Safety gear mounted

We got some safety gear mounted and that is kind of as big deal. It is because we first needed to define the cockpit space and bimini area for all the other gear such as dingy davits, wind generator etc. With the struts installed for the solar panels we were left with a couple of choices. 

As you can see w chose to mount it here. Hmmm, maybe there was only one choice but a couple options on that choice.

 There still is our through line and MOB pole but the MOB pole we are going to have is a self-inflating one (French) and does not take up much space and can be deployed easily. We sold out old standard one because we could not come up with a location that would work  and be easy to deploy.
 Our Life Sling we had to re-do the mounts to get it to work.

Wind Generator pole mounted

Today we mounted the wind generator pole on the boat. It is still very temporary but were getting an idea of how long the struts need to be and can we add one. There are some basic measurements that need o be met and one we cannot. That is the strut from the pole to the stern steps. It should have a minimum of 3.5 feet and there is no way unless you are willing to give up the stern steps, we are not.

One strut on

Port strut mount in with one temp bolt.

We may need to cut 4" off the pole to keep with the required  measurements.

We hoping to add another strut to the pole and just under the solar panel.

 All in all it seems to be working out fine. We still need to quite a bit but it is essentially up there. 

Solar grid\Back stays

 We went to Keystone Brothers 
9669 Aero Dr
San Diego, CA,
Phone: 858-277-7770
Toll Free: 800-734-8909
Fax: 858-277-4524

and picked up another 24’ piece of 1” SS tubing.
 We used some for the new struts we put on the bimini to keep it from swaying side to side from the weight of the solar panels.
 This idea we got from Ray at Rigworks while we were just talking about the rig. He suggested we attach some struts to the stern steps (he did not know they were steps). I told him so and said I would think something up. I do not know why I never thought of it as it is a great idea. I thought of all kinds of ways and even using the back stay.

 We cut a couple of 43 ¼ pieces and mounted them as you see. Neither strut will affect you sitting on on the rear seats. The one by the out board allows easy access to the out board and the removal of the lock. Neither one obstructs the view as the port one  will have a couple of friends with the wind generator struts.
 They work great at stabilizing the bimini. Ready to sail!

 With a couple rail straps by the winch are like for the davits and a couple small struts on the stern rail this will be complete. It is strong enough now to sail but no storms please till the other work is done J

Windows -first one installed

 The new window looks soooo nice! We did not realize we were losing all the color! They also make the boat look much bigger. Both of these were a surprise. The tint is also very nice. No squinting and everything looks nice looking out. The old windows put a gray color in everything. When you look at the sky for instance you cannot tell if it is a sunny or partly cloudy day.  The new window you see the deep blue sky and a few white clouds, plain as we say day!

 First off Debbie prepped the are real good with brown paper and a plastic tarp.

 Removing the old window was labor-intensive and cleaning it up was the same. There was lots of black silicone all around it and on the inside too. Of course like the hatches and port holes it is clean, clean and clean. Also most important is not to rip the headliner.

On a side not we discovered the curtin rod holders are real brass not pot metal so they will clean up nice.

Some of the corner radius were cut a little big but the windows did not leak and they do not seem to be a problem. Not like some pictures of some Freeports we have seen.


And clean


More cleaning

Our boat is a 1978 and has always been a SoCal boat. Two of the reasons we bought it.
 There for there was no rot around the windows as we get little rain. Also the windows did not leak. Alomost did not leak. The center window on each side had a small drip on a windy rain storm, few here. We are hoping the other window frames are in as good a shape. Being the original windows did not leak and the there is no rot we chose to get the same window size, not over-sized.

Debbie wire brushed the old screws and cleaned them with acetone but the heads were not in that great of shape. The next day we went to the fastener store (San Diego Fasteners) and got 230 new  screws. We also picked up 100 for fasting in wire ties and other wire holders.

Cleaning the new frame

 Putting in the new windows was not bad. Ran a big bead of silicone around the window frame, after cleaning, and laid it up into the opening. The put a couple of screws into the top and started pulling the frame together. Then crrise crossed with the screws. 

I put the first few screws in then Debbie did the rest.

Debbie used the handy dandy electric screw driver to get the screws in. I then finessed the torque.