Trident Marine propane detector going off

Our Trident 12 VDC MARINE GAS CONTROL & DETECTION SYSTEM Sensors are going off randomly.
  Our dock mates are worried we are in trouble and are notifying the marine office.

 We contacted Trident Marine (1-800-414-BOAT(2628)) and they were very helpful. Our propane alarm seems to go off too often and we have not found any leaks by sniffing the system with a propane sniffer.
 I had lost the thermal ends to disable each sensor - anyway, Trident will send us a couple new ones for a nominal cost.

The sensors are sensitive and pick up hydro carbons (diesel fuel, cleaning solutions etc) and that means one sensor will need to be moved. We have three and one is currently disabled. We will disable another and start with one and then install another etc till we get the system back working with all three sensors.
Our three sensors are located:
  1.  One under galley stove.
  2.  One in the bilge by the galley.
  3.  One on top of the diesel fuel tank by where the propane locker will eventually go.


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