Water heater wiring test strung

 We plan on installing our new water heater this coming weekend.
 After work we ran some wires from the electrical panel to the water heater.
 We ran the 10/3 wires to the hot water heater. Well we took the 10/3 50’ of wire and doubled it over for two 25’ lengths. We got as far as the end of the satee and then could see they were not long enough.
 One would need to be about 30’.  Also we are not sure that both need to be 10/3. Perhaps one could be 10/2.
 We are still going ahead with the water heater install this weekend. Just may not get it re-wired to the solar controller and 110 with new wires that fast.

These two white wires are the 10/3 wires going to the hot water heater. One is hard to see. They are just temporarily strung along the path.

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