Wind generator mast bracket and LanoCote

 While we had the mast off we removed the top fitting for the stern strut and applied LanoCote to the mast and the bracket. The to the screw and washers and nut. All the stuff :) 

We put the bracket back together and ran out of time. 

Next will be the other bracket. We are getting close to wiring up the Air Breeze wind generator(WG) to the #8 wires we bought. Then we can set the Air Breeze into place and mount the mast for what we hope is the final time.
 Then it is running the wires and adding the switch and the fuse etc.
To keep the Air Breeze from spinning when we are wiring we can short it out. This is OK and will not damage the WG. They say to just connect the tow wires together, in this case the neg and the neutral.

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