Topping lift replacement

 We have the Dutchman system for controlling the sail when bringing it down. The topping lift is a big part of the Dutchman system. Our   topping lift  also could use to be replaced. We are going to Lazy Jacks so this would be the time to replace the   topping lift . Also we are getting new sails and pulling the mast so it is even a better time :) Lets do it!
OK so now the hard part. 
The topping lift is 42', the wire part. We may replace the whole thing with line. That is the part in the boom also?
What is the fitting on top of the mast?

Attached to the boom with a shackle

It is like a small diameter life line 

You can see brown spots - rust coming through the coating on the topping lift

The black spots are the Dutchman fittings 

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