Music on the beach in Santiago - Manzanillo, Mexico

End of February 2016 - Anchored in Santiago, Mexico

The other day, we were at the Ramada El Rey, to play some Mexican Train Dominoes with Jim and Jess on s\v Hajime - a Tartan 37 and Alan and Elizabeth -on s\v Vivacia a Caliber 40 LRC.  

One of the wonderful things about Mexico is all of the music in public places.  Here on the beach in Playa La Boquita, the music abounds with wandering minstrels in and out of all the different ramadas (food stands). They will stop and play for your table if you offer up some pesos.  We usually enjoy it from afar!

Last night we went over to s\v Vivacia along with s\v Hajime for some food and Mexican Train Dominoes.

s\v Hajime and s\v Vivacia will be heading south the 29th and we will not go any further south this year because of my hip needing to be replaced.

Anchored in Las Hadas - Manzanillo, Mexico

End of February 2016 - Anchored in Santiago, Mexico
This was when we were anchored in Las Hadas, a week or so ago.

We took the dinghy into the Paradise  Restaurant  in Las  Hadas, a cruiser  friendly place. The beach landing was fine but you do need to watch for high tide  as your dinghy will bang up against the sea wall. We had good food WiFi and enjoyed the pool.

Starboard Paddle board repair - yet again

End of December 2015 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico
Currently anchored in Santiago end of February.

Posting on the blog is not easy as WiFi has been hard to come by and on shore with a tablet it is hard. 

Here we go again! Debbie is patching our Starboard Paddle board :(

We have about given up on this blow-up SUP. We will fix it if we can and sell it off.
So far this patch has not worked.

We are hoping to get a local who has experience in this to fix the Starboard Paddle board. We are in Santiago now and have found a person. Now to get him to do the job, not always easy here :)

Barra de Navidad to Santiago, Second Time

End of February 2016 - Anchored in Las Hadas, Manzanillo, Mexico

Elegant'sea on Facebook

Our passage from Barra de Navidad to Santiago was quite nice. The s/v Seychelles was a ways ahead of us and they came upon a long lone. They went over it and so we decided to also. Our Islander Freeport has a modified fin keel. The keel comes down from the forward part of the boat at an angle and ends with the pro shaft coming out say 6 inches and that is with the prop on it, OK maybe a bit more but not much. Then there is the skeg-hung rudder. I had to go forward to the head so of course we came up on the long line when Debbie was at the helm. 

We had discussed what action to take and Debbie did a fantastic job. Debbie picked tow buoys and went for the middle of them. The line was not floating at the top of the water so it may have been weighted which is a lot better for us. Debbie put the engine in neutral. We were motoring as there was two knots of true wind. There was just enough wind to push us over the net real slow which was good. I came up on deck and we kept looking at the buoys (soda bottles) to see if they were snagged and following us but they were not so we were over the other side of the net! 

The long line was about in the same place as it was last time we did this passage. We anchored in Santiago with about six other boats. We met up with s\v Vivacia, Alan and Elizabeth and hung out with them for a few days doing some beach dinghy landings with the four of us in our dinghy. No problems but for Elizabeth getting a bit wet a few times as she was the first in leaving the beach.

 Then off to Las Hadas for a few days.

Facebook "Women Who Sail" Event at Los Arroyo Verde in Bucerias

Event occurred in December 2015 however we are writing this blog entry at the end of February 2016 - Anchored in Las Hadas, Mexico

Katrina, one of the staff at La Cruz Marina, held the annual Facebook "Women Who Sail" Event at Los Arroyo Verde in Bucerias.  Fortunately, we were still anchored in La Cruz so Debbie was able to attend.  This was a "ladies only" event!!

This is Lupe, the owner of Los Arroyos Verde in Bucerias and hostess for the event.

(from left to right) Lynn, Katrina from Marina La Cruz 
and Debbie from s/v Moon Shadow

Here is Tamiko Quan Willie, one of the days' speakers from s/v Landfall

One of the features of the day - free chair massages!!

The event was well attended - lunch was served at poolside.

Beautiful grounds!!

Achilles dinghy tiller arm extension - pvc

Beginning of February 2016 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico

As you can see the Honda 9.9 outboard motor has a tiller extension. 
We cut a piece o 1 1\2"  PVC pipe about 15 1\2 inches long to slip on the tiller making it longer. This makes our Achilles 10.2 LSI-310E dinghy plane better with Debbie and I in it as I can move forward.

Beta 38 impeller checked

Beginning of February 2016 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico

 Before we left Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay in November 2015 for this cruising season among other things we checked the Beta 38 impeller for wear.

THe impeller looked fine and so back it went. We lubed it up and done with that.

Debbie Up the Mast of s/v Falcon

Beginning of February 2016 - Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon 

Debbie up the mast of our friends' boat, s/v Falcon (Dave and Pat) to retrieve a pennant halyard from the spreader..easy peasy with a bosun's chair and two strong men (Dave and Chip) to winch her up!! (Pat tended the line!)

This was in the morning when anchored in Barra Lagoon, Mexico so no wind or fetch (yet)!!

Scupper project starboard side

Beginning of February 2016 - Anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, Mexico

Debbie going for a look to see where we are going to put the 
scupper on deck...what's under the deck?

Here is the spot where the previous owner put an outboard motor lift on the deck and the holes we filled. Looks like the spot. This will remove the holes and add a scupper!

The drain hose will come down here by the Icom antenna tuner 
and run along side the diesel fill hose.

Old holes that were filled.

This is the spot.

Finding the middle of the circle.

Drilling the pilot hole.

Now for the real hole, 1 7\8".


Taking off the rough edge with a rasp.

This tool is a custom tool our son-in-law David fabricated for us when Debbie was in the US in 2014.  She purchased the drain, explained to him how we needed to bevel the edges of the deck so the drain would sit flush in the deck and this is what he created, from scratch!!

David during the creative process....

Had to use the Dremel on the fiberglass.

A fit...which we did several times.

Debbie vacuuming up the mess...she did this several times also.

Getting close!

Finishing touches!  

We are there.

Debbie inside lazerett sanding the hole and cleaning the area.

We are installing the scupper with 3M UV4000 and I am passing Debbie 
some on my knife blade. Guess not the best way of passing 3M UV4000 
but the tube wouldn't work in the caulking gun so we had to cut the tube :)

Temporary hose to keep water out of lazerett.

In the foreground is the diesel fill cap - covered with silicone 
to prevent water from getting into the diesel tank.

Looks good. we'll clean up some of the 3M UV4000 another time!