Companionway door knob and stop installed

 The companionway door got the pull knob and the door stop installed. They both make a big difference in usability. 

Space between the knob and window

 The door knob makes opening the door much easier than using the key while it is in the lock. That method works sometimes but in other times it jams or is ineffective making some curse words possible. No more. 

Debbie glued the teak spacer and the door stop bottom piece together so we could get them centered on installation. A screw really holds it all together


Stop is screwd on and then the outside of the door stop is made to screw onto the inside.

Against gelcoat

The door stop eliminates us putting a rag behind the door to keep it from bending thus breaking in time. I originally wanted to have it out a bit so the door would hit it then the eyebrow. No way because when you lean against it the door bangs against the eyebrow and that happens a lot. So we have it just a bit out past the eye brow so it has equal pressure when the door is leaned against and does not bang.

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