duck - Part III

The cooking went well. We thought we bought the vegetarian oyster sauce but we did not have it. Debbie looked on the receipt but it was not there. Looks like we spaced it out.
Some of what I learned how to:
clean mushrooms
cut up garlic.
add tapioca starch.
cut up greens.
fry tofu
follow directions, well I guess I can not claim that one.

We used our Magma Stainless Steel Wok  on our electric stove. We originally got this way back when we had our Catalina 30. It never got used. I had lofty plans for it but we still had it down in the garage knock on wood….wok wok. So we pulled it out and put it to wok J
It performed flawlessly and was fun to use.
Debbie is a great teacher which does not yell and it is easy to have one cook and an apprentice in the galley.
This dish it seems to me took a lot of ingredients and a lot of stirring. I really do not have a reference for the Ingredients but there seemed to be a lot of prepping compared to say BBQ a steak.
This was a serving for four people. There was about one serving left over. Guess who ate two and a half.
We called it a success as it was good and it was even a good knight for a hot dish as it was cold outside for San Diego.
 This will be on the boat list of dishes I can now make, with maybe just a little help from Debbie next time.
Wiping off mushrooms with a paper towel
frying tofu
browning noodles
cooking garlic
Added greens and mushrooms and tofu
stirring up
added duck
added all the other Ingredients and the premixed tapioca starch

stirred and cooked a lot
It was ag good as it looks which was real good

shipwright - Owen to begin work

OK because the engine is taking so long to install we decided to get our shipwright Owen working on the rotted area that we want to have fixed. He will start this Monday 2\28\11 on that project. here are two areas. 

 One above the stove in the cabinet where there is some dry rot and an are under the foot pump by the sink where there is a bit of rot.


We are also considering having Owen build a cockpit grate. 

 We do not want a teak grate like Islander built. 

We think it is too hard to stand on and not kind on bare feet. It is dam good locking but not practical for us. What we are looking for is a wooden planked floor. Like in the back East prams that I know of as a kid. They have a slight spring to them and let the dirt and water pas through. There a couple of Freeport’s with them that I have seen. We are hoping he may be interested in that project also.
 Then there is the galley drawer handle we broke off with the stove. Another small but important project. We have a new handle but not he time.