Were pulling the mast!

  This kind of a scary thing, pulling the mast out of the boat. There is no firm commitment on pricing from the riggers as labor is concerned and can we get the mast steps installed in time and will they be correct? 
 We think so but it is to us a bit of a challenge. This boat is also our home and we have never seen the boat without a mast or been without a mast.  We are going for it though. So far every challenge we have meet. One or the other of us or both have risen up and we have succeed. 
 OK the date is set for pulling the mast. It will be February 9th in the afternoon. Then Rigworks  will un-step the mast and Driscoll Baot Works will use their crane and pull the mast out.
We will disconnect the mast wiring and remove the sails and possibly the boom before hand.
 Rigworks will install the radar antenna installing another mast tube and the radar antenna mount. 

Then possibly a wind vane and radar (EchoMAx) reflector and hailer.

We will install mast steps and repair the mast head strobe light and the  repair the spreader light.

Lets see how this plan all works out!
 Then after Rigworks  steps the mast we will re-connect the wiring and install the boom and new topping lift. 

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