Gave away old Sevylor paddleboard

End of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2013

Ended up giving away this paddleboard. I could not get the leaks fixed. Tried several times and new leaks kept appearing and the clock is ticking to sailing time. We gave it to Kelly on Emerald Lady.

Port winch getting greased

End of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2013

The port winch getting greased and it was a bear to get dismantled.

The old grease is really backed in and the bottom plate inside the winch was really hard to get off. We had to keep tapping it and very slowly it came apart.

Before we started.
None of this winch came apart easily. Had to keep using the oil to loosen up studs etc.
You can see some grease by the gear. That grease was hard and the gear had to move through it.

Lots od needle bearings in the bucket and gears etc.

Cleaned up the housing.
We do not have a picture of it all done but it looks and works good.

This winch now spins with two fingers like the starboard one does. It did take one hand around the winch to forcibly move it, not spin it. Of course it took way longer than I thought and was a lot more work. Hopefully next time it will be, well just easy :)


Garmin autopilot and rudder stop

End of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2013

Old rudder stop arm with doughnut on top. It is bolted to quadrant.
The arm and the ball on the Garmin Drive A unit hit ach other part way through a turn of the wheel. All still works but this is not right.

 The rudder stop arm went to the machine shop.
Spline with machinist hand on it.
John from Emerald Lady is next to me talking about the plane :)
The pictures on the wall lift the day :)
 They made a new one from a spline to a generator or some big alternator or something.
Very nice work.

They removed the black aluminum doughnut from atop the arm and then cut the bracket that bolts it to the quadrant off. They then machined anew arm about 5 mm in diameter smaller. The old arm was about 26.8 mm in dia and the new one is 21 mm in dia. Then they mad the upper air big enough so they could press on the doughnut again and welded it back to the bracket. They first cut a hole in the bracket and set the new machined pin in it and then welded it, making it even stronger. the new pin\arm is solid steel so it will be stronger than the old hollow one even though it is smaller in dia.

There is space between the tow but you can not see it from this angle.
Debbie later painted it with black Rust-O-Liem paint.
 Now the Garmin drive a unit arm where it is bolted by the rudder stop doughnut pin clears without touching. Yay!

The pricing is way........less than you would pay in the US! Got it the next day. Could of had it in a few hours!

OpenCPN for back up chart plotting

End of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2013

 We have decided to use OpenCPN as our back up chart plotting program. We installed it on our PC with Windows 7 and are using the "hockey puck" GPS that plugs into the USB port. This all works fine at our nav station. A boater friend gave us the maps to Mexico for OpenCPN so we are all set.

 We will still use the Garmin Homeport software to make routs and upload them to the Gamin chart plotter.

 We also signed up for ActiveCaptian (free) which Garmin Homeport also uses.

Debbie is making dinghy chap progress

End of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2013

Debbie has been making good progress on the dinghy chaps.

You are looking at a lot of sewing.
Making the cut outs with the chafe material (first the pattern has to be made!).
Fitting the bow section.

More fitting.

 Looking good - the first three pieces sewn together!
Moving along to the sides.

Sailrite belt order

 Middle of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
 Debbie ordered up some new belts for our Sailrite zig zag sewing machine.
Sailrite Enterprises, Inc.
2390 East 100 South
Columbia City, IN 46725

Sales Order #:SO294358

Rudder stop machining

Middle of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 The rudder stop that is bolted to the quadrant is getting hit by the Garmin A drive unit when at a quarter turn to starboard. We decided to remove the rudder stop and have 3-mm or about a 1\4 removed or a new one made up. We will be going to a machine shop on Monday in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with John and Kelly on Emerald Lady.

Two 9\16 bolts held this in. Now you see it.

Now you don't! You can see the place on the A dive that rubbed, it is white at the end.

Starboard winch greased

Middle of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 The Starboard winch got greased!
 Yes finally we made the time do start the winch greasing.
Debbie took a cardboard box and made a catch all for the winch.

There is no grease in this winch.
It would be nice t have a spanner wrench to take off the top nut. We put a drift pin tool in one of the holes and pounded it around with a glass hammer. It was a bit hard o get off.
We have had our Islander Freeport for five years and who knows how long sing the original owner had these winch's grassed? 
This plat had to be removed. It was dry, no grease so it was a bit of a bear to get off. Had to be careful not to break it, at least I think it might break, maybe not?

Lots of stuff, gears bearing etc, lots of cleaning, lots of backed on grease.

Debbie said she was going up to see our friend Antoinette about some IMSS issues we had. She would take the computer. She asked me if I needed to schematic for the winch which was on the PC but I did not hear that part. I went to put the wench back together and could not figure out a couple gears. It had to wait till the next day :)
We also moved the tailor to the stern instead f facing inside towards the center of the boat. 
Used the winch handle for testing and putting the winch back into the deck plate.
Now for the other one, geeesh!


Vacuflush J Series Tank Cleaning with CLR

Middle of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 To help got the hard water deposits from the lines and duck bills use:
1/2 pint (1 cup) CLR (Calcium,Lime & Rust remover by Jelmar)
1/2 pint (1 cup) water


Pour in toilet bowl and flush for 3-4 seconds then turn off tank. Let soak for 8-10 hours.
We noticed there was a lot of build up inside the hoses to the holding tank.
Do this process annually.

Bottom Job Info

Middle of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Month of September best to Coral @Opequimar

Juan Antonio Gonzalez Reyes
Casa: (322) 222-7583
Movil: 044 (322)156-9569

Pricing in September 2013:
50% off daily rate for lay days (regularly $80)
15% off haul out
Free pressure wash
$1/foot to paint

(Boater Ken on Catalina 30 got Comex paint for $250 US per gallon. He also said that one could arrange and pay for work at this pricing in September then potentially have work done in October or not know if this will be the situation when we are ready in 2014.)

Under cockpit wiring secured

Middle of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Securing and re-positioning the engine control panel wires. They were a bit out in the way and possibly could get snagged  by in\out of the lazerett.
 All the other wiring you see got moved back up under the lazerett.

 We have finished staking down all the wiring under the cockpit. Some going to the stern windless and wind generator, some going to the aft switch panel and some for the Garmin network and so on. All is up under the cockpit sole and away from the fuel tank. Nice and clean. This will prevent any loading or unloading of gear in and out of the lazeretts from catching something and causing trouble among other things.

Getting sun burnt on my baldish head!
Looking across the fuel tank starboard to port. The two wires you see are for the propane locker which is yet to get put back in until final autopilot "Dock Side Wizard" run.

Painted out dish cabinet

Middle of October - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Debbie painted out the aft cabinet that holds the cups and glasses etc. We had some work done this cabinet in San Diego which was replacing some wood.


Caution, woman at work!
Now it is all painted out nice!