Re-plumbing the Force 10 stove

 When we installed the Foce 10 stove we plumbed it up using pipe tape. One day we were at Downwind Marine talking about it and Criss mention we should have used gas pipe tape (yellow). That the pipe tape (white) will start coming apart after a couple years. OK never knew there was such a thing. So it has been more than a couple years and our Trident gas sensor alarms have been going off too often. 

We have three.

One under the stove
One in the bilge
One in the lazerett where the propane locker is going to go

Debbie took this on as smaller hands are better here. She first had to remove the stove cover that slides back. The un-gimbal the stove so it could be tilted forward.

You can see whats left of the old pipe white tape - not much

You can see the beautiful hand holding the fitting :)

The yellow pipe tape

All done -  You can see the sensor at the bottom Hmmm need to vacuum that area

 Now lets see if the alarms keep going off?


  1. I love your blogspot and have been reading just about all of it as we contemplate buying a Freeport. I noticed you put gas teflon tape on what appears to be a flare fitting. That's a big no no and will likely cause a leak. You can use this tape safely on tapered threads. Flares rely on the shape of the cone end to seal. If they leak replace them. Using tape only hides the problem. Jonn

  2. Thanks,
    Last call to Force 10 I asked about that but did not get a direct answer. I'll look in the manual and at Downwind Marine to see what fitting it really is. If it is a flare we will remove the tape. We are having false or real alarms with out Trident propane detector.

  3. Check with any reputable gasfitter. They will tell you if it is a flare fitting (hard to tell in a 2D photo, but I'm 90% certain). You can buy special copper gaskets that go between the two fitting for a good seal at Home Depot or the like. They need to be the correct size. Perhaps yous fell out (it looks coppery on close up). If so that would fix the leak, but be sure to remove the tape.
    Going to look at "our" Freeport on Sunday...nervous. Cheers, Jonn