Debbie put in switches for our two broken Bora 3-speed marine fans

End of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

More summer fun with electrical :)

We have 4 Bora 3-speed, 12V fans in our boat and one just up and broke. It stopped working altogether. They, of course, are out of warranty. The manufacturer (Caframo) said they would sell us one at a discount. Two others broke at the switch. So neither turns on!

 We purchased three of these at Home Depot for the fans (Standard Cord switches by Leviton). They are just thumb switches. We thought we were very fortunate to even find these here in Mexico.

 Debbie installed a thumb switch on the head fan. 

Now the head Bora fan turns on by the thumb switch and you can use the Bora switch (in the center of fan, gray) that used to turn it on and switch speeds to now switch speeds. It does not turn it on. So we got it to work with the thumb switch.

 The Bora fan in the salon quit working also. Debbie put a switch on it and it now works at high speed only. At least it works now and if we could choose a speed it would probably be high speed!

Bora fan in salon Model 748CA.

Debbie had to determine which was the positive wire 
running to the fan. They are both black wires. Then cut it.

Not great instruction for the switch. It took Debbie a little trial 
and error to get the switch working.

Wala! It works!

And so it goes :)

Stateroom Bora fan that broke.

 The Bora fan in the state room (we have two in this area) broke. It will not work at all - it's getting power but doesn't work from the fan wiring. At the recent La Cruz swap meet Debbie traded two folding aluminum chairs, nice chairs, for a new unused Bora fan. Debbie is going to switch them out soon.

Stateroom Bora fan that still works. Oops, it needs a cleaning :)

Varnished Stateroom drawers and doors - done

Middle of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico





Hen house - Nuevo Vallarta house sit

End of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas BayMexico
Debbie has made friends with the hens. Some even got names :). They have been treating us good all summer with fresh eggs. As you see, Debbie is holding one. Her favorite is the gray colored one. It is getting close to the time to say good by. We will be moving back on board soon then staying at the dock till the end of the month. Then this gig is over.

Fuel filter and TMC 60M tranny oil changed

Middle of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

From the TMC 60M manual.
A couple of years ago a person at a swap meet just gave me this old pump. I thought because they are nice pumps we may use it. The time has come to use it but after looking at it more I see it is dirty and needs some repairing. We have a good but less expensive pump that does the job and that job only needs to be done at certain engine hours then it would need changing. Well we like to do it each year andt by the Technodrive TMC 60M transmission ( manual it would be every 500 hours or each year, which ever comes first. It is easy enough to do more often. So we tossed the old pump. The water line rises a bit more :)
Reliable (comparatively inexpensive) pump.
After pumping out the ATF from the transmission.
We are pumping the old ATF/3 fluid out from the dip stick.

We also put a little ATF/3 fluid around the runner on the dip stick to help it slide in and out for reading. The bolt on top of the Technodrive TMC 60M is where we fill the transmission.
UP, up and away!
All done and did not make a mess! A small bucket and yogurt container.
ATF/3  fluid here in Mexico.
The new ATF fluid is so clear it is near impossible to see on the dip stick. 
The trick I learned is to put the dip stick on a paper towel to read the level.
We use this wrench for fuel filter. It almost went to the marine swap meet 
at La Cruz. I forgot we used it and had to dig it out of the bag of swap meet stuff!
Bleeder nut.
Bleeder pump, push the lever down and up etc.
We could have used the electric pump we installed to bleed the Beta 38 hp 
but we have more control with the little hand pump. 

We back filled the fuel filter so there was not much air to pump out. This makes less of a mess.
We got the diesel to back fill the Baldwin BF940 fuel filter 
from draining a Racor filter into a yogurt container.
We drained out a Racor filter into a yogurt container (great for this work) 
and then poured that diesel through a paint filter just to make sure it was pure.

Getting ready to move back aboard s\v Elegant'sea!

Beginning of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas BayMexico

 Guess we forgot to post this as we are back on board for 4 days now :)

 We keep getting close to moving back on board. We just compounded and waxed the cockpit area from the lazeretts to the deck and re-installed the teak floor boards. We cleaned the refer and put in a few big bags of ice into the freezer and refer to get it cold. Today we will tun on the refer\freezer.
 We are hanging the hanging locker doors after varnishing and a slew of other small things that need doing. It will be nice to get back aboard as we like our Islander Freeport 36' sail boat.
We put a dinghy cover on because the birds were partying on our dinghy making a mess. They seem not to like the cover so much :) good.
Monday we plan on starting the compounding and waxing of the port side. We got the starboard sdie done.
We put the aft shadetree back up on s\v Elegant'sea.

Beta 38 hp diesel engine fuel and air filters found in PV

Middle of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Debbie at the counter. The chicken-wire is for palm 
leaves that help keep the sun off the bus stop.

 We found the Beta 38 hp diesel engine fuel and air filters in a shop in Las Juntas (a suburb of Puerto Vallarta), behind Home Depot,  Of course, this took a few tries. First we went there on a recommendation from Jorge at the SYS chandlery at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay. At the counter (after honking the horn for the guy to come) he said he did not have any air filters that we were looking for. He had one fuel filter but it had a big dent in it so we skipped it. There was another fellow that has a "Tienda" a shop that sells candy, soda, chips etc. and he came over to translate for us. Debbie does quite well now but it was nice of him. There are a few places here handy for cruiser. A machine shop and hydroponic shop etc. 

The red arrow is where the honking horn is.

 Now in the typical way, that was it. He never offered to get the filters and acted as if that was all there was to it. We left and looked some more at a few more places on the way to a new SS weld shop we discovered. Later we were talking to Jorge and he said he would call the shop and have them order the filters. We never thought to ask about that. So far we have picked up the two fuel filters but the air filter has not come in yet. 

An amazing amount of things in such a small space!

Old truck air filters.

Our spanking new Baldwin BF940 fuel filter. 
Baldwin PA3419 air filter not in yet.

Although it is not called for by Beta we like to replace the fuel fiter and clean the Racor bowls and replace the Racor filters each season which amounts to about six months of use or a years time. Also we want a spares of each filter. 

Zihuatanejo fish market

Zihuatanejo  end of March 2015
Well I guess we never posted this so here goes.
Looking out towards the anchorage.
At our current house sitting gig the wife is from Zihuatanejo.
Fishermans gear bxes.
Daily catch for sail.
Selling cocanuts with a straw from this trycycle.

Galley/Force 10 stove bar replaced and towel hooks

 Beginning of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

A late summer idea was to re-do the stove bar...from brass to stainless steel.

The existing brass two-hook towel holder.

Before we did the galley varnishing. 

Here. the bronze galley bar looks good but over time it got all tarnished and was impossible to keep looking nice. The bronze 7\8 pipe that goes across the Force 10 stove is what we wanted to replace with SS. When Islander Yachts made the boat the stove was a brown 70's color so the bronze matched a lot better. As it is, this is near impossible to keep looking nice and we have tried coating it after polishing it. A SS one is in order. . 

There was a brass two-prong towel hook here. We had a Kohler towel two-prong holder left over from the head refit. We did the head shower system all in Kohler hardware. We took off the brass hook and replaced it with this Kohler one.

It uses a set screw to hold the Kohler hook to the bracket.

Looks nice. It is chrome plated but does not look 
off from the SS stove or stove bar.

We took the bronze stove brace to the weld shop, "Chaba's". Well it is 
Salvador Covarrubis S.
Tel.(322) 22 134 14
Fco. J. Echeveria No 141, col. Guadalupe Victoria
(Note that we did try our regular welder, Enrique at Elario Gonzales' 
however he got very busy in October as well as not having 7/8" SS tubing.)

 "Chaba" did a fine job, or I should say his guys, did a fine job on some stern rail support work we had done a couple years ago at our boat. We found his shop this time and it is a lot better cost-wise if you can design the job and bring it to the shop. That is what we did with the davits. Big price difference.

Not much to look at as shops go, not like the other weld shop which was way nicer.

7\8 SS tubing to a small flange with three counter sunk screw holes.

The one "Chaba" made mates almost perfectly.

Nice finish work.

This will keep the hand\dish towels off the wood.

The best part it it only cost 380 pesos or about 
$24.00 USD at today's exchange rate 

Looks way nice!