Replaced anchor locker chain hook\chain and re-bedded the chain locker drain hose

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico
We replaced this chain hook with a new 3\8 SS chain hook 
and a SS shackle. We also replaced the old painted chain 
with some new chain. No more rust!
Wow! :) 
We mostly use the chain stopper but we can use the chain hook or even take a wrap around the cleat in the anchor locker to hold the chain if need be.
We also removed the anchor locker drain hose which was leaking a little water in a heavy rain. Debbie then applied some silicone to the hose barbes and re-installed the hose. No more leaking. (She can get in here a little better then I can!)

Stern shower\Deck Washdown - all plumbed

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We are thinking of sneaking this "just and easy :)" project into our summer list.
We want to cover the Blue Seas Marine switch wiring. This would prevent it from being jostled around when pulling things out or loading them into the lazzerete.

Screwed and glued. We used 3M 4000 UV for sealing.

This 1/2" hose runs back to under the galley sink.

Under the galley sink is where it is connected. 

We used valves so we can turn it off in case of problems. There was a hot/cold shower we installed we have talked about in previous posts.  We took out the hot water hose and used it for plumbing the HVAC's and bow wash-down pump for fresh water flushes.

Selling it off - stuff gotta go - car - bicycles + misc

End of September 2015 - House sitting At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico
Because I need a new hip and we will be going to the VA in the USA for the hip surgery, we are lightening the load. We are shedding our land ties here so we can be more portable. For instance, we own a Mexican-registered car. 

With no AC, it makes it tough in the summer.
We have Mexican driver’s licenses and permanent residence status. We have two bicycles and some other small items that we do not need to be portable. Our Ford Ka has sat all last summer at Paradise Village Marina and we got grief for it. It sat for 6 months while we were cruising.
Our Mexican car.
They did not charge us but what do we do the same again this summer, pay for storage?
We do not think so. All this summer we have used the house sitting vehicles and this truck we are using is quite nice. SO the car has again sat.

We have not needed the bicycles either.  So off they went to somebody who can use them for some decent pesos. We sold our two bicycles to Tim and Paula s\v hooligan at Paradise Village Marina and are now looking to sell our Ford Ka. We hope to cruise this winter again and then next summer head to the USA for a hip. 
Debbie's ride...we have added a front basket.
Here is my bicycle - last year, I blew out the front tire 
here jumping a curb so we took the bicycle to the bike shop.
Going to the States would mean leaving the boat here in Mexico. We probably would choose a more affordable marina to leave it in than Paradise Village Marina. Say, up in Mazatlan, for instance. Well, the Ford Ka would not make the trip. The car is nice when we need it but a pain when we do not. Anyway, off it is going to go.

Anchor snubber/chain hook re-visited - 4 of 5

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 We the pin and roller to the Taler De Torno Gonzalez Machine shop - SS welding and had the weld job done.


Because our English speaking amigo Enrique was not there (out working in the La Cruz boat yard) the roller job came out wrong. 

We wanted the roller shorter length wise. We want it 53 mm wide. It got machined 53 mm inside. So they gave us our welding for free, we also had a stern bracket welded up. We purchased another roller form Zaragoza Chandlery and will bring the last of the welding and the roller back for another try when Enrique is there, will call first. Now however they know what we want.

When this is not a Chin Stop it is a chain roller.The new and improved one to be machined will be a little wider and thicker bringing up the chain a bit more off the bow roller.

Varnishing the nav station mostly complete - satin

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We have sanded and scrapped and washed etc to get this ready for varnish. After 37 years of use it had some warts but it is looking good now. Debbie took over the taping as I was fading. 

Here there was a fire extinwisher. We put it in the cabinet hee. But there were three holes from the mount. This is the bottom hole.

Top two holes. We drilled in some to get the teak plugs to seat. We had to be careful as we did not want to drill through. Then we cut the rest of the teak plugs off with a chisel. It came out good. Our chisel needs sharping as it has some dings which show up in the plugs. Some sanding and all is good.

Ready to varnish!

First diluted coat of satin on!

Stateroom cabinet and door hinges - painted

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 Because these hinges are not made any more and the drill-and-fill method of replacing them is very difficult because the holes are so close to the new hinge holes, we opted to just paint them.

 Debbie is doing a fine job and the ones we have already done are holding up well. One set has turned bad again but it may be because it is under a hatch.

These came off pieces we are varnishing.

You can see the screws in the paper plate. 
They are getting painted also.

Now to get going on finishing varnishing the two big louvered doors etc

“Bye bye” to IMSS insurance for us

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

It has been our experience that the IMSS insurance for Mexican workers is not for us. I originally thought that it would be the solution for our health care. We have cruiser friends up in the Sea of Cortez that raved about it. They possibly were not looking for the level of care that I was. He also had VA benefits in the US and was right across the border being up in the Sea.

 Here on the mainland it is quite different. I was thinking if I had, say, an appendix rupture or a hip needing replacement, then IMSS would be the way. Since needing a hip replacement for real it is not so. It started out that I had two pinched nerves - one in my groin and one in my hip. That I did get worked out through IMSS however it took quite a while. The hip, it seems, is quite different as it requires a not-so-simple operation. Both the orthopedic surgeon and my primary care doctor at IMSS said to get the operation anywhere but IMSS if we could! That the rate of infection at the IMSS hospitals was 50% for the hip replacement! In the US it is 1%. At the private hospitals in Mexico it is very small also. But private hospitals cost $$. Also IMSS uses good hip implants but not the better implants. Now this is in Puerto Vallarta (PV) and each state in Mexico is different but I do not think that much different. The IMSS system here in PV was good 15 years ago, a local doctor friend of ours said. But PV has grown tremendously since then and IMSS has not grown at all. It is way over-crowded and well, not for us after all. It has worked for our prescriptions and we have not lost anything financially on my approximately $350.00 USD a year cost. I am 69 years old now and it is less for Debbie because she is a younger.

 I applied for my VA health benefits in the US and was approved at level Group 5 which means no copay for Inpatient or Outpatient care and $8.00 per month copay per prescription. I can get the hip replaced there and we are working out the logistics. That is, where to stay and how to get around for a 3-4-5 month period. We are also considering the beginning of next summer after cruising the Mexican Riviera this winter, on my bad hip once again.

Stern shower done -Newfound Metals Deck Washdown installed = stern shower 2 of 2

The original stern shower try. 
Nice try but no shower worth taking as the water trickled out 😕

Middle of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico
Here you can see the hole it left.
Debbie made a template for the new hole over the old hole.
We got # 6 screws for the inspection plate
 (along with some new ones for the davit bracing) at the 
local fastener store.
That was a great find! 
At least one of the guys speaks English also! It is in Mezcales.
Guys at fastener shop!
Gringo, me, on right.
A cool assortment of just about everything!
Lots of eye candy!!
Food vender working on his engine at the fastener shop. 
Also busy selling food 😛
Debbie got me a shrimp cocktail, loaded with shrimp 
and hot sauce. Mmmmmm also came with tostada chips.
Anyway, back to the project report...It finally fits in the new hole on a hole!
All screwed in. 
This we will mount in the inspection plate. We have one like it 
in our anchor locker. Had to get some SS fasteners that would bolt it on.
We have tested it out to make sure this would work a while back... it works great. 
Good for washing off the bottom-cleaning dive gear and taking a shower on the stern, or washing off after a swim etc. It uses fresh water...remember, we do have a water maker.
In action, when we jury-rigged it up.
And then we drilled yet another hole! 😅
Not bad. It would be better without the dimples in the access port but we need to work with what we have available. It will function properly and the dimples will drain if they get soaked.
Another thing that will make life a bit easier and more fun.
Newfound Metals , where we purchased our SS port holes, sells these Deck Washdowns and they have come out with a new hose fitting.
We have the old straight kind and the new ones are easier to use and point the hose up where we need it. We will purchase a new one. It is now on our wish list.
What we have.

Varnishing the nav station mostly complete

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Starting out.

Old varnish.

Old varnish.

Started project, sanding but not to bare wood.

The two wires coming out on the second shel are for the lap top. One is an HDMI cable which is connected to our 27" LED tv and the other is a USB cable to an ALFA WiFi card which is in behind the radios and is hard wired now to a WiFi antenna sitting on on the Kato Marine Island Davits. This seems to work best for us. Also all wired up and working is the dedicated GPS antenna for the Standard Horizon also on the davits. 

The side teak is about ready to be varnished in satin.

This side, the stern side will get varnished at some later time in satin along with under and around the nav station. Inch by inch...