Solar controller and wind generator

We talked to John at Blue Sky Energy, Inc support.
 It seems sometimes they  Blue Sky Energy (support) tells me to wire the Air Breeze wind generator to the controller and turn off the air breeze controller and then other times they say the wind generator to the batteries. Guess we will try this option first.

The wind generator the Air Breeze should be connected to the batteries.

The Air Breeze controller should be left ON.

The dump load from the Solar Controller should have #10 wires and a 25 amp fuse going to the water heater.

The #4 dip switch on the controller should be switched to ON.
The negative on the controller dump load goes to the batteries.

Dump load water heater 12\110 volt element

The controller will then send up to 20 amps to the dump load when the batteries do not need the amps for charging.  The wind generator will be just like the alternator on the motor and take care of it’s self.

To boot the amps to the dump load if desired buy a “Current booster” from Blue Sky Energy.
Current booster module, 24V 70A DC or 24V 40A 3024 Duo-Option PWM, CE labele

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