Pump out flange getting re-bedded

Beginning of June at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Our pump out flange has been leaking water from the deck so we siliconed it up and stopped the leaking. We just never had time to do any more about it for years, till now. We got started on re-bedding the deck flange today.

Got the flange up. The screws were shot and had to use some vice grips on two to get them out.


Some clean up.


Upper deck hand rail- eye brow and starbord cap rail.

Beginning of June at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 The got washed with Bon-Amy once the sanding was done and I was surprised to see a few spots that I missed.

So re-sanded them and re-washed them and then Debbie and I taped them up.

Next day we put the first and only coat of Sikkens Cetol Natural Teak on the port hand rail. Only one coat so we keep the teak light in color. Then four coats of Sikkens Cetol Natural Gloss.

 We also go the first coat of four new coats on the upper eye brow.
I was able to cut in the eye brow without using any tape. So that is great because now next year a quick roughing up and a couple quick coats and we are done and that goes for all the deck teak.

One more coat on the starboard cape rail and it is done. Port one is done also.

Finished off re-bedding the chain plates

Beginning of June at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Debbie Finished re-bedding the chain plates on the port side and so let the rain begin or not. We are ready chain plate wise when the rains come.





Frostfire Mooncandles - LED candles

Beginning of June at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We got our LED candles from Amazon. They are great from what we want them for. We put one in each area, the head, stateroom and saloon. They all will turn off and on with the remote. We also have those changing colors and flickering. They work as night lights and as small lights that give a nice ambiance to the boat. They also make the boat look bugger by lighting the whole insides but not so much as to be well light. Also they have their own batteries so no boat resources needed.
Frostfire Mooncandles - 3 Weatherproof Outdoor and Indoor Color Changing Candles with Remote Control & Timer

  • Three 4'', 5'' and 6'' weatherproof resin remote control color changing candles, weatherproof and designed to withstand light rain and not heavy rain or standing water.
  • Remote control has 20 foot range. Set the candles to flickering or light mode.
  • Ideal for outdoors with no wax to melt.
  • Safe around the home, children and pets
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries per candle
  • Went to the Plaza Galerias Vallarta Mall - movies

    End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    We went to the Cinemax in the Plaza Galerias Vallarta Mall and saw the new Star Trek movie. It was in English and had Spanish sub titles. While a little more expensive than some movie theaters here it was still rather inexpensive. The during the day price per person was 51 pesos (less than $5.00).

     The movie theater is nicer than any movie theater in San Diego Cal. and had the usual concession stand but with Carmel corn and regular pop corn. You could get them mixed which I think we will do next time. The theater also had a deli and Ben and Gerry's ice cream and a coffee bar among other offerings.
    The seats were great, recliners and the isles nice and wide. No need to move if someone walks by. Plenty of room to stretch out the legs. The screen was BIG and the sound GREAT! We will be back :)

    Went to local town - Jarretaderas, Mexico

    End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    The other night we went to the local town nearby. It is called Jarretaderas, Mexico.
    You got to role the r's and Jarretaderas is a hard name to say for us :)

    We sat around at the square and then took a walk around town.
    This young man's "hat" was a worn out soccer ball which was cut to fit his head!
    The taco stand where we ate. Met a couple from town (Gabriel and Laura) who sat next to us. We were able to speak Spanish with them and learned a little about them.
    We got some street tacos at one of the local stands and then went for the homemade ice cream (helado) and it was great. Two big scoops on a cono for about a $1.20 each. Tacos were about ten pesos apiece (79 cents each).
    These are in English and play great.
    We also picked up a couple DVD’s for later viewing at 2.50 each. Another big night out!

     Of course, the church.


    Upper deck hand rails

    End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    The first port upper deck hand rail we are trying to segway into the upper deck eye brow finishing.
    The upper deck eye brow will get four new coats of Sikkens Cetol Natural Gloss and once Debbie finishes the port chain plates (re-bedding) we can wash this hand rail with Bon Amie then tape it up and put on a coat of Sikkens Cetol Natural Teak, then start the Sikkens Cetol Natural Gloss coats on both the hand rail and eyebrow.


    Starboard cap rail

    End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    The port side we are doing with the boat tied up on the starboard side. It is not any harder not being able to stand on the dock. As it was only a section in the middle was reachable on the port side from the dock without messing with the lines. I think next year we may just do this at anchor as it would be just as easy or even easier and use the dinghy.

    The starboard cap rail got it’s first new coat of Sikkens Cetol Natural Gloss .
    We got up about 7:00 AM and were working by 7:30 AM.
    I was done by about 8:30 and under the garden hose. It is about 87 degrees during the day with about 67 percent humidity.
    The garden hose feels real nice even as early as it was.


    Started on our deck hand rails

    End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    The hand rail has yet to get touched.
    Here we have sanded the eye brow with #220 in prep for a few additional coats of Sikkens Cetol Natural Gloss for the summer.

    One of four hand rails to be done.
    Get ready, go! Heat gun 101.
    This only needs doing once if we keep it up, add a coat here and there.
    Originally the broker had these varnished to help sell the boat. They did a crappy job and it shows. In the 4.5 years we have owned the boat this is the first time we have had the luxury of doing this job. There has always been some other more important issue to be completed. Once this is done for us it will be just a matter of keeping the top side teak nice. We like the new Sikkens Cetol and the way we use it and the way it looks. If there is ever another owner they may want to strip it and use some other product but for us in Mexico, the tropics this is what we want for low maintenance. Paint would probably be almost or as much work to keep up as Sikkens Cetol, Oh OK maybe not but this wood looks great!. Nothing like sailing along and seeing the nice teak wood work on the boat as you look forward out onto the ocean!

    Honda outboard motor serial numbers

    End of May 2013 at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    Damn, who is that fat man? - too many tacos!
    Here we are flushing out the Honda outboard motor with fresh water.  Then we took these pictures of the product number and the serial number.


    Debbie working on the chain plates

    End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    Debbie has been working on the chain plates. She is sealing them with 3M UV 4000 so we will not have any more leaks from them. A couple were leaking real bad so we did a temporary fix on one with some silicone smeared on top of it and did a real fix on another with 3M UV 4000 but I was a little sloppy and it is hard to clean up off the SS plate etc.

     Debbie is removing the silicone from the one and is prepping the two on the port side now. She finished the starboard side.
    There she removed all the old caulking, which there was not much of on that side and then cleaned it and rinsed them out with acetone and then let dry. Then stuffed them with 3M UV 4000 and they came out real nice.
     Needing some sealing up!

    Once cleaned out Debbie lets them sit for a day to dry out

    Debbie has been re-sealing the chain plates without removing the stays.