Mermaid water bleed off valves arrived

 We got our Mermaid water bleed off valves. They are in-case air locks the water line to the unit. 
We got one for each unit. This should never happen as we are installing the sea cock, strainer and pump as directed but... just in case. You know it will be 100 deg and we will be tired and you turn on the AC and no AC because there is an air lock. Dam! So this is a simple way of removing the air lock and having the AC start up. No removing hoses etc.

These would be facing up, installed I think

Water bleed off valve goes below water line.
Between the pump and the unite.
T (two hose barbs) goes into the hose to the unit.
The one hose barb lets the water and air out if you turn the valve.
I had to call Mermaid to figure these out :)
1-800-330-3553 Dennis

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  1. Ridiculously simple to build yourself. I've done it with a short length of 1/2" hose and a 1/2" t-fitting from home depot. Took me all of 15 minutes to cut the A/C pump discharge hose, install and clamp the t-fitting into place. Use a nipple with a screw on cap or a plastic shut-off valve at the other end of the hose.