Going ashore in Las Hadas, Manzanillo

End of December 2014 Las Hadas, Manzanillo 

We tried going ashore across from Las Hadas Resort, where we saw the fellows from s/v Offshore Day go in to.  At low tide, there is plenty of beach to land the dinghy.  There are some waves, however today they were pretty benign and allowed for an uneventful beach landing.  We rowed in (because we had already stowed the outboard for our expected passage to Zihua), giving us good exercise and renewed practice at beach landings.  The dinghy wheels were still on so we dropped them upon approach, which always helps carrying the dinghy up the beach.  Going ashore here at low tide would give one about a five hour window to go to town - climbing the hill through the restaurant/hotel then catching the bus that runs along the road.  Perhaps toting a lot of groceries would not be ideal however a coffee or lunch break might be nice!!

Tied the Achilles dinghy to a rock in case of a rouge wave 
coming in and sweeping out the dink :)
Our boat at anchor along with the cat.
s\v Elegant'sea viewed from shore.
The restaurant/hotel provides many amenities near the stairs!  I tested the showers out on the wall and you got to love all the free, fresh, continuous (cold) water. There is a spigot for the feet too (buckets, solar shower bags etc).
There is also trash drop off! Notice our dinghy in the background.
The restaurant above offers 10 percent off for us boaters!
The view over to the Las Hadas Resort,.
Beautiful landscaped grounds along the walk.  Debbie liked 
how these trees all grew toward the sea!!
Picturesque view of the anchorage.

Catamaran encroachment - Las Hadas, Manzanillo

End of December 2014  - Las Hadass, Manzanillo, Mexico 

This catamaran s\v Grainedo evidently anchored too close or did not let out enough scope or both. We did not see it anchor in the anchorage and the next day they dingy'd by and said “hi”, two teenage boys and a husband and wife. We did not get any names, they are French. They are heading for the Panama Canal. They were off to town for groceries. Later the wind completely died in the anchorage and the catamaran drifted up on its chain. It was coming dangerously close to our boat. Debbie grabbed a boat hook and we lowered our dinghy.

I rowed over (in our dinghy) to the cat and started to push it sideways. With two hulls it was hard or at least it was plain hard no matter the two hulls. 
Then I tried the bows, each one. 
This is the boat where the fellow came from who helped move the Cat.
I was making some slow progress when a dinghy from s/v Shema came by with one of the four guys from the boat in it. He helped tow the Cat away.
I then tried to set a stern anchor on the cat using our small Fortress. I tied a line to the shackle and lowered it into the water about 20’ deep or so. Then towed it with the dinghy to set it. No go there. 
I tried it three times and decided it was chain time. I added 15’ of 5\16 chain that we had on board. We took it off the Lewmar 8 plait anchor rode we are now using and spliced 10’ of 3\8 chain to the Lewmar 8 plait to fit our gypsy. The Fortress 4lb #7 anchor set right off. I then tied it off to the cat to hold it in place. When I lowered the anchor and 15' of chain into the water it reminded me of why we want smaller rode. The first 5' of chain went down ok but the weight of it started pulling the rest through my hands fast, I did not have much control. We want to get the next size down in chain size and about 12' for this anchor.

  over to the s\v Offshore Day (an O’day 27’ I think) and let them (two guys) know that we stern anchored the Cat so be aware of it. He said his buddy was surfing a great spot here in Manzanio and found a place to stay for about $10.00 USD a night in a hammock so he did not need to take the 3 different bus rides back to the boat. He said there we lots of tubes to be had.

Then Debbie and I rowed over to the beach for a walk.  From the walk, we could see the fellow from the Cat return to the boat, saw our note we left and hauled our stern anchor.  On our way back, we ran into him so explained what happened and retrieved our anchor.  After he and his family returned, they re-anchored a little farther out in the anchorage.

Las Hadas, Manzanillo - re-anchored 2014

12\23\2014 Las Hadas, Manzanillo

Well we were thwarted from leaving Las Hadas by the weather. Some rain and possible thunderstorms are coming in and we think it wise to wait a day or so to let them pass. No sense getting caught up in a violent thunder storm or two if we can wait here and enjoy our selves. 
Today we swam at anchor and I cleaned the bottom using the snorkel. In Zihuatanejowe will clean it proper with the dive gear.
 By keeping moving it was not too bad. Plus the colder water helps. It is still just board short temperature though :)
The water is clear (not like in Paradise Village Marina or Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon)!
First we re-anchored. We chose a spot by the marina and beach. 
Tucked into a corner.
We put out 150 ft or rode and backed down to 2,000 rpms to power set the anchor (as usual).
Then we retrieved the rode till we had 120' so it is 5.1 at 20 - 25'.
A floaty line with a flat fender make good swim gear.
 We then took a salt water bath on the swim steps and went inside for a fresh water rinse (we made water all day so we are ok there).

As we ate lunch, we watched a matinee, an episode of “Judge John Deed” a British series.

Tonight it will be probably some “Sleepy Hollow “and maybe a “Haven” with some reading and guitar thrown in.

Life goes on a'cruising!

Solstice Tracker kayak – Junk!

End of December 2014 Manzanillo 

This was taken in La Cruz anchorage.
Our Solstice Tracker kayak has turned out to be a piece of junk. It has proven to be a constant pain. It will not stay inflated, it develops leaks for no apparent reason. We (Debbie) is constantly repairing the leaks and parts of the kayak that come apart. For instance the keels were falling off. 

This was taken in La Cruz anchorage.

The original glue just does not hold them on. The fore and aft decks are coming off. The seams come apart creating leaks! We have taken very good care of this Solstice Tracker kayak and thought it was a good idea, an inflatable kayak. OK I have changed my mind. It is just taking too much time and effort and $$ for glue to try to keep it going. Now a valve is leaking and we think beyond repair. We will probably throw it away (give to a local) for target practice.

This was taken in La Cruz anchorage.

We purchased this Solstice Tracker kayak from West Marine San Diego, Cal.

We thought that with our 36’ sail boat a blow-up Solstice Tracker kayak that we could keep deflated and stowed would be great for going around such places as Cape Cabo Corientes where the weather and seas can kick up any time. 

This was in Chamela (Perula Bay) 2014, where it did will not stay inflated.

We deflate it and store it away off deck. Then when we are ready to use it we inflate it. This has just not worked. We are ready for a sturdy kayak and we will lash it to the fore deck when doing the Cape Cabo Corientes passage or other like passages. Other times we will keep it on our life line kayak racks. We have also found we want to use the kayak in the summer at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico. Paradise Village Marina offers us free kayak use but they require you to go out to the beach. We would like to be free to use it however and when ever we like. We also would not feel the need to cover it from the harsh sun as we do with the blow up kayak.

 This Solstice Tracker kayak also has a couple flaws I think. One is the keels is not very deep. This allows the wind to blow you across the anchorage on your way back to boat.
The seat backs are too short and my back aches when done paddling.

This has been very disappointing as we now are not in an area where we could purchase another kayak if we could. We are hoping as more cruisers get down into the Mexican Rivera we may find a used Ocean Kayak for sale.

Our next kayak will NOT be an inflatable! We are currently looking at the “Ocean Kayak “
They do sell these at Zaragoza Chandlery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico although we prefer not to purchase “new”. Probably the Malibu model for two.
Length 12 ft Width 34”.

Waiting for a weather window here in Las Hadas - 2014

End of December Las HadasManzanillo 

 Waiting for a weather window here in Las Hadas, Manzanillo.
The storm has moved up to us now. We are getting lots of rain, thunder and lightening!

Arriving Las Hadas, Manzanillo - 2014

End of December Las Hadas, Manzanillo

 We did get to sail for a few hours but to get here in daylight we need to start motor sailing. Motor sailing we did 5.5 knots. Sailing we did 2.5 -3.5 knots and would have arrived between 9 PM and 12 PM. We were glad we got here in daylight even though it was late in the day....lots of cargo ships and tankers and a new anchorage to us.

We passed this bird breeding rock and you can tell by the color :) (Piedra Blanca)
We weaved between a few ships.
s\v Meridian was here - our friends, Heinze, Margarit and Dominique.
Most people take these pictures, I think :)
It has been real loud at night.
 It could be because of the week end but we think not. The music lasts to the wee hours of the morning. It can come from mutable sources. Jet skies are here but just a few a day zipping around the anchorage.
Right here by the sea wall you can dinghy in and tie up to some rings on the wall. You need to watch the tide as it will come in and bang your dinghy around and against the sea wall. 
There is a water spigot at the two showers that you see on the steps. There is also a walk along the sea wall.

The anchorage is very busy this time of year with wake boarders and jet skiers zipping around and through the anchorage.

No sail boats in this marina as that must tell you something.
The dinghy landing here at the marina is $$$ as advertised. 
The beach at Las Hades resort.
We get into the pool for that and resort towels. 
Guess who?
We first went to Home Depot by cab for about 70 pesos ($6.00 USD) and then walked to Soriana (grocery store) and then took a cab back to the marina. 
 Then we dropped off the grub at the boat and dinghy’d back into the marina for the pool. 
We have friends on s\v Due, I think a 40+' Erwin. It took 5 people to get it med-moored here. They said it was quite an experience.

There is a fuel dock and it had fuel. There is a small chandlery and a restaurant and a gelato store etc at the marina.

Our boat s\v Elegant'sea taken from Las Hades resort.
Our boat s\v Elegant'sea taken from Las Hades resort.
While in Santiago we had lunch at the same place we had lunch while visiting our old friends Mike and Holly on s\v Wanuskewin. We had taken a bus from Barra-Bahia de Navidad to go visit them a couple of cruising seasons ago.
Our lunch was yummy - tacos de championes...stewed mushrooms (in the foreground) 
and tacos de asada y adobada (beyond).  
 The "Pineapple Express" right now is between Acapulco, Zihuatanejo and here in Manzanillo  bringing with it some rain and possible thunderstorms and iffy winds and seas. We have moved the boat in the anchorage and are waiting it out.