Dodger built

Went to the boat last night after a trip to Downwind Marine for some sponge brushes and jack line .
Got to the boat and saw the new dodger was up.

The dodger and spacer look good. It all looks handsome enough. Not gorki looking at all. I was a little worried the sand color on the inside would look to weird with the white inside on some of the trim. The sand color looks fine, at least to me.

There are places that I like to see better attention to detail.

Some large space by side window handles, could be tighter.

Could have custom fit the side panes by the eyebrow better.

The straps that hold the center window look too long.

A cover over forward solar panel brackets.

Nicer back stay cones.

One zipper does not close all the way.

And some more etc.

All in all it is nice and will make life nicer on the boat.

We chose not to have the side panel windows come all the way down on the side.

Next year we will get new sails and a stack pack. It will be white also and that will add to the flow of the white on the boat.

We will be on the boat for the next ten days so we will water test the dodger out (sea trials) before we decide on any final changes.

We designed the dodger so all the windows come off leaving one big bimini.

The windows are a nice size and can easily be stored away.

The center window can be rolled up or simply removed all together as with the rest.

The lines from the traveler come through the window zippers so there is not any slits cut into the windows.

It is taking a bit of getting used to having the dodger there on the boat. At least the vinyl covering .

Today Debbie is exploring getting cam cleats that attach to the traveler. She will be at Sailing Supply later and to Ullman Sailes to pick up the traveler lines from sewing. She has the day off, I am jealous.

It may be my installation of the solar panel was not well done. It may have been better to have had two handles made for mounting on top of the dodger. This way the handles would have a stud that would go right through the dodger frame and canvas. Make the handles for the correct placement of the panel, then have the dodger made then install the handles and mount the solar panel on top of the handles. Could do the same mounting as I have done just use handles instead of the brackets. It is never too late to change the setup but it would have been easier to do it from the start. I am not convinced I need to change the setup yet though. I guess the other reason was the handles are expensive. I had one quote of $500.00. I would think that could be reduced by a lot though. That place also quoted the dodger frame at about twice what I paid. Any way sta tuned and we will see if I go a different route at a later time.


Debbie and I have a “deal” where we wear life vests if we leave San Diego harbor,. We also have jack lines out. I will swap my life vest for a harness if it gets too worm. I know San Diego is not known for it’s weather but it happens.

We went on a race to Mission bay one time and we did not have the “deal” going at that time. The wind and seas kicked up in a matter of minutes about buoy five I think. We were on our Catalina 30 and could not get up on deck to reef the main. The wind was up into the 25 knot range and steep seas 4-6 foot. We furled the jib. Sailed for about 3 hours (bounced around) and made little progress north. Made some headway out to sea. Then the wind slacked off and we deployed the jib. By the time we got to Mission bay we had to motor in for lack of wind.

We decided that we wanted to be in control of our own safety. If I go below I would like to find my wife on board when I come back up on deck. I am also turning 64 and how long can I dog paddle?

My wife and I crewed on a schooner last year, I think it was. We went out the harbor in kinda of race with the replica of the California (another schooner), you know two boats it’s a race. It was quite beautiful. Anyway my wife put on her life vest and there were lot of murmurs seeming how silly it was. She did not want to depend on anyone else for her safety. I concur. By the way I watched the captain\owner get knocked in the head with the boom, ok there were maybe three booms but still. I could see he was irritated by it.

I see many sailors out single handed in the summer sailing (outside the harbor) with nothing but shorts on. Looks appealing. No jack lines no life vest just a good summer sail. Maybe if I was 25 years old or should I say most definitely as I was too cool to be safe. Any way at first I was not that pleased with the “deal” but now in the last few years find it most comforting. If there are a few good sailors on board (Debbie is a good sailor but numbers count) and they are strong and healthy, sober and it is daylight I will probably not wear a life vest.

Got Battery Tender hooked up

Go the new Battery tender battery trickle charger hooked up to the new Lifeline starting battery. Seems fine.
We had to modify one terminal end for a 3/8 post. Otherwise it was not a problem.

We still need to identify the positive cables on the selector switch and attach the new cables. The ground to the engine and battery and the positive to the switch and the battery. May need to re-arrange some on the switch or remove some.

We also will either add a fuse or breaker to the starting battery someplace.

Put end blocks on traveler

 Debbie is screw on the car. She sure is a cutie working up there!

We put our end blocks on the traveler. We had to drill a 27/64 hole in the track. Took several smaller drills first. I had to borrow a ½ drill for the 27/64 drill bit. All went well.
We are now working on the line.

 We were going to have the line spliced as my splicing is ok but not a nice tapered splice. Any way the splice world stop the car too short of the end block so we are getting the line sewed. This will give us good performance on the traveler with the car. It is being done by Ullman Sails . I just ran it across the street from Sailing Supply

Drilling hole for end stop
Drilling hole for end stop port
Drilling pilot hole for end stop starboard

Screwing in end stop
Drilling hole for end stop
Hole for end stop

Screwing in end stops
Drilled and taped holes for end stops

Got our new dodger top on

We got our new dodger top on. The windows are not made yet. It will be like it is though. In that you can remove all the windows and it will be just a bimini. With the center piece installed (not made yet) it will be one big bimini. That will give us that option when we go south. The solar panel is not on at this time. We removed it so the dodger could be built easier.

New mast boot

As I was coating the hardware Debbie was sewing up a new boot for the bottom of the mast. The old one was coming apart. The stitching was falling out and the velcro was shot. It also was quite dirty, the kind that will not come out. Man she did this FAST .
The sheet music on the table is either Margaritaville or Ring of Fire. I am learning both on the Guitar.

Brass hardware

We have been coating the hardware from the items we varnish with polyurethane. A couple few coats seems to work. We did the tube that is in front of the stove and it is still looking polished months later. It gets towels hanging it all the time an I lean against it. There are a few marks from flying grease. I think this polyurethane is working on the hinges fine on the cabinets in the head fine. Door knobs get a lot of use so that’s a bit of a stretch. We shall see.

My theory is the boats with all teak interiors have SS hard ware and the ones with teak and oak have brass. At least fro the 78-79 years. Course could be wrong once again.

Debbie came up with the egg create idea for this little project. These are our head door hardware. They were looking pretty tough when we started out but came back real nice as you can see.

New furling line\blocks

We replaced our furling line and replaced the blocks and added a cleat and line guide. The old furling blocks rested on the deck and were under foot. Now we can tie of the furling line at the gate and do not trip over it. The blocks we bought for our Catalina 30 and we kept them when we sold the boat.
We have a Harken furling system and it works great.

Good pic of model number

Bow Anchor pins tethers

We added some tethers to the pins that hold the anchors in place. The pins keep the anchor from rolling forward. The tethers keep the pins from falling in the drink when you pull them out to launch one of the anchors.