Nav station 2/0 cable installed

We ran the new nav station to battery buss 2/0 cable and got it bolted in. We also further defined the path the new wires are taking from the nav station area to the batteries. This we figured would develop over time.

Well it is hard to point out the new wire :) It is the second one coming down. It is not labeled yet.

 If you look close you can see some slight deterioration of the cable connecting to the battery. This cable is only a couple years old but the batter chemicals from the wet cell batteries cause this. Soon we are installing AGM batteries and this will not happen.

 We are going to have them travel through the back of the nav sation and up under the nav table and then into the battery compartment which is under the sattee. This is where we have been going with them but we decide to move them up under the table. This gives us more storage, less chance of damaging the wires and they are out of the way. For now we just put up some temporary holders to see how it would all play out.

Coming in form behind electrical panel and under the nav station

Have not added chafe protection to the hole yet
 You know I thought this hole would be bigger than we would ever need. Guess what..yep it is getting used up.

Travailing across the under side of the nav station
The fat red cable is the new nav station electrical panel cable.

This are is large. We measured 2 1/2 feet high. That is from the bottom of the cabinet to the top back side against the hull of the cabinet under the nav station drawer. Plenty of room for a chart container to be stored!

The into the battery bank
 The white 10/3 wires are being run for the water heater

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