Order 45’ of 8 awg wire for the wind generator

 Order 45’ of 8 awg wire for the wind generator. Dam wire is getting costly. We will not need too much more though. Or wire run we measured from the wind generator to the negative battery terminal was 45’. The start is 8" above the wind generator mast and then all the way to the battery bank. The positive side was less feet. However we will try to run the wires to the + and – busses. That will be lees wire.   
 This wiring may conflict with the solar controller or even the battery charger and if so the wires would then need to got to the battery terminals to prevent a conflict. You can tell this if the Air Breeze wind generator is acting sporadic. Also we are replacing the batteries with AGM batteries and do not know how the terminal ends will be positioned. The wire run is longer in any case than 30’ requiring a 6 awg wire rather than a 30’ run would be a 8 awg. So to be safe we order the larger size wire and more of it and we want to do it right!

 We did not get the wires with the jacket on because we need to wire in a switch and a fuse.

 30' or less = 6 awg
 30-60' = 8 awg

We gave our large crimp'er to a family member, now we will need to borrow it back for this install to make it easier :) hay....

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