Marine Wind Generator Accessory Set

Marine Wind Generator Accessory Set
25ft 10AWG Marine BOAT CABLE 3-Conductor
30 AMP Analog Current Meter
Weatherproof Fuse Holder and (2) 50 AMP Fuses
50 AMP Triple-Sealed Stop Switch
100 AMP Battery Disconnect Switch

We have the Triple-sealed stop switch. 
We are ordering the wire. about 35-40 feet and think it will be about 30' total but are not quite sure so we will order the extra. 8/3 

The wiring size provide maximum annual energy losses of 5% or less for sites with a 12 mph average wind speed (assuming the standard Rayleigh distribution of wind speeds) which is sufficient for most sites.

We will order a LED AMP meter to 30 AMPS
We will use a Blue Seas 50 AMP blade fuse and holder.

From South West Wind power who supports the Air Breeze

Recommended Sizes for Circuit Breakers or Slow-Blow Fuses
12-volt model: 20 amps DC, part number 3-ELOT-1147-03

If a stop switch is used, the fuse or circuit breaker should be placed between the switch and the batteries.

So it looks like the battery disconnect switch is something to research.

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