Hotel Cabo Blanco - Barra-Bahia de Navidad

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015
Almost 6 months at anchor now..
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The Hotel Cabo Blanco is a fairly new addition to the options for cruisers in Barra. It can be reached easily by dinghy or even water taxi. This hotel has become cruiser friendly, meaning buy a beer and use the pool all day etc. Before, the Sands Hotel was the only  cruiser friendly hotel around Barra-Bahia de Navidad we know of. It seems a little run-down but does have good access to Abbarote (groceries) and local bars etc. Reminds me of an old Humphrey Bogart-type hotel. I think it is one of the oldest in Barra.
The pool area, not over-head deep.
Pool table and fish tank with a bar on this level.
Nice eating area by pool. We had a very nice Sunday Brunch for not many pesos 
here on Mothers Day, played some Gin Rummy and had lots of pool time.
You can see our Achilles dinghy through this gate. It is in the next canal over. 
We docked here to go to the Dock Master's office and check in.
This is the Cabo Blanco hotels' dock with our Achilles dinghy 
and the Dock Masters panga tie up at it.
Zipping back to our boat from the Cabo Blanco Hotel
We are thinking of using the Garmin handheld GPS to see how fast 
the dinghy goes :) just because..
See my hat...shows how fast we are going as the wind from our speed
 whips up the brim.  The lagoon makes driving the dinghy really fun
 as it is easy to bring it up on a plane because the water is pretty calm!
s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in the Bahia de Navidad lagoon.
s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in the Bahia de Navidad lagoon.
Yep, even in the lagoon. Not many or often but they still are zipping around.

Used Ocean Kayak Malibu Two model acquired!

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015
Almost 6 months at anchor now..
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 Debbie posted a wanted ad on the Bucerias Yahoo Group that we were looking for a Ocean Kayak Malibu Two model for "coconuts". We got one response from a gentleman named Jim who had one for sale for "coconuts". We started negotiations and made a deal - as it seemed fair enough. It comes with paddles, seats, vests and plugs. 

 In Mexico, around Puerto Vallarta area, Zaragoza Chandlery is the only dealer for Ocean Kayaks.

$16,570.94   $14,913.85 IVA Incluido

This translates at the current exchange rate (15 pesos to the dollar) to about  $1,105 USD or on sale for about $994.00 USD.

These sell at Amazon for about $625.00 USD so you can see the problem with getting things in Mexico.  The suggested retail price is $675 USD.

 We can not buy things from the Bucerias Yahoo Group so we "trade for coconuts".

Standing upright at Jim's house in Bucerias.

This is from Ocean Kayak support.
'I cannot tell the age of your kayak by looking at it, but we can tell how old it is by looking at the serial number. The serial number should be along the outside of the kayak, along the waterline and on the right-hand side of the boat. Check towards the very back, stern end. It should stamped or hand-etched directly into the hull material and it will begin with an XKA or XTC. The figures stamped in the hull should be about the size of your fingernail or smaller.

When you look at the serial number, the last two digits will tell you when it was made. So if it ends with a -98 it was made in 1998, -99 for 1999, -10 for 2010 and etc.

The only changes made to this kayak were the color options available, skid/wear plate for the rear keel line, and also some durable plastic molded-in handles. I hope this helps and please let us know if you need anything else. Have a great day."

This means there are not much differences from the used Ocean Kayak Malibu Two to the new one.
So we traded "coconuts" of about half value in Mexico coconut pricing.
What we traded "coconuts" for.

Jim's car with Ocean Kayak Malibu Two on top.

 Debbie will make a cover for the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two so it will be out of the sun for periods of non-use, like some of the hot summer months possibly.

 Ronnie and Tony, our friends that we house sit for and will again shortly, are going to store the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two kayak in their yard for us til we get there. We are still anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon and did all this with email and Mexican cell phone. Final coconuts were handled through Paypal since we are "out of town" and so we would have a record.  He will delver to Ronnie and Tony, who also live in Bucerias, Mexico.

Debbie up the mast again for Lazy Jacks

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015
Over five months at anchor now.
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You can see the "Lazy Jack" hanging from Debbie as she climbs up the mast.

Getting closer to the spreader.

Ok, Debbie is set to start work. She tied a small flag halyard line around each part of the spreader bracket that is on the mast. 

The bracket holds the spreader. The bracket has two parts and there is a space in the middle. Debbie doubled up the line for strength. Before she tied it up she put the "Lazy Jack" block through the line. This is a band-aid for the port "Lazy Jack" until get to home port and can re-do the "Lazy Jacks".

After the "fix", since Debbie was up there, she polished some of the stainless of the radar dome mount - the parts she could easily reach.  First time for this since it was mounted!

You can see the line tied to the spreader supports that the "Lazy Jack" is attached to. Also the holes in the bottom of the spreader where the "Lazy Jack" was attached to.

The "Lazy Jack" is working to hold the sail Stack Pack up now.

Have not tried the fix sailing yet. Our next passage is our last of the season. 

We will be leaving for PV at the next weather window. It will be a couple 
day passage. Lets hope this works out :)!

We may be looking at a purchasing a Bosun's Chair. Our harness set up (Spinlock Mast Pro Harness) works great for up-down the mast stuff but to swing out into the rigging say work on a back stay we are not so sure it will work as good as a Bosun's Chair. 
Spinlock Mast Pro Harness we have.

This is not likely as our Spinlock Mast Pro Harness will get us around the mast and out around the spreaders. But we were thinking about possibly purchasing a Harken Bosun's Chair.  Mfg# 2234 from Downwind Marine (SKU 00106366). This we could swing out onto the back stay or whatever. We could possibly do that with the Spinlock Mast Pro Harness?

It may be time in my life to start paying someone to clean the rigging and so forth. We are retired after all and we do have plenty of other things (boat related) to keep us busy. So a couple more years of doing our own rigging work and we could be done. In that case it is not worth purchasing a chair. Maybe if we were crossing an ocean but we are not.

Barra-Bahia de Navidad late April/early May 2015

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015

Over five months at anchor now.

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 We are going into the resort to use the pool and showers etc. for a few days. The good life!  (We also used the fresh water to clean the topside of boat, all the canvas and Breeze Boosters. We also did a temporary fix of the Lazy Jacks - see separate post.)

 We go into town (Bahia de Navidad) via water taxi and have tamales (from Rosa, the Tamale Lady) and helado (ice cream) - what a treat!!
We are waiting for a weather window to sail north around Cape Cabo Corientes.
Up on the tenth floor pool at  the Grand Isla Navidad Resort.
Looking out over the lagoon and marina.
Looking out over the lagoon and marina.
Lounge and bar area at the tenth floor pool at the Grand Isla Navidad Resort..

A house on the hill, just cool looking.
s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in the Bahia de Navidad lagoon.
Looking out at Bahia de Navidad

Santiago to Barra-Bahia de Navidad

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, end of April 2015

We left Las Hadas and sailed over to Santiago  for a few more days of quiet nights. There we met David and Betty Ann on s\v Confidence. They left for Bahia de Navidad  late morning about 11:30 am as we were arriving. They got their butt kicked trying to get to Bahia de Navidad . The waves were 6+ feet and the afternoon wind was in the 20 knot range. They turned back after four hours and re-anchored. They left at 2:00 am a couple of days later. 

 We sailed at 6:00 am a day or so after they did getting into Bahia de Navidad  at about noon. It was a bit lumpy and the wind was on our nose with a cross swell of 6 feet or so. The wind was only about 5 knots though.
s\v Confidence with David and Betty Ann came by and took our trash in 
as they were going to the abbarote but we did not need anything.
s\v Confidence a 37' Tayana.
Debbie and I did a beach landing and went for lunch.
Some local musicians, drumming, to entertain 
the beach-goers (and earn some pesos)!
This is my coconut shrimp plate, hmmm good.
s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in Santiago  .
s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in Santiago  to the left 
and a charter s\v came in and anchored for a few hours.
Yep, just us on the beach as cruisers go. Snow birds are gone 
or are in marinas ready to fly north.
The cover has worked good keeping the kids from playing 
in the dinghy when the beach is crowded.
New sticker for the outboard - from a tattoo shop in Zihua!

Anchor rode splice whipped 2015

Currently anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon, early May 2015
Over five months at anchor now.

After several more anchorings we sailed to Isla Grande at Ixtapa, Mexico and anchored there for protection during a big swell. After a couple few days there we moved out further into the bay. 

After 24 hours there in heavy swells and fetch we hauled anchor and tucked back into Isla Grande. When we hauled anchor we saw that one tucks of the splice on the rode had come out of the splice. This was by the anchor end. We think this may have been because these tucks were short and just made it under the three strand. But to make sure we decide to whip the splice in four places. We sewed in the whipping through the splice.
End where the last tuck came out. You see the frayed line which was tucked into the splice and the whipping we added there.
Here is the sewing :)
A few whippings done.
All finished with the four whippings on the splice. We anchored several times more and did not have any issues with the splice.
After being anchored in Santiago for a week we noticed the anchor end of the rode just after the splice was untwisting. 
We think in Santiago we were doing some 360 deg turns at anchor. So this is not good. We decided to add a couple of whippings the the rode on this end and one on the other end of the rode just after the splice.
Two new whippings on rode.
One on the windless end of the rode just after the splice
All done!
Now we are anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon and we had a day of 24 knots to gusts of 28 + winds. 
We have had some more days of high winds here. Now there is not much of a fetch and no swells to bounce the bow around but still there is a good strain on the anchor rode. We hauled up the rode to the splice and cheeked it out and it looks fine. About another few weeks at anchor and the cruising season will be done. Time for the Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico for hurricane season!
The lagoon is mud and clay under the mud.